Satellite Pro S300 - how to enter the supervisor password?


I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro S300-11 years and have a problem. One day, I decided that wanted to put a password for the supervisor to the bios of the laptop. Now, I remember this password, but when I have access to the BIOS Setup, I can't watch any o change option disable this password. I can't enter this password to set me a supervisor, and also I can't change some options with respect to the example, the boot sequence.

How can I remove this password or how do I log in as a supervisor? I see no option for this, and I need to change the boot sequence.

A big thank you.


On this that I can only say, check your user manual! ;)

There, I created the following information:
+ C:\Program Files\Toshiba\PassowrdUtility\TOSPU.exe+
+ This utility allows you to do the following: +.
+ Register, remove, or change the supervisor password.
+ Create or cancel a supervisor password token +.

Check this and then you should be able to remove the password if you know the current.

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    Thanks for your help! JO

    Hi jonol,.

    If you know the supervisor password, everything is ok. Just so access the BIOS after you turn on the laptop and enter the password. Now you are in which you can change the BIOS boot order, remove the supervisor password, etc..

    Check this box!

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    I work for a school and we have a bunch of laptops Satellite Pro L10. I put a supervisor on all laptops password think this problem would be solved (I didn't enter a password each time the machines are enabled), but one of our students seems to have found its way to the HWSetup utility in Control Panel and could save a user password on one of the laptops.

    Alarmingly there seems to be no way to clear the password of the user, even though I have the supervisor password. I can get the BIOS as a supervisor, but the definition of a user password option is grayed out. Can anyone provide a solution for my problem?

    Thank you


    Well, I think that this problem could be solved by updating the BIOS to the version 2.60 or greater.
    But the problem is that the password has already been fixed.

    I read in the paper of Toshiba that all passwords must be removed before starting the BIOS updates.
    That's why I think it would be advisable to contact Toshiba service partner to remove first the user password, and then update the BIOS.

    You know it's very risky to update the BIOS of the device when the user or any password has been set.
    It of possible that the BIOS update procedure will be interrupted if the password exists.

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    Thanks for your time.

    Try the ESC and then F1

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    Piotr Plecke

    in this case it would be interesting what Type of laptop it is exactly.

    You will find this model on the bottom of your laptop. There is a review of it.

    Some models have a Bios update available, others not, for example.

    Please send additional information!

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro C660-29W. How to remove the supervisor password

    Hi all
    I've been locked out of my bios and I don't know the password. My little brother was playing with my laptop computer and accidentally set the supervisor password. Is it possible that I can recover the password or reset it? I really need to change my boot sequence as I just bought a new SSD and need to format my laptop. Suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Here's my version of bios and details of laptop

    Toshiba satellite Pro C660-29W

    CPU Intel Core i5 2410 M

    8 GB Ram DDR3

    BIOS: BIOS FRIEND - installation utility Aptio
    BIOS system ver: 1.50
    THIS Version: 1.50

    Thank you

    Supervisor password is very important safety device and a kind of reset of the user is not possible. You can cancel it, but you must know the correct password to confirm that you are the real owner computer laptop.

    Toshiba provider in your country can help you with this. You just approve that you are owner of the laptop, and they can cancel it for you. Of course, you must pay for it.

    As far as I know, there are several techniques for the removal of password and it depends on phone model.

    Contact the closest Toshiba ASP and ask for help.

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    ESC - F1 puts me right in the small part of Page 1 of the ACPI BIOS configuration. I know the supervisor password! So, how do to a password prompt that will allow me in the two pages of the configuration of the BIOS.

    I tried F12 at startup to enter the boot options on the Toshiba splash screen, but it does not work.

    I think you hold a key in the market. Try holding the "INS" key to get the supervisor password to appear prompt.

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    I put my Toshiba Satellite Pro S300 from Windows 7 to Windows 8 at level and I am stuck at the point where I need to uninstall first TrueSuite Access Manager.

    It is not listed under programs and features, so I can't uninstall it from there.

    I downloaded util_tam_uninstall_TC00240000B.exe and run it without success.

    Any suggestions?

    > It does not appear in programs and features, so I can't uninstall it from there.

    I can't believe that if the utility is installed, it should appear in the box programs and features.
    On the other hand also the fingerprint driver is installed
    So, you can check if you need to uninstall the driver of the fingerprint of the Device Manager.

  • Satellite Pro S300-10J - Question about the power of the microphone


    I would use my S300-10J for acoustic measurements on the speakers. (DIY)

    For this configuration, I am using a microphone electret, the IBF EMM-08:

    for power, it's what suits him: 1.5 - 10 v / approx. 0.5 my

    The s300-10J who provides or not?

    Anyone who can recoomend a card external sound that has this provision? (if my laptop does not work)

    Thanks in advance,
    Bart Segers


    I can't give you details on the microphone of the satellite Pro S300 tension because I didn t find all the details about the tension of mic jack, but I guess that it s a voltage standard as on others, laptops different.

    As far as I know the external portable media microphone who need 1, 5V DC.
    So I guess that the S300 this support too.

    That's all I can say about it.

    Welcome them

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    But now, he's just on stand by.
    How can I get this back to how it was (having to press the button to exit stnd - in)-help!

    I tried to turn off Toshiba power saver and using the windows settings but nothing
    I have treid working :(

    Can anyone help?

    I get at the end of my home with this computer laptop blinkin :(

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    Can someone tell me please how to enter the bios on the Satellite P50T-A01C
    I tried fn f2, f10, delete, not go...

    Does anyone know how to get?

    Thanks in advance.

    If you use Win8, you must proceed to a full stop, and then after the new departure enter the BIOS settings.
    Please check -
    Try to please and post comments.

  • Satellite Pro L40 - how to enable the WLan using ConfigFree

    Can you help me?

    My English is bad I do not end.

    The question is:
    My computer is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 and I use the ConfigFree for the wireless, but it seems that the WiFi network is disabled.

    Help please!
    I want to know what's wrong

    Thank you!!


    Your wireless network card is recognized correctly in the Device Manager, or you may notice a yellow exclamation?
    Her check first because otherwise, you can get the WLAN to work.

    In addition, you can activate WLAN with the material on the laptop switch which must be set on and the FN + F8 key combination.
    Check it!

    After this Free Config should find your WLAN router if you are in the range of that.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro U400: How to configure the VLAN for the Marvell Yukon LAN control.

    Hi all
    I need to access the 2 VLANS with the controller LAN Marvell Yukon 88E8072 for my Satellite Pro U400. I installed the necessary Configuration utility network Marvell tell me after installation, VIRTUAL local network settings must be mounted in the Device Manager (Windows 7, right click on computer, properties, click device/network management adapters/double on Marvell Yukon 88E8072 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller), I can't find a thing to configure here but wake-on-LAN.

    Any suggestion? Thank you!



    I think that in this case, you can use a network switch.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - how to activate the new device LAN card?


    I have a Satellite Pro A200 and I replaced the card with an Intel 5100 (512AN_MMW) wireless and it detects OK and installs the drivers etc, but it does not work because he says that the switch is turned off on the front of the laptop. The switch is on I also tried pressing fn + f8, but it still does not work.

    The laptop is running Windows 7 64 bit

    Kind regards.

    Hi evo8.

    What card WLAN have you had before and do the work of a former?
    I think that it of difficult to say why it doesn t work but maybe this card is not compatible.

    By the way: do other FN keys FN + F8 work or simply not?

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