script to return the amount of left & right parenthesis & media

The copy of ingredients below seems correct you?  Try the evidence and feel our frustration.

Well, I tend to believe there is an extra right parenthesis, and this is a perfect job for a script. Can we make a script to return:

Left parentheses: XX

Right parenthesis: XX

Left parentheses: XX

Right media: XX

Left braces: XX

Right braces: XX

or propose another method for the County / evidence. I've been the colorization of sections.

INGREDIENTS: Dulce De Leche Caramel [corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk (pasteurized milk, sugar), water, palm oil, cream, glycerine, pectin, salt, Phosphate disodium, (emulsifier), soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavor, CARRAGEENAN and Sorbate de Potassium (conservative)], the Whip topping [water, corn syrup, palm kernel oil, sugar, contains less than 2% of the following: COPRA oil] (, (derived from A milk) Sodium caseinate, dextrose, gum Arabic, gum of carbohydrates, salt, xanthan gum, natural flavour, extracted, morning of beta carotene to rice), wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, eggs, pecan nuts, milk, butter [cream (milk), water]. Chocolate drizzle [corn syrup, water, cocoa (processed with alkali),-modified maize starch, glycerine, (conservative) potassium sorbate, artificial flavour], cocoa (processed with Alkali), baking soda, Benzoate de Sodium (conservative)

CONTAINS: Milk, soy, wheat, eggs, Pecans

Hi Mike,.

It's been many moons (10 months) that I posted here. Anyway, I have been 'hidden' forums every day since and did some searching for something today and came across this thread so I decided to post. I don't know whether or not you have received one response from others (cough: Carlos ;-), in any case, perhaps this will help your efforts, otherwise, it's a basic example):

// ---------------------------------------------------
// Script Purpose: Check And Count All Brackets
// Script Name: W_J_T_checkBrackets.js
// Test Environment: Mac - Illustrator CS5
// Forum Source:
// © W_J_T 2/24/2015
// ---------------------------------------------------

function checkBrackets() {
    if (app.documents.length == 0) {
        alert("Script Aborted:\nNo Open Document Found");
    if (app.activeDocument.selection.length != 1 || app.activeDocument.selection[0].typename != 'TextFrame') {
        alert("Script Aborted:\nPlease select a single text frame and try again");
    if (app.activeDocument.selection[0].typename == 'TextFrame') {
    // This section returns the # count for each type of bracket:
        var txtString = app.activeDocument.selection[0].contents;
        var LP = txtString.split("(").length - 1;
        var RP = txtString.split(")").length - 1;
        var LB = txtString.split("[").length - 1;
        var RB = txtString.split("]").length - 1;
        var LC = txtString.split("{").length - 1;
        var RC = txtString.split("}").length - 1;
        alert("Results:\n" + "Left Parenthesis:  " + LP + "\nRight Parenthesis:  " + RP + "\nLeft Brackets:  " +LB + "\nRight Brackets:  " + RB + "\nLeft Curly Brackets:  " + LC + "\nRight Curly Brackets:  " + RC);
        // This section returns just the brackets as a string to see the visual sequence:
        alert(returnBrackets(txtString).split('').join(' ') + "\n * visual representation of brackets");
        function returnBrackets(txt) {
            var brackets = /[^()\[\]{}]/g;
            return ("" + txt).replace(brackets, "");
        // This section changes the color to RED, size to 20 and font to Verdana of all brackets in the selected text for easier finding and editing:
        // Note: However keep in mind, the execution time will increase for large portions of text when using this portion of the code.
        var redColor = new RGBColor(); = 255; = 0; = 0;
        var txtString = app.activeDocument.selection[0];
        for (var i = 0, l = txtString.characters.length; i < l; i++) {
            var txtChar = txtString.characters[i];
            if (txtChar.contents == "(" || txtChar.contents == ")" || txtChar.contents == "[" || txtChar.contents == "]" || txtChar.contents == "{" || txtChar.contents == "}") {
                txtChar.characterAttributes.fillColor = redColor;
                txtChar.size = 20;
                txtChar.characterAttributes.textFont = app.textFonts.getByName("Verdana");

I suppose it could be expanded further, but it is a starting point and could, however, be useful for your efforts. It will be useful.


Tags: Illustrator

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    If you look briefly into the ref of technology so you can find @SUBSTRING (String StartPosition [, EndPosition])


    Beginning at the character position in a string to be included in the substring. An integer greater than or equal to 0, where 0 is the first character in the string, 1 corresponds to the second character and so forth.

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    Hi, I am trying to build an application using the eclipse 2.0.0 with the Blackberry SDK 7.1 plug-in. currently I tested Simulator 9900 version I need to use the Perl language to access the raw biological database and returns as a string without having to write a longer program using java.

    In a stand alone Java SDK, I can use the line:

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    Thank you.

    Seems interesting.

    Your idea was to download the data to the BlackBerry and then directly execute queries.

    Although there are a number of other obstacles, the first fall you in East platforms supporting Perl.  Here is the list:

    BlackBerry OS Java is not included - in fact the only ' included phone OS is Symbian.  Interestingly, it seems likely that PlayBook and BB10, because they are based on the QNX operating system.

    If we discard Perl as a query language, then you will need to provide another option to search.  I think that unified search is an option, but you will have some work to do to use it.  The first thing you should do is find out if in fact, you can download the database on the BlackBerry.  The only available on the Blackberry database engine's SQL, so if you want the database can be exported to a SQL database, there is a chance that it would work.  I had a quick glance around the site, and I can't tell what the "database" is in the format.  Then I suggest that look you at that next.

    I hope this helps.

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    I suggest you to follow the below steps and verification-

    1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.
    2. Open the option of the its and on the reading tab click the display windows of speakers. This allows the button Properties, click it.
    3. This new window as properties of the speakers, click here on the levelstab.
    4. Now, click the Balance button before the bar of the speaker volume.
    5. This will open another small window of balance. Here you can set the balance between the left and right speakers according to the requirement.

    You can see these articles.

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

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    I noticed other books I've worked on same moving pages (text/objects) a little to the right and a little strange objects moving to the left.

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    How much should I spend on 8 x 10 gardening book?

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    EXAMPLE of where there are areas more broad (the guides are on the block of text):


    I don't know that there is a 'standard' for this, but it's certainly not unusual that uneven on the inside and outside margins.

    The more pages in the book, more inside margin must be to keep your text to get lost because the pags are asked to dishes. I tend to use th elargest within the margin I can get away with and while leaving a sufficient margin on the outside to grab the book and turn the pages without the fingers or the thumb overlapping the text block.

    Book layout is really an art and what size pages, margins, and the bolcks text should be are very dependent on each other and on the size of the type, or perhaps the size of the type depends on other factors. The point is to make a layout that is easy to read. There are some pretty good resources online to get advice on the layout book if you google.

  • How can I change the icon of left/right in the menu drop-down?

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    Thank you.

    Disable the icons to the right for now, and select the left icon (right click and select same icon) and apply a new image by using the populate options. And then select the icon on the right and link ArrowMenuDown.gif to a new image of the active panel.

    Thank you


  • How do I move focus left/right/up/down

    Imagine that you have created a customized with 5 place BitmapFields Manager placed like this:

    ..... [  ]

    [ ]  [X]  [ ]

    ..... [  ]

    where 'X' represents the selected field.

    Now normally, if you move the trackball, the focus would go in linear order in which the fields have been added to the Manager.  So, they can move from the top to the left, middle, right, and then down.

    But, given that if the trackball can move up, down, left, right, I want to be able to concentrate to the up/down/left/right of the fireplace which precede with a trackBall revealing movement?

    In the handler, I know I can get the movement of the trackball with navigationMovement().  But I do not understand what to substitute in the My Manager or fields to achieve the desired result.


    OK, understood the part I didn't understand the framework.  The API documentation tells you that you must "return true" to indicate that the movement has been handled with:

    protected boolean navigationMovement (int dx, int dy, int, int time status) {}
    int d;
    Block b (block) = this.getFieldWithFocus ();
    If (Math.abs (dx) > Math.abs (dy)) {}
    If (dx > 0) {}
    d = Board.RIGHT;
    } else {}
    d = Board.LEFT;
    } else {}
    If (dy > 0) {}
    d = Board.DOWN;
    } else {}
    d = Board.UP;
    newFocus(b,_d).setFocus ();        Focus new set
    Returns true;        True, since we are consuming events and manages the update

    So, basically, it's the only method I should use to control the change in emphasis.  This isn't at all obvious in the API, especially given the lack of mention on the return value.  Interestingly, some reminders require scythes and other true to indicate the "consumption" or the management of the event.

    Anyway, problem solved.

  • I did not purchase request how the amount is deducted from my account without my knowledge


    1. I did not purchase request how the amount is deducted from my account without my knowledge. I ask you to return the amount to my account

    2. you download the free app and I have not purchased the app, I didn't purchase was deducted without my knowledge

    3. I ask you to bring the amount in my account and I will sue you to withdraw money from my account without my knowledge

    < re-titled by host >

    Maybe it's authorization is to identify yourself, the money will be in a few days.

    Read here: on the payment card's authorization in the iTunes Store - Apple Support

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    Hello, I'm trying to create a script that returns the details data Configuration/Storage/Datastore/store info. The thing I want the script to do is list my ESX:s, data of list store names, list mpathpolicy and the details of the data store paths section in the VI client.

    Is it possible to get this in a script? Or if anyone knows how I can get information from the info of paths in Details of the data store to the VI client

    Thanks in advance

    This is possible if you use the SDK.

    The following script lists the name of host, name of DS, political path and the number of paths.

    If you need other information on the page of details in the report let me know.

    $report = @()
    Get-VMHost  | Get-View | %{
         $esx = $_
         $esx.Datastore | %{Get-View $_} | where {$_.SUmmary.Type -eq "VMFS"} | %{
                   $ds = $_
                   $ds.Info.Vmfs.Extent | %{
                        $ext = $_
                        $extKey = ($esx.Config.StorageDevice.ScsiLun | where {$_.CanonicalName -eq $ext.DiskName}).Key
                        $lun = $esx.Config.StorageDevice.MultipathInfo.Lun | where {$_.Lun -eq $extKey}
                        $row = "" | Select ESXname, DSname, "Path Selection","Paths Total"
                        $row.ESXname = $esx.Name
                        $row.DSname = $ds.Name
                        $row."Path Selection" = &{
                                  "VMW_PSP_RR"{"Round Robin"}
                                  "VMW_PSP_MRU"{"Most Recently Used"}
                        $row."Paths Total" = $lun.Path.Count
                        $report += $row


    Blog: LucD notes

    Twitter: lucd22

  • How to monitor the amount of redo generated


    Is there a script to know the amount of redo generated for a period of time.

    Thank you


    I think that the script below can help u.

    SELECT start_date,
    Round (Num_Logs * (Vl.Bytes / (1024 * 1024)),)
    (2) AS Mo,
    Vdb.NAME AS dbname
    FROM (SELECT To_Char (Vlh.First_Time,
    'YYYY-MM-DD") AS Start_Date,
    To_Char (Vlh.First_Time,
    "HH24"). ': 00' AS the Start_Time value.
    Count(VLH.thread#) Num_Logs
    V $ log_History Vlh
    To_Char (Vlh.First_Time GROUP,
    To_Char (Vlh.First_Time,
    "HH24"). 00') Log_Hist,.
    V$ log Vl.
    V$ database Vdb
    WHERE Vl.Group # = 1
    ORDER OF Log_Hist.Start_Date,

    Kind regards



  • 12.2.4 WebADI - Integrator custom fails to cleanup script is triggered when the import returns the error lines

    Hi, hoping for help because it is not very useful detailed documentation on this topic here.

    I built a custom WebADI that uses custom procedures to validate and download the date in a custom table.  I then called an importer script that checks the balance of files (and other things) and mark the lines that do not reach a State of error.  I also managed to get these errors to be selected by the definition of error line and message error search section and everything is right with the world.

    Except that when imported and reports to hide the sad faces appear in the worksheet, I expect the cleanup script then learn to delete the records so that when the errors are corrected in the spreadsheet we don't get the lines in double... and is not.  No amount of tweaking, etc. application errors will result in cleaning the fire.

    Can someone tell me what I need to import of PL/SQL program to do when it detects a mistake for execution of the cleaning procedure?

    Thanks in advance


    IT FIXED myself.

    The downloaded must be a function and return an error message of VARCHAR2.  If you return NULL - then the cleaning is not called as expected. If you return to any string, then cleanup is called.

  • How to disable the gesture left right app cascading

    Hi all

    There is this left right gesture to return to the previous screen by default.

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    Thanks in advance.

    Hi jessica,.

    Add the property:

    peekEnabled: false

    for your tabbedPane or navigationPane.

    I hope this will solve your problem.

  • How to catch the event up, down, left, right button. Help me!!!

    I want to catch even down, left, right, I coded like this:

    {} public boolean keyChar (key char, int status, int time)
    If ((key==Characters.CONTROL_UP) |) (key == Characters.CONTROL_DOWN) | (key == Characters.CONTROL_LEFT) | (key is Characters.CONTROL_RIGHT)) {
    Dialog.Alert ("Move");
    Returns true;

    If {(key is Characters.ENTER)
    Dialog.Alert ("Enter");
    Returns true;

    Return super.keyChar (key, status, time);

    But only Characters.Enter can be caught, but Character.CONTROL_LEFT, on the RIGHT, upwards, downwards cannot be caught. I work with BlackBerry 8820 Simulator. Please help me. Thank you

    navigationMovement() "listener" is what I think you need.  Search through fields and the things that are derived from fields (such as the screens).

Maybe you are looking for