Satellite Pro 2100: How do I reinstall the OS after replacing HARD drive

I have a Toshiba SP2100 and I want to replace the hard drive, but I don't have any recovery CD
So, how can I put the o/s back on?

Try to connect the external HARD drive to the computer via the USB port and try to copy all content from the internal HARD disk external HARD drive. Then you could try to insert the external HARD drive in the laptop.
But I've never tried this procedure and don t know if it will work.

But usually after replacing HARD drive you should boot from the Boot CD as recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Windows.
After the installation of clean Windows OS, you can visit the Toshiba drivers and you can download and install the drivers of Toshiba and utilities.

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    see you soon


    You need to create the own recovery in the past disc!
    This recovery disk allows you to install the Toshiba image after the HARD drive is dead or has been replaced.

    In case you have not created this disk, it is possible to order this support:

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    Hmm... the Satellite Pro 2100 is the old series of laptop and I doubt it could be possible to order the CD from recovery for this unit. But to achieve this, I recommend contacting the local Toshiba ASP for some details.

    Another possibility to install the O on this old could be the use of the original CD of Microsoft Windows. After the installation of the own XP operating system you could visit the page of European disc of Toshiba and could download the necessary drivers.

    You can find the drivers in the ARCHHIVE region.

    Check it out

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    You should be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery as described in

    Please note: this will not work if your laptop works with the factory settings. If you have used clean OS installation HDD recovery no longer unavailable. For the installation of factory settings, you must use disk recovery DVDs.

    Everything must be described in the document s user manuals.

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    If you want to reinstall Vista to how you purchased the computer, use the ORIGINAL product key that was on the computer to do.

    It was what was my original advice.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Has received recovery disks (2 discs) and ran the recovery process. Win XP installed and Setup took place, but lacked 9 pilots. A call to Lenovo support has led to a very nice lady to help me to track down and install the missing drivers. In order to facilitate its work, I enabled him to use a remote access facility to support my laptop and do what was necessary to install the drivers. Later, I've updated Windows for common maintenance and has started to re - install some software that had been on the laptop. Everything on the laptop is roughly back to where it was before the hard drive is dead, or better. Quite a learning experience.

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    Well, that certainly puts a different point of view on this subject.

    There are data recovery services that can recover data from disks that have suffered from various types of failures. However, they are quite expensive. Unless the data is particularly useful, it is generally not useful.

    If your Windows 7 is an OEM version, installed on the computer when you bought it, the manufacturer could have a recovery disk on sale. If it was a retail copy and you always have the appropriate product/serial number, you can get a DVD of their team of parts replacement.

    Tom Ferguson


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    You can install the application from the link below:

    Download the CS5 products

    Kind regards


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