Satellite Pro L100 need more RAM for the graphics

I have a Satellite Pro L100 with a 256 MB of the igp x200m no specialized version. Must automatically RAM my system RAM based on what system total RAM I have installed. 512 MB it took 64 MB, 1 GB, but 128 MB. I was wondering if someone could tell my how to beyond 1 GB RAM, say 1.5 or 2 GB?

Thank you


Hi Jessica

According to the specifications of the laptop, the graphics card supports 32 to 256 MB video memory shared.
So in my opinion, it should be able to use the 256 MB like max.
In the properties of the ATI radeon graphics card, you will find the tab called Frame Buffer
Here you can change the size of the memory to higher value UMA frame buffer

The memory of 1.5 GB should be enough to choose the 256 MB graphics card

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    The original memory of our laptop (Satellite Pro L100-132) is 512 MB.

    I bought an extra memory to 1 GB (type has been verified in the product documentation).
    I installed the additional memory, the system starts and you can see the additional 1 GB memory.

    However, the system does not see the original memory of 512 MB, additional memory is installed on the laptop.

    The system should see memory original and extra, because according to the specification for the serial number of the cell phone (checked on the official website of Toshiba) the maximum memory (which can see the system) is 2 GB.

    I tried to transpose the place of original and additional memory between them, but the problem is the same.
    Updated the system BIOS does not solve the problem at all.


    As writes the user above, there seems to be problem of compatibility and updating the BIOS will not help you. A malfunction of the compatibility between the old and new module of RAM which s

    This new module of RAM you bought?

    I think you need two modules of RAM high quality they are compatible together. You can order these ASP RAM modules in your country. Quad has already posted part numbers.

    Check this box!

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    The more you get on versions of Windows, the more RAM is required. There are a variety of reasons, but all simply, Vista and Windows 7 require more memory that make old versions of Windows. New technology requires more power.

    The game itself shouldn't need more that about 500-600 MB of RAM, however, the specs say you should leave little memory RAM remains for tasks of Windows and other programs you may have running in the background (such as anti-virus, etc.)

    I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. The information provided by me are unsecured and has no right. Use the information I provide at your own risk.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L100 - couldn't pass on the card wireless with FN + F8


    I have the same problem with my laptop Satellite Pro L100 and M70.
    I installed with new XP SP3 and installed the drivers, but I could not pass over the WiFi connection with the FN + F8 key.
    What can I do?

    Kind regards



    Generally, it should be able to activate the Wlan using FN + F8 key combination.

    But before that you would use this combination of keys that you must also activate the WLan switch which is placed on the side of books.

    If you are not able to use the FN + F8 key combination, then you must install the drivers as Hotkey Utility, utilities and tools.

    On the European driver Toshiba page you will find Instructions install txt file. This file shows you the installation order correct driver

    See you soon

  • Satellite M30X-165 - need a driver for the PCI Flash memory


    I need a driver for the PCI Flash memory, I have already searched the web and posted in other Forums, but I can't find anything. I heard he is hidden somewhere in another file... ? !
    I have a toshiba sm30X-165

    I would be very happy if someone can help me!

    Kind regards


    Drivers for Satellite M30X are placed in the archive on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Product type choose Archive.
    Then the Satellite-> Satellite M-> Satellite M30X

    There, you must download and install the Cardbus and Chip Set Utility driver

  • Satellite Pro A120: Need all drivers and the easyguard for Win 7


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120, that I bought in 2007 and I am very satisfied.
    It had Windows Vista professional, but I have recently installed Windows 7 and it is where my dilemmas has started.

    My touchpad is not working properly, its scrolling feature works, to be specified. I installed the latest driver for ALPS touch pad, but the problem remains.

    Then, when I checked the system, I noticed two devices listed and it says that there are no drivers installed for them. I can't know what devices are and where to find the drivers.
    They are here:
    1st: ACPI\TOS6208\2 & DABA3FF & 1 driver not installed!
    2nd: ACPI\TOS620A\2 & DABA3FF & 1 driver not installed!

    And my third problem is about the sets of Toshiba programs and public services.
    My laptop came with Toshiba Easyguard, with protection against theft and other programs of Toshiba, and now I've lost all. Is there a way I can get them?

    I must say that I have no intention to return in Windows Vista, if any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you all for your responses and help!


    In my IMHO the additional features of touchpad and other devices don't work correctly because the installed drivers are not designed for Win 7 and are perhaps not fully compatible with Win 7.

    Who knows if drivers Win 7 would come out for series Sat A120 we will see
    At that time I didn t find Win 7 drivers specific for A120.

    But if there are some beta Windows 7 drivers on the US page:

    Maybe you are lucky and some drivers running on your A120.

  • Satellite Pro M10: Need Wlan drivers for 802. 11 G

    I need different drivers after formatting the HARD disk an important is the driver for the WiFi card.
    The only one I can find is B I need a to G

    hope you can help, the conection keeps falling and makes me crazy x


    As much I know this camera comes with the wireless network with the B standard card. I assume that you have successfully updated the map or use another external. In this case check the card producer manufacturer download page (you didn't write that you use).

    Sorry, but that's all I can write based on your short ad.

  • Satellite C670D-115 - need to manually change the graphics memory

    All just bad bios of satellite C670D-115 good Notebook

    New bios? I need a memory of you GFX lucky me self
    I have 6 GB of DDR3 and my GFX only 386 mb
    I have install (amd_system_monitor) and max memory that I use is 386 mb not more in the game which is bad
    so the question is can not do you a new bios that give me allows you to use more memory than 386 mb

    a game of "s".

    Laptop: Cod Modern Warfare 2

    Laptop: F1 2011

    Laptop computer: Pc Game Hawx


    As I know the laptop is equipped with the AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics card.
    Here, you could find nice description of this GPU:

    But back to the main issue: shared graphics card memory is controlled by the graphics driver and everything works automatically and this means that the shared memory can be assigned manually :(

    Welcome them

  • Allocate more RAM for integrated graphics - HP Pavilion 15-n225nr TouchSmart laptop

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n225nr Notebook PC, which is optimal for workloads but (A10 2.10 GHz AMD quad-core processor, came with 8 GB of ram and 750 GB HARD drive), however, recently tried to make a few games but this laptop has an intgrated GPU. I read that the upgrade of RAM will do not much but I ordered a second card of 8 GB of ram, because I want to increase the framerate by every single FPS I can ge and I'm coming soon, so I'll have 16 GB of RAM and the fact he'll be dual channel is a more. I have also read that by upgrading the RAM you can upgrade the amount of ram used by your integrated gpu because there will be more RAM available for use. I don't know if by upgradinng the RAM VRAM happen automatically or if I'll be able to do it manually, I read that you can do it via the BIOS, I don't know for shure if possible.

    So, is it possible to increase the fraction of my RAM than my integrated graphics card uses?, if yes, how?

    If it is not possible to what can do to increase my FPS on the game?, because I can't change a dedicated GPU because it's a laptop.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    According to the specifications of your computer, to graph total 4195 MB memory is the maximum that can be used. Regardless of the amount of dedicated, is all that can be used as memory dedicated. As a general rule, Windows controls the amount of memory used by the video card. This means that you will not be able to change the settings in the BIOS that will change this option. This isn't a computer class in the game and you expect too much of him.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • I need BIOS update for Satellite Pro M70 (PSM75E), but only for the BACK

    Hello world

    Help me!! I'm looking for driver for BACK Bios M70. Does not exist, only for windows and my cell phone is dead.
    Bad news, because after 3 minutes, stop!

    So I have only one solution (with the diskette bootable cd).
    So I need the dos version of the Bios

    Thank you

    This version is not available on the official support page so only one chance to get it is to contact Toshiba service nearest and ask for help.
    Sorry, but I don't see another option for traditional BIOS.

  • Satellite Pro S200 - need driver SATA for installation of WXP

    I'm trying to load a portable Satellite S200 with WinXP Pro.

    It doesn't have a floppy drive and I have no idea how to access the BIOS or driver load in my WinXP custom disc so that I can load windows.
    Please help as it is constantly with no hard drives have been found

    You need the Intel Storage Manager. This package contains the SATA drivers to use the AHCI mode which has better performance than the compatible mode.

    The drivers, you can integrate with nLite ([]). It of pretty easy to use and I have good experience with this tool.

    If you have further questions, you can also read the discussions here in the forum because this procedure is on each identical laptop.

  • Satellite A60: I need driver WinXP for the PCI Flash memory device


    I have re installed windows XP on my Satellite A - 60 SA63A-002001 and have a problem, try to find out what drivers I need for hardware PCI Flash memory which I do not know what is the name of the device.

    Can someone help me please!

    See you soon



    I put t know who exactly laptop you have because there are several Satellite A60 - xxx, but I guess that most of them have the same hardware configuration.
    The fact is that the card slot SD on this unit the card Compact Flash, smard card reader slot, are not available. You can only use a PCMCIA cards.

  • Satellite Pro L100 - where to find the plastic lid frame?


    I put t really know if this is the right place to post this?
    I have a satellite Pro L100. I had for about 2 years.

    On the first day, I had problems with plastics in the screen and the "lid" two cracks they been replaced twice.
    Today already, I need to buy a new one but I run problems trying to find part numbers.

    I know as L100 model number but they keep asking for a number three-digit and I have no idea where to find it.

    So on that help in would be great.
    Also how can I find the part number for the plastics?
    It happened at the stage where the screen is about to fall!

    Please help, thanks


    Usually the laptop model number and serial number are at the bottom of the device!
    There are different labels and one of the labels should provide these figures.

    Then you can contact the Toshiba ASP in your country to order framework compatible display.

    I put t know the part number, but I m the ASP would be able to help you

    Matt comes to the Paris

  • "Cooler" for the Satellite Pro L100 plate

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro L100 and would like to buy a plate cooler to go with it. After reviewing, the "Antec Notebook Cooler' looks good; but one of the comments mentions that this plate is useless for laptops with contributions on the basis (like mine).
    Can someone tell me if this is the case, or recommend an alternative?


    In my opinion you n t need any plate cooler. If the laptop is placed correctly on the desktop and nothing interfere with good air circulation.

    Sorry, but in my opinion it's futility investment.

  • Need driver for Windows XP Home for my Satellite Pro L100

    Need driver for Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA4E) windows xp sm bus controller.
    Help, please. Can't find anywhere?

    You have listed all the drivers for Windows XP Home edition, of course in the order of good facility?
    If you install all the stuff, you shouldn't have any unknown devices listed in Device Manager.

Maybe you are looking for