Screen blackout Satellite A series

A few weeks ago, I very kindly filled a questionnaire online for Toshiba. The theme was: "it is now more than two years and it still works. A week later a big boost two line appeared in the middle of the screen! My last laptop of a different manufacturer lasted me five years and my beautiful has now used for two or more without event.

I thought I would say Toshiba out of unhappiness. I logged onto the Web site support pages and looked for information 'contact us '. Nowhere to be found. Therefore, it seems that I need a new laptop.


It is very a pity but what to say. Each notebook is a high-end product and I think that a hardware failure can still happen.
To avoid a disadvantage, I always recommend buying an additional guarantee.
In this case, the warranty will cover everything.

In just a few words about the blackout;
Well, it sounds like a GPU (graphics chip) fault.
But to be 100% sure, you can connect the laptop on the external monitor. If the same appears on the external display so you can be sure that it is a graphics card failure.

Unfortunately, the graphics card is set on the map and it of not possible to remove only the GPU. In this case, the entire motherboard must be replaced.

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    It's ok when I watch TV on my laptop. But when I want to watch it on full screan so there is no problem.
    Because I see nothing just black screen. But I can hear the sound.
    I have my laptop for 3 months and everything was ok. This problem started 2 days ago.
    Could you help me please?
    Thank you

    As far as I know laptop Satellite u have no TV tuner. So I would like to know how you watch television. If you use additional software to watch TV I recommend you contact their support. The fact is that Toshiba does not support the third party software, and the third part of external devices.

  • Screen on Satellite C series is black with white writing


    I need help, I've only had the phone for a few weeks so still to get used to it. (first computer).
    It was working fine but now I have a black screen and all the writing is white and yellow.

    Either I or my children have touched something we shouldn't have, it still works very well that the screen is annoying
    and not all icons appear.

    Also need help with a printer to use with this laptop, which is best to use.

    Thanks for any help you can give me Jo.

    > It was working fine but now I have a black screen and all the writing is white and yellow.

    Please don t be angry with me, but your description isn't very useful.
    First you don t say anything on your laptop model and the system you are using.

    Secondly you said something about white and yellow writing on the black screen, where did you see that?
    It is not by using special software such as Microsoft Office Word?

    Please share more details with us!

  • Re: My Satellite M series gets hot

    My satellite M series laptop gets very hot today.
    After a while, the screen turns white due to overheating.

    Help, please.


    Clean fans and cooling grids in the past?
    If this is not the case, this!

    Eventually the cooling grids are obstructed by dust and debris and that prevent air circulation
    I removed the dust using a jet of compressed air that is the best workaround.

  • White screen on Satellite M115

    I have a laptop Satellite M115 with 5122 Mb of RAM and 80 GB of HD. I bought it in October 2006.
    The screen started to go white with white horizontal lines at the start.

    I turned off and swithced on and it was working fine. It was in November 2006.
    It happened 6 - 7 times in a period of 4 months, I thought it was a software problem.

    So I formatted the system and the problem did not repeat itself.
    But in August 2007, the problem started again.
    I reported it to TOshiba and was then out of country.

    I came back in November 2007 and was again out of country.
    The display is now completely empty with a separator.

    It works very well with an external monitor.
    Help, please.

    > But this problem has been with all Toshiba Satellite M115 series?
    I really don't understand how you came to it. Is that a question or maybe you have some info on a similar question on other Satellite M115 models?

  • Equium A60: random screen blackouts

    Hey guys & girls,

    I recently bought a P4 A60 satellite at Christmas and since then I ve had a small number of growing problems and I was wondering if anyone knows the same thing?

    It only worsened recently when windows XP home wouldn t start so I had to use Norton ghost to transfer my work off the laptop computer via a network of my home machine.

    After inspecting the safe mode boot log, the computer seems to keep the gel and then restart on an ati.sys driver, but before that I ve had a lot of problems with my screen so I m wondering if it can in fact be hardware related?

    symptoms: random screen blackouts (having to close the lid and reopen it to do to turn around).
    Unexpected windows failure when loading the ATI drivers to the windows startup.
    When I went to use the Toshiba Recovery DVD the screen turns off and he won t come back.

    Help, please


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    Hello Tom

    On this path, it is not easy to say why all this is happening, but after the recovery procedure, everything should be ok again. If there is no success after the recovery procedure you should contact the Service partner. The device has a valid warranty and all costs will be covered.

    I guess the recovery procedure is known to you. Honestly I n t understood exactly what you hear with the screen turning off the coast guard and he won t come back. Can you explain to me exactly what happens if you want to retrieve the unit?

  • Satellite L100 series starts the error message

    I have a Satellite L100 series PC laptop I've had for a few years now and he's got a problem. When I boot it it goes as far as the windows loading screen then flashes blue for a mili second then restarts. I try to start safe mode, and it produces a long list that has the following text:

    Multi (0) Disk (0) rdisk (0) partition drivers then sys various titles of files. After that it appears for a minute or two then restarts again.

    I searched the web to find what is the problem and the general answer that I can find is that the hard drive is faulty. I also found that the BONE may need to reinstall I try first before buying a new hard drive.

    My question is this:

    Can anyone confirm that this is the hard drive which is a failure?
    If Yes, is this the right hard drive for the L100 series laptop PC:

    Any help is very appreciated.

    Thank you very much


    Yes, it could be that the HARD drive is faulty.
    So I would check this with a special tool.
    With the Drive Fitness Test, you can test your HARD drive. Download the CD image, burn it to a CD and boot from it. Then you can test the HARD drive.
    On the same site is a user's guide if you want to know more.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800 Series, upgrade for video editing

    Is it possible use you my Satellite 1800 for video editing. (pinnacle studio 8/9)
    I now 256 MB in use, HD is original and the processor is the processor INTEL celeron-995 MHz.
    And is it possible to replace the DVD on a DVD - RW
    Thank you

    The my Satellite 1800 Series drive is fixed mounted, yours is too (I think). The only way to change the disk is to go to the next dealer Toshiba one ask him if there is a reader, that it might recommend.

  • Is it possible to use the port replicator with the Satellite Pro series?

    Is it possible to use the port replicator (Docking Stations) for Tecra series laptop with the Satellite Pro series?


    No, as far as I know it of not possible to use a port on laptops Satellite Pro Replicator.
    All laptops that support the Port Replicator has a port extension at the bottom of the unit.
    To my knowledge, the Satellite Pro series don t have this port.
    For now only the Tecra and some units Protégé(ie: S100) supports this feature.

  • Need drivers for Satellite A30 Series. PSA30E

    I am unavailable to find the drivers for the model below. Please could someone direct me?

    Satellite A30 Series. PSA30E


    Visit the Toshiba support and page download and under product Type choose option ARCHIVE. Select your laptop model and you will find everything you need.

  • How can I know the model of my Satellite M100 series?

    just my last thought. How can I tell which model I use, it's satellite m100 series, but I still don't know what specific it is...

    Thanks for the help

    Hi Enrique

    It of very simple for this knowledge.
    At the bottom of the unit, you will find the label that provides all these useful information.
    You should also find the number start with the PSM.

    This number is important to identify your model of laptop for example
    to download driver.

  • Need information on screen on Satellite L300-255

    Dear Sir
    I want to know how the laptop screen Toshiba Satellite L300-255 and the dish.
    Thank you


    All Toshiba laptop parts can be ordered from your countries local Toshiba ASP.
    You can also buy a LCD for the L300 with certain 3rd party suppliers.
    Satellite L300-255 takes to load a screen 15.4 wxga (1280 x 800) and there are a lot of offers in the price of the internet from 120 (2nd part of the hand).
    New part might be a bit expensive

  • Equium M40x: Can I use the adapter for Satellite M40 series?

    Can I use a power supply on my Equium M40x if it says it is compatible with the Satellite M40 series? The two laptops are similar, and the image of the card looks the same as the one I had. The part number is PA3378E-3AC3.


    the satellite needs a power adapter 65W and 19V.
    Your power adapter output performance is too large (75W), you should not use it to avoid damage to the satellite.

    Good bye

  • Re: Completely blank screen on Satellite L500D - 16 M

    Recently replaced screen on Satellite L500D - 16 M and worked perfectly.

    Closed the lid but has not closed laptop. Next day, totally blank screen.

    Removed the battery, power off and all used to self-help, all to nothing does not.

    Have you tried the laptop computer connection no signal TV using a HDMI cable and TV shows. Wanted to do this to check if the replacement screen was defective.

    Fan works and two green lights on the front of the laptop and amber but absolutely no display at all.

    Any help, greatly appreciated.

    Do you see the HDD anyway (loading Windows) activity?
    You hear Windows sound?

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    Hi all

    No matter what owners here Satellite L670 series?
    Looking at various Web sites, the common consensus is that L670 series is not equipped with gigabit ethernet, but with regular fast ethernet.

    Can anyone confirm or deny that please?

    Does or does not gigabit ethernet?

    Thank you very much
    Kind regards
    Rene Fennet

    What Satellite L670 do you have exactly?
    Different parts so that he could be a difference between simple models are equipped with different L670

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