Upgrade Vista on Satellite Pro M70

I have the disc Step By Step Business Express Upgrade DVD-ROM and updated and intend to install it on my Satellite Pro M70. The M70 is not among the list of computers.
Where should I go from here?



I m bit confused.
What do you mean bythe M70 is not among the list of computers?

You can perform the installation of Vista Express Upgrade or you can just install from the original CD of Microsoft Vista.
This should be no problem! All Toshiba Vista need drivers and tools are published on the page of the Toshiba driver and all internal portable devices should be recognized as well.

If you missed something or what?

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  • Question about the temperature of the processor and the use of Vista on Satellite Pro M70


    I have Satellite Pro M70-113 and it has Intel mobile Pentium 1.86 GHz CPU.
    The problem is that its normal temperature is 80 degrees Celsius... while I use the browser and other common programs...
    and recently it automatically shut off twice and pressing the button works / stop won't turn on... when I unplugged, replugged the power cord so I could only turn it on...

    And while playing games, it would of course go above 100 degrees...

    So you know what is the max temp through which the CPU can go without stop or damage the CPU or surrounding a circuit?
    I know that when I bought this laptop about 2 years back... it was not warm this...

    And by the way this laptop came with WXP Pro preinstalled and doesn't show any vista capable logo (because at the time, there was no such promotion of Microsoft, as it was the year 2005, Nov).

    Now, I use vista and upgraded to 1 GB of RAM and I have no problem using the Vista pc.

    Secondly, I did not update my BIOS to version the most recent is available.

    Although I'd love to have updated the BIOS but I worry about the bad flashing and says BIOS driver update page that the version of the BIOS doesn't support vista - whatever that means? If I go back to Windows XP Home edition after installing the BIOS for vista, the pc will not be usable for WXP or what?

    Is there any link to the processor heats to the old version of the BIOS, I'm still using... will update BIOS facilitated the temperature?

    Please answer.

    Thank you.


    Wow, you have a lot of questions. :) If I was sort of a support guy to it all with such question much. ;)

    No, I'm kidding; with regard to your questions:

    First of all you must clean your CPU cooling with compressed air, because if the breakdown is clobbed with dust and then it s just logical that your processor is a little bit more 'hot' then 2 years before.

    The max temp is available on the website of intel. I think that the section is called "intel spec finder" or something similar.
    With Vista and bios: you need to update your bios, since then some improvements are making more compatible bios for vista.
    But don t worry, XP won´t be unusable if you update your bios, the bios-update brings improvements for vista, but does not degrade anything about XP.

    If the bios update will solve this temporary problem is not clearly, rather a cleaning as I told you will be better.

    Welcome them

  • Can Satellite Pro M70-199 (PSM76E) - I upgrade the hardware

    Satellite Pro M70-199: PSM76E

    How can I PUT it? (HW)

    All you can do is upgrade the RAM and HARD drive.
    If you need more space on the HARD disk, you can upgrade the HARD drive. This should t be a problem.
    The RAM can be upgraded to max 2 GB using memory DDR2 PC2-4200

    The CPU or the graphics card update is not possible.


  • HDD upgrade for Satellite Pro M70

    Is anyone know the upgrades available to change the standard 60GB hard drive in the Satellite Pro M70 (PSM76E-00100KEN) with something bigger.

    The Toshiba Options site shows only optionally available external hard drives, but noticed that the newer models of the same family have between 80 and 100 GB discs, so I asked if any of these would correspond, for example:

    PSM75E-00P004EN uses a 100 GB drive
    PSM76E-00500KEN uses a 80 GB drive

    You can also all drives available from other sources that might be suitable - what spec should I look, speed, installation size, connections etc. and BIOS compatibility

    All the info appreciated, surprising how fast the disk fills up, and I would like to keep in-house, although I also use an external drive of 250 GB for home storage and backups etc.

    Thank you


    The Satellite Pro M70 series is great, but I think that every m70 must support a HARD drive with serial - ATA interface.
    Some units have been delivered with a 80 GB HARD drive. In my view, that a 100 GB HARD drive should also work.

    I found a few properties of the HARD drive:
    Rotating disk: 5400 RPM
    Buffer size: 8 MB
    Number of discs: 2
    Number of Heads: 4

  • The upgrade chart/processor Intel on Satellite Pro M70

    OK, let's go with my first assignment. I bought a Satellite Pro M70, a year ago. It has a graphics chip (intel gtl 950?), I just would like to know, if it is possible to install a graphics card, ati or nvidia.

    Furthermore, is it possible to upgrade the processor? and what about warranty if the upgrade and installation of all this?

    Here, I'm going with my first reply you ;)

    No, it is not possible to s. The technology of the laptop is different as desktop computers and therefore you will not be able to update the graphics card.

  • Vista drivers for Satellite Pro M70 mass storage

    Hello everyone. I would like to know if there are and where I can download updated device driver for my Satellite Pro M70 (PSM 75-E) mass storage. I tried searching but I found nothing.

    All other drivers are ok. Infact for audio drivers I used the Xp one and it's ok. The only one who is not installed is a 'mass storage device' I think it's for multireader memory card. Can someone help me? There is a way to install the Xp drivers as for any other material?

    Thanks for any response.


    Driver Toshiba page provides all the Vista for the Satellite Pro M70 drivers!
    Only the BIOS and driver Vista BT's are available for this laptop.

    I checked the XP section and Cardbus driver and Chip Set Utility are available.
    I guess that these two applications are required.
    I m do not know if you will be able to install these utilities on Vista, but a train is free.

    If the two applications will not work I guess you have to refrain from the use of the reader of memory card on Vista.

  • Satellite Pro M70-113: cannot install Vista graphics driver and lines appears on the display


    I have satellite pro m70-113 with ati x 700 graphics card.

    When I installed vista, he installed the default drivers for the x 700 'mobility radeon x 700-microsft Corp.-WDDM '.

    I've updated the display drivers for vista, that released by toshiba 2 days back... but the driver is not updated to the latest version, only the catalyst control center is installed when I ran the update of the driver of toshiba.

    The problem is that whenever I put my laptop in standby or hibernation and resume... the screen shows thin lines vertical/horizontal... and I can't use the laptop... and I have to still put the system to sleep, just to hope that it is not blocking the screen this time...

    This problem is 25% of the time only when resume...

    This problem is not resolved by the update driver for toshiba has released a few days back... as is not installs the drivers (I can't even install the drivers with the option "update drivers" of Device Manager and select file driver update from toshiba.) It says windows find new driver, but could not install the driver... Contact the manufacturer...)

    This snap shows the problem... : http://img360.imageshack.us/img360/2783/12042007366copyod1.jpg

    I updated the driver from an earlier version of catalyst, as it is downloaded from the ati site before that toshiba has released the update... this time it updates some 8. XXX version but the screen problem remains...

    Second, this update of the driver leaves me not sleep my system... the process starts for a sleep, but go back to the locked screen without making sleep ever... so I have no choice to get stuck with the default Windows... drivers having only the problem of the screen... and not the problem of sleep...

    Anyone here with a solution?

    Thank you.


    I have Satellite M70-159 and I noticed the same thing several times. For most Vista works well but I don't remember cases in which the described problem occurs. I was just curious on M70 Vista and have had no time to intensive testing.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to know if you have already updated the BIOS to the latest version 5.10. If this is not the case to do this and watch carefully if the problem persists.

  • Question about Vista performance on satellite Pro M70

    I was wondering if anyone knew a lot about the performance of vista. For example, if you run a game under vista it run worse than in Xp because the operating system uses more than the power of the computer?


    For two weeks, I use Windows Vista on my Satellite Pro M70. The laptop is not Vista capable, but I am very satisfied. It works very well. I tried to install and play older games like Far Cry and IGI2. It works perfectly without any problems.

    The set comes with 512 MB of RAM. As I said it works well, but I think that it will work much better with more RAM. I think I'll buy another 1 GB module. With 1.5 GB of RAM, I believe that the unit will operate like a rocket. :)

    Which laptop model you have?

  • Satellite Pro M70: The game performance with Vista and Intel 915GM graphics card

    I have a satellite Pro M70 1.73Ghz with 768 MB of RAM.
    Although many would condemn the 915GM chipset (with graphic GMA900) as garbage, I was surprised to find on XP it can run quite a few games like Need for Speed Underground 2.
    I've heard some bad comments on the chipset with vista, and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows if I'll get the same kind of performance 3D with vista or not.

    Hey guys

    You have a Mobile Intel 915GM 8MB - 128 MB shared memory graphics memory. What do you expect?
    Check on the Microsoft website, the terms of Vista!

    It s not a graphics card performance and the games will not work with fast performance under XP and not Vista OS.

    Expect too buddy!

  • Is it possible to upgrade the Satellite Pro M70 with a Core 2 Duo CPU?

    I ve got the Toshiba Satellite Pro M70.
    It is with the Intel Centrino 1733 Mhz.
    I want to know if it is possible to update my system with a Core 2 duo.
    STI Centrino (Dothan) 479M CPU base and the core 2 duo is 479 Y.

    Thanks for your replies!


    No, to my knowledge you cannot switch the laptop with Core Duo or Core 2 Duo CPU.
    Laptop Satellite Pro M70 supports a Mobile Intel 915 PM Express chipset and cela only the Intel Pentium M Processors.

  • Anyone using Win2k on a Satellite Pro M70 or drivers will be used?

    I just bought an M70. Needless to say that it comes with Windows XP.

    The software that I use on my project specifically requires Win2k and a 1 GB of RAM.

    I would like to know if
    1. anyone who has tried to install Win2k on M70 and if so, of the problems they might have faced.
    2. I'm looking desperately for the M70 Win2K drivers. Can someone help me with where I can find them?

    Finally, if M70 is not the right book for me, anyone knows another piece which has 1 GB RAM / 100GB HDD combination and supports Win2k as a BONE.

    Appreciate the answers of all the experts.

    Thank you
    Sanjeev malak
    Muscat (Oman).


    Well, the fact is that this laptop only comes with the WinXP.
    I also checked the Toshiba site and there is no drivers for W2k.
    If you also use the W2k on your laptop, you can try to install it on the second partition and use it as a dual OS notebook. But you will not be able to use special Toshiba and utility tools.

    There are many models of Satellite Pro M70, but generally, it should be possible to upgrade the memory for max 2024 MB. In this case there is no problem with the upgrade.

  • 160 GB hard drive update for Satellite Pro M70 - 220

    I want to upgrade my satellite Pro M70-220 portable HARD drive the current 60 GB HDD to a 160 GB HARD drive and you drive would be grateful if someone could provide information on the standard/type of HARD drive I should like being looking for and, if possible, specific manufacturer's recommendations and the model number of an appropriate 160 GB of disk HARD.

    Thank you



    The laptop uses a simple 2.5 SATA HDD.
    It's not really important what the speed of the HARD drive is supported, but I recommend to use the 5400 RPM or faster 7200 RPM HARD drive

    Generally all HARD drive size should be compatible because the SATA controller has no limitations.

  • Graphics Intel card replacement on Satellite Pro M70


    Does anyone know how to replace the graphics card Intel in this model? I would like to play Battlefield 2, but I can't because the graphics card is good enough.

    Thank you

    Please see this forum topic about changing the graphics card on the Satellite Pro M70

    My comment: it's not possible to upgrade the graphics card

  • Expanded for Satellite Pro M70 PSM75E memory

    I need memory paged to my Lotus Symphony programs.
    But it does not work in this PSM75E-009005DU Toshiba Satellite Satellite Pro M70 with Windows XP.
    On my desktop with XP, it works... I can set it up in preferences shortcut on the screen.

    If you want to upgrade the memory?

    As far as I know, Satellite Pro M70 PSM75E was equipped with different processors and chipsets for upgrade memory can depends on model that you bought

    But I think you could increase the RAM up to 2 GB of RAM.
    You can use the modules of 533 Mhz 200pin 2 x 1 GB of RAM.

  • Satellite Pro M70: DDR2 memory matching question

    I have a Satellite Pro M70 (model PSM76E-00500KEN) with 512 MB of RAM in a housing and want to upgrade to 1 GB or more. I plan to put a 1 GB module in the slot to spare, but reading that there is sometimes a performance advantage of the installation of modules of DDR2 in pairs. Can someone tell me if there is any advantage to have the correspondence of the modules into the two slots of the Satellite Pro M70? Or, in other words, is there any reason not to run 1 GB in a slot and 512 MB in the other?


    Dual channel DDR involves the use of memory modules DDR 2 to double bandwidth memory. The memory modules DDR themselves are no different. The only requirement is that the controller memory on the motherboard supports this interface dual channel.
    Please also see this site useful:

Maybe you are looking for