Satellite T230 - Downgrade Windows 7 64 bit to 32 bit


Can you please help. Just a week before I bought the Toshiba Satellite T230-10j. The laptop comes with Windows 7 64-bit edition. It has the recovery partition and no other support provided with the same. Is it possible to downgrade from 64-bit to 32-bit OS. If so can someone please provide the *.wim image. There are a many applications doesnot support 64 - bit os and the only way for me would be the Windows 7 32 bit.

Can someone guide me how to proceed further with this.

Kind regards


Hi mate

As much as I know the laptop won't was delivered with any disk recovery because you could create a clean recovery disc image using the Toshiba Recovery creator software that was preinstalled on your laptop.

In addition if you want to downgrade the Win 7 64 bit to 32 bit then you will need to purchase the 32 bit version.

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    First of all, make your game of W8 recovery discs before proceeding.

    All the W7 x 64 drivers of this Associates model should work on yours.

    The driver is missing (and is for any laptop AMD) and it's the chipset driver that installs the SMBus Controller and the USB 3.0 controller.

    You should download and install this driver first and then restart. First download listed is what you need.

    Then install the graphics driver and restart, then install the audio driver and restarted.

  • How can I instill the microphone into my computer toshiba satellite, I have windows 7 32 bit, the microphone was not found in the device maneger?

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    Go to the Toshiba support site and search page of your PC/computer laptop.

    Download and then install the last set of specific drivers for W7.

    See you soon,.

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    Compatible with maybe, but not supported. The same problem is with my small NB520.

  • Satellite A200-13D - Windows 7 64 bit

    Can I use a 64-bit of Windows 7 with my Toshiba Satellite A200-13D. Do I have to update my Bios?

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    Thanks for your help

    Hey Buddy,

    You can install all but point important concerns the drivers you need...

    You can check for the drivers here:

    As you can see, there is no 64-bit Windows 7 driver but for Vista 64-bit all the drivers available.
    What it means? Well, most Vista drivers are also running Windows 7 so I put t see a problem using Windows 7 64 bit. At least it would be interesting to try ;)

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    Are there guidelines in these forums?


    What guidelines tell you exactly?

    Here in the forum, you will find a large number of discussions on Satellite L300D and Windows 7. Simply use the forum search to find:𯿨𮠱𫶒

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    I had the L670 camera for 3 weeks and find Windows 7 and Add-ons possible the biggest pile of bovine excrement. With levels of frustration at its zenith, the only way out I see is downgrade to XP.
    Can I reformat and load XP?
    Please stop punishing the smart to the actions of the ignorant

    Of course, you can install Win XP. Why not
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find some Win XP drivers.
    If some drivers would be missing, then you could look for drivers with your own hands.

    This HowTo should be useful:

    Good luck

  • Pro, All in One 3520 - Downgrade Windows 7 64 bit to 32 bit

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    I have a Pro all in one desktop PC 3520 with Windows 7 64 bit pre-installed, for some reason, I think to downgrade the os to the 32-bit version.

    Is it supported? Need a new Windows license (32-bit version) to reinstall the OS?

    Thank you for you in advance for your support.


    To answer your questions

    (1) is it supported? -from this page , it appears that 32-bit is not

    (2) it is necessary a new Windows license (32-bit version) to reinstall the OS? -No, the license key will work with both versions.

    I'm really curious why it's coming.  A Windows operating system, pre-installed, work goes to the function.  What is proposed may not work, so why mess with it?

  • Satellite A660 - change Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit

    Hi there everyone.

    Really hoping someone can help me here. My A660 had 64-bit Windows 7 installed on it. It was installed as an option I chose when I bought the new product. I had to fix it because the hard drive was bad sectors. If Toshiba gave me an interview and gave me a new hard drive and reinstalled Windows for what they called the factory settings. It seems that it is 32 bit Windows7.

    Now I have a problem when I go to reinstall my system image before taking service, I've created, but I seem to fail whenever I try this. I used the advanced recovery methods and he does not see my hard drive, but when I restart from there he concludes the backup on the external drive, but then he says that he cannot reinstall and I need to reinstall from the recovery disc. So I restart from that and it loads, but it gets to a point where he wants me to insert a disc to cotninue recovery and, as previously indicated my system image are on an external hard drive.

    I'm really lost, stayed back and tried to copy the image of the system directly on the folder of C, but which does nothing. I don't know what to do to get the picture of the system either accepted, or the recovery disc that I have the system installed.

    I'm not a tech guy, but am pretty comfortable in following instructions. Can anyone help me, either move to 64-bit or reinstall it with. Please, I beg you, help is needed! I thought I did everything I was supposed to and followed all the rules handy calculation, but I do not.

    Thanks in advance for any help


    > It seems that it is 32 bit Windows7.
    Is this really Windows 7 32-bit and you have already verified this? You can check if you right click on my computer and select Properties.

    If he s really Windows 7 32 bit, you can restore the 64-bit version using the Toshiba recovery disc but if I understood you correctly you don t have the recovery disk and only some of the files you backed up on external HARD disk, right? Well is not enough

    Normally, the recovery disk Toshiba, you create yourself as mentioned in the user manual. Using this disk, you can restore the original settings of the case and after the first start of your laptop you have seen this message:

    + Important INFORMATION +.

    + your system is equipped with a hard drive recovery system. If you need repair.
    + your computer in the restaurant to original factory State, you can do it directly.
    + HDD (press F8 when you start your computer, choose "Repair your computer" +)
    + and follow the instructions in the menu) or create a media drive bootable recovery to that end. +.

    + Toshiba recommends you create recovery disk medium uses the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator' to ensure the +.
    + Hat you are able to restore your computer to the State of origin, installed at the factory, even if your computer +.
    + Gets severely damaged.

    In any case, now it s too late for that, but you can directly order such a disk from Toshiba:

  • Satellite A300D - 16N Windows 7 32 - bit 64 - bit drivers

    Hi all

    Could someone tell me where can I find the drivers for Windows 32-bit or 64-bit for my laptop Satellite A300D - 16N?

    Best regards

    Have you taken a glance at the page from Toshiba Europe?

    The Satellite A300D laptop - 16N belongs to the series PSAKCE you can find all the drivers there

  • Satellite A200 and Windows 7 64 bit - how someone test it?

    Someone has test and works with it.
    I * A200 23W * with 4 GB of memory, vista sp2 installed and I want to have a clear installation * windows 7 but the 64-bit version *.

    What do you think?

    I think it will be works well with your laptop. I have the Satellite P200 (big brother of the A200) and I want to install Win7 as soon as possible.
    Unfortunately for now, Toshiba is a not free Win7 drivers and we have to be patient and wait a bit until the Win7 drivers will be offered on the Toshiba download page.

  • Satellite P300D - 21K: Windows 7 64 bit upgrade level & RAM Upgrade advice

    Hi, I need some advice on upgrading my laptop. My laptop is a:

    Toshiba Satellite P300D - 21K
    Model No.: PSPD0E - 00H003EN

    I think of upgrading to windows 64-bit (lucky students can do that for A £30!) to help speed up my laptop. I use some CAD applications, so 64-bit should help with the speed of these applications. Question:

    (1) are there reasons that someone could advise me not upgrading to 64-bit with my laptop?
    (2) I need to update my RAM at least 4 GB for 64-bit. I currently have 3 gig, so I guess I need to replace my stick of 1 GB with a 2 gig stick? Or did I put a 4 GB stick with my existing 2 gig stick?
    (3) going to upgrade my ram and operating system void my warranty?

    1 in my opinion there is no reason why you should not install version 64-bit OS. Just be sure that all 64-bit drivers are available on the Toshiba support page.
    I imagine at the moment for Win7 drivers are still not available and you have to wait.

    2. According to the specifications of the laptop Satellite P300D - 21 K can handle with 4 GB 2x2gb RAM max is the maximum that you can do about it.
    2 GB compatible RAM has PA3513U-1M2G part number.

    3 No.

  • Shortcut keys does not work on Satellite L755-18Z - Windows 7 64 bit

    Hello world

    I'm trying to start an application by pressing a combination of shortcut keys assigned, but nothing happens.
    Maybe it has something to do with some of the TOSHIBA utilities installed on the laptop?

    Hmmmm... custom application? You know that Toshiba doesn't support third party software?

    Sorry, but I think that no one here can help you. If you have problems with Toshiba related things, we can chat about it, but the use of some custom applications can not be supported.
    We don t know what you use on your laptop.

  • Bus driver SM C855D - 12G satellite required Windows 7 64 bit

    Hi all.

    Can someone please help me find driver for SM BUS controller for

    Toshiba Satellite C855D - 12G
    Windows 7 64 bit

    I've looked everywhere and im just of ideas...


    Could you give more details on the Bus controller
    For example the VEN ID and the ID of DEV

    Have a look here:

    The DEV (device) ID and ID of FRI (seller) could be used to identify the device

  • Audio driver does not work on Satellite U400-112 with Vista 64-bit Buss


    I installed Win Vista Buss. 64-bit on my Toshiba Satellite U400-112 but the original driver for the Toshiba site does not work properly, honestly does not at all. The only driver that works is a winner. Vista driver but when I plugged in her headphones just got pregnant shape, but there is no sound in headphones.

    Can someone help me, please?


    I have a Satellite U400 with Windows Vista 64 bit also, and I used the driver on the Toshiba site (Conexant
    It works without problems, I can hear sounds with the speakers and headphones.

    Maybe you have an old BIOS. After the installation of Windows Vista, I made an update of the BIOS so try that too.
    The BIOS you can find also on the Toshiba site.

    Good bye

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