Satellite Pro S500 - Mini displayport are also audio?

The mini displayport on the Satellite Pro S500 is also audio?



Hey Buddy,

That display the port do you mean exactly?

Only display port that carries the audio is also the HDMI port.
For all other ports display as VGA, DVI, S-video, etc. you need an extra cable for audio.

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  • Satellite Pro S500 - 11 c - bad audio performance

    Hi people,

    I have a Satellite Pro S500 - 11 c who suffers from bad audio performance mentioned in the comments of the S500 - 11 c (yes I * + look + * comments and excuse the pun).

    This makes it very difficult to use this laptop for music, VOIP and Skype without having applications to carry on a heaeset of a certain type.

    Someone at - it to another eperianced this problem and had a solution. No help from Toshiba?

    Best regards


    Sorry, but what kind of problem mean you? Is the sound not loud enough or what?
    I want to say that this laptop has standard stereo speakers and harman/kardon speakers not high-end inside.

    I have the Satellite L300 with same stereo speakers. The sound is OK, but not as good as on other laptops with h/K speakers.

    By the way: what kind of help do you expect? A new driver that makes the speakers more hard maybe?

  • Satellite Pro S500-115 - recovery media


    We bought a toshiba satellite pro S500-115, and we are very disappointed!
    In the first two months, I brought to service three times, because it was freezing up to a few hours.
    Finally, they changed processor and motherboard.

    Then, the major problem appeared.
    I could not do before recovery media, because of the freezing, but now the official service has also removed the hard drive - just in case...
    So, I have media recovey, may not be downloaded, or other media of Win7 do not accept the number of bellows.

    I send mail for help several times at the headquarters of toshiba, but they just don't care! I discovered that I have to pay extra to get the media - but I already bought system! It's really shiiit, and I do not suggest my clients to buy anything from Toshiba.

    I don't really like their atitude. they just want to sell, but then they just don't care, * are!

    Mate of the really sad story
    I think you should get in touch with a local ASP in your country.
    As far as I know in many (perhaps all) European countries you will find subsidiary of Toshiba and I think EPA should be able to transmit to the Toshiba in your country.

    Good luck man

    PS: I got some problems with my laptop and my PSA has been very helpful. I was very satisfied, how the issue has been addressed

  • Can not enter into the BIOS of Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-15W

    I am trying to enter a Toshiba satellite pro S500-15W bios. I tried the key F2 and FN + F2 keys don't set fixed no joy. Then downloaded the latest version (2013) the update of the bios for this series and windows 7, 32 bit. When I try to run the update I get the message "this computer is not supported". If anyone can help.

    Try to hold down the F12 key during the restart of the unit. You will see several options on the page that appears. You'll want to install at the bottom. I have the case of the warning you will are you aure you have win 7?

    Most of the time you get this error, or you have a different version, in this case 64 bit? or another OS 8.1 or 10? Take a look at your computer, control panel settings of IE - settings then you can ook at what OS you have and the 32-bit version of or64.

  • Toshiba Satellite Pro S500 i5 or i7 i3 CPU upgrade

    Hi everyone, I'm having 7 Toshiba Satellite Pro S500 Notebooks here and want to update these shit Core i3 330M and 350M, 370 M and 380M CPU for Core i5 or Core i7 CPU. I'm not quite sure what CPU Socket, I have to buy and which generations of CPUS are supported by the S500. I processors up to 380 M Corei3 assembled in these things now and think its a HM55 Express chipset inside which must allow to i5 and i7 processors. I already had problems in upgrading toshiba tecra A9 modells and after upgrading CPU they were running very well and the FAN was blowing ultra noisy at speed of 100% all the time without ever turning off again even if the laptop could be frozen at 0 ° C and it has never been warm. Level 3rd Toshiba support then told me that he would need a firmware update they do provide customers and was told to send books to repair @ € 50 each, just to update this microcode. So I would ask if anyone has a list of processors supported for the S500 modells?
    Numbers of exact model I have:
    Satellite Pro S500-106 (PSSE0E-19M06SLD)
    Satellite Pro S500-147 (PSSE0E-0HH06SLD)
    Satellite Pro S500-132 (PSSE0E-09G05ELD)

    Hope someone can help, I don't want to end up buying an i7 or i5 cpu, spending 50 dollars, investing 4 hours work and end up with a laptop unusable, I immediately dismantle again just for the work that I had invested... Forward your answers J

    Best thing to do is to choose a CPU provided with one of the other S500 PSSE0E patterns. This way you can be sure the BIOS supports.
    Some portable computers require a cooling system calibration after that another CPU is installed. An ASP can do the calibration.

  • Satellite Pro S500-14 t - I would like to upgrade my graphics driver


    I want to update my graphics driver since it is a bit old (2010) and a program starts asking for him.

    Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-14 T
    Reference No.. PSSE0E-0LM07QIT
    Serial number. YA175628H

    Intel HD Graphics
    Current driver installed:

    I tried to search on, but here is the result:
    + A custom computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. +
    + The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Install a generic Intel driver instead of the driver from the computer manufacturer custom can cause technical problems. +
    + Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer. +

    The search for my PC in the [Download drivers, software patches and other updates for your Toshiba product] result of article in a "drivers not available."

    So my question is: where can I find an update for my graphics driver (if it exists)?

    Thank you

    To be honest I would not update the driver only because the version of the driver is old!
    I would try to update the driver ONLY if I would notice some problems in relation to other applications such as games, etc.

    However, the fact is that the drivers that are released on the page of the Toshiba UE driver are certified by Toshiba. It s recommended to use these drivers.

    If you want to install the drivers from other sources, you can do it at your own risk.
    There is no guarantee that these drivers work correctly.

    Anyway, the laptop supports Intel HD graphic card. This graphical unit is part of the Intel CPU

    The Intel HD graphics card was the first GPU Intel internal and disciple were Intel HD 2000/3000/4000 and 5000 now

  • Problem turning on the Satellite Pro S500 without battery


    I have the following situation with my Satellite Pro S500-115:

    The battery seems to be faulty now (it loads more and Win 7 Pro told me to replace it).
    When I turn on the laptop and the battery is connected, it works for a few minutes and then it suddenly off.

    But even if I remove the battery and the laptop connected to the DC IN, when I press the turn on button have nothing happens!

    If the laptop should not be able to operate in such circumstances, which is only connected to the electric network and with the connected battery off? I have to set in order to operate like this?

    Thanks in advance!

    > The battery seems to be broken now (it loads more and Win 7 Pro told me to replace it).
    > When I turn on the laptop and the battery is connected, it works for a few minutes and then it suddenly off.

    My old laptop battery is dead too much 6 years It's possible to use the laptop in the dough mode for just two minutes after the battery is empty, but I use the notebook with the AC adapter connected and that is why I don't need to replace the battery.

    > Shouldn't the laptop be able to operate in such circumstances, that is only connected to the electric network and with the battery connected off? I have to set in order to operate like this?

    Usually the laptop should be able to turn on and operate without battery connected.
    My laptop works fine with an adapter connected only. So what to say maybe the ESF is also affected, but it's just a suggestion

    But you must check if the BIOS is in place to this day... sometimes a BIOS update could solve some problems of power and battery.

  • Satellite Pro S500 - cursor jumps randomly

    I have a Satellite Pro S500. There is a problem with the keyboard. When I type (no matter if I use Word, a web browser or any other application, even if the problem seems to have been particularly serious when you type this particular message) the cursor sometimes (often) randomly climbs: it goes back a few words or it can highlight a random section of text (it also makes no difference if I use a mouse external or not or how heavy/light style typo's).

    It was suggested that this may have something to do with the sensitivity of the touchpad; However, reduce its sensitivity had no effect. It is a very annoying problem and would be grateful for any advice.

    Thank you.

    Hi ap4h,

    I think you touch the keyboard as you type so you must disable the touchpad tapping function. This can be done in the options of the touchpad driver.

    Here's a similar thread with some screenshots how adjust/disable tapping:

    Check this box!

  • Satellite Pro S500 - 11 c is suspended and the fan runs at full

    Hi people,

    I am experiancing a problem with my Satellite Pro S500 - 11 c where close unexpectedly, it crashes and the fan runs at full speed. Discount to zero is my only option and this resulted in the windows having to retrieve a few times so I'm fearing one requiring a major reconstruction after a deadlock of the future. Until now this issue has occurred only when you use a wireless USB mobile of 3G or internet teathering via USB with my iphone 3G. Using another USB port did not help.

    If someone has encountered this problem and have a fix? No help from Toshiba?

    Best regards


    Hmmmm... What to say. Problem is that you use third party hardware and software and some conflicts are possible. The question is: who can help you with this?
    In general you should talk to your ISP provider at first to see what they will say about all this.

    Have you ever talked with them?

  • Satellite Pro S500 - 11 c - lack of driver Intel engine Interface


    I had a Satellite Pro S500 - 11 c Windows 7, I see an unknown device in the information system. The missing driver appears on as Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver, but I can't find it on the Toshiba site, and when I go to the Intel site there are several versions with no obvious way to tell than I need.

    Can someone tell me what version I want or where I can get it?

    Thank you

    Try to download this driver:

  • Re: Satellite Pro S500 - brightness adjustment does not work correctly

    On my Satellite Pro S500 (preinstalled Windows 7 64-bit) change the brightness by pressing FN - F6 or FN + F7 does not work. The other NF - f... combinations seem to work correctly.

    When I press FN - F6 (or F7) a control box to change the brightness to poster (as expected), but the level is still displayed as "1" independent of the current value (for example changed from Control Panel or with the eco utility) and it is not possible to change it with FN - F6 or F7. I just reinstalled vap and restarted the computer, but nothing has changed.

    Hi asdf.

    I put t know what s wrong exactly but normally the FN keys are associated with value added Package, but you wrote that you already reinstalled

    In my opinion, you should try a system restore to an earlier point. Maybe something messed up the registry, you can start System Restore in Windows Advanced Boot menu.

  • Satellite Pro S500 - Freezed at Toshiba leading innovation frontpage


    My new Satellite Pro S500, age: 2 hours have just made the 'start-up' and installed all the drivers. My first step was to spend + updated windows + and update various security patches, etc. Windows identified 74 updates - and let the laptop do the download. He installed about 15% and restarted automatically. The laptop started upwards, installed about 30% and restarted.

    Now, the laptop has * freezed * on the first page of "Toshiba - Leading Innovation". If I try to power off the laptop computer he turns to fashion - watch and go back to the page of "Toshiba" once again.

    Any ideas of how out of this loop?

    Thanks in advance


    And have you ever tried to remove the battery and the AC/DC adapter? Try this and leave both disconnected for at least an hour.

    Then install the battery and plug in the AC adapter and try restarting your laptop. T he past the BIOS Toshiba screen now?

  • Satellite Pro S500-139 - FN + F9 key does not have to turn off the touchpad


    I use a Satellite Pro S500-139 and am having problems with my F9 key. When I tap my palm touches the mouse and send the cursor somewhere else on the page. I reinstalled the ALPS pointing device and now have access to the Advanced setting that I was not able to get.

    Although I can set the sensitivity etc. I would really be able to use the shortcut to disable the mouse momentarily while typing. My keyboard shows that, if I press fn and F9 the i should be able to disable the mouse but the function does not work. F9 all other functions seem to work.

    Do you know if there is a solution to this?

    I am running windows 7 pro 32-bit service pack 1.

    What you can try is to reinstall extra package from Toshiba.

  • Satellite Pro S500-10F - cannot reinstall the operating system


    I have a Satellite Pro S500-10F provided with Windows 7 Professional with downgrade rights (and DVD) to XP Pro. I downgraded to XP Pro and everything worked fine (I did it on a number of similar machines).

    Then Windows started to have problems and crashing with BSOD. I decided to rebuild the machine to reinstall Windows XP Pro from DVD supplied with the machine. The thing is it gets 2% and then gives the BSOD.

    I thought it was the hard drive because there was some disk errors when it removed and put it outside of another machine, so replaced. Still the same problem. I tried to connect external USB DVD drive and boot from that. He did indeed start the external drive but then for some reason, try to copy the files of its own DVD player. I tried to reinstall Windows 7 Pro of the DVD to the top together, I created, this failed. I tried to install Windows XP Pro since version box and have failed.

    At this stage do not know if DVD player or what. He tried to build start player flash, but even if the system seen as boot option, then tried to boot from the network?

    Any help much appreciated.
    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    To be honest I put t think that it is what you can do. You have tested the recovery disk and a new HARD drive, but the same happens. So that would mean it's hardware related problem.

    TOSHIBA recovery disk contains an image pre-tested all drivers and tools. This means that you can still install Windows recovery disc and it will work. If it's not (like in your case) it something wrong with the hardware.

    If your laptop is still under warranty valid, you can bring it to a service provider allowed in your country and guys can fix this for free because of the guarantee. Get in touch with technicians and explain your problem, they will sort it out for you. ;)

  • Satellite Pro S500-14Z - how to access the BIOS?


    on the Satellite Pro S500-14Z I can´t access the BIOS via F2 and can´t change the bootpriority through F12. By pressing F2 or F12 during startup, the S500 beeps and restarts. When you first start, I had access to the Bios and set the password and active supervisor module TPM. Since I have no access to the BIOS before Windows starts. Is there another key to access bios (I tried ESC, DEL, F1, INS) or how can I change the pw supervisor (I know my real password!) and disable the TPM?

    Thank you

    Hi karlS_1,

    Normally you can access the BIOS if you press F2 before Windows starts. It works with an external keyboard?

    You can change some settings in the BIOS using Toshiba HWsetup. This tool is preinstalled on your laptop and you can change the order of boot with this tool.

Maybe you are looking for