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Original title: install DMW
my desktop monitor window is disabled, how do I turn


1 did you do changes on the computer before the show?
2. you receive an error message?

You can run a convenience store aero and the question.
Open the Aero Troubleshooter

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  • Through white icon on the desktop and Windows Explorer.


    A lot of my icons on the desktop and Windows Explorer is more appear a normal icon, instead, they show a white square.

    Here is a screenshot of my 3 hard disks with shortcuts on the desktop.

    I tried to solve the problem by doing a rebuild of the cache icon but that did not work.

    Anyone would be able to help me solve this problem?

    Thank you.


    Have you used the utility changes or registry to remove the shortcut arrow overlay?

    First make sure the utility is uninstalled and the registry change is removed.

    Try this and check if that helps:

    1. right click on a box empty desktop and select Customize.

    2. click on adjust the resolution of the screen.

    3. in the drop-down color menu, select medium (16 bit).

    4. click on apply.

    5. when Windows you asked if you want to keep these settings, click No to restore your 32-bit color depth.

    6. restart your computer.

    See also the mentioned thread link below for workaround for this problem:  

    Kind regards
    Amal-Microsoft Support.
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  • Adjust the size of the font of the label of the icon on the desktop in Windows 7?

    Adjust the size of the font of the label of the icon on the desktop in Windows 7?

    Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and click on personalize.

    Click on the link to the color of the window at the bottom of the window.

    Click the link Advanced appearance settings .

  • integrates the desktop of Windows XP and the internet

    which integrates the desktop of windows xp and the internet?

    You a modem and your ISP

  • Shortcut on the desktop for Windows Defender

    Hello. I have Windows 7 starter on my netbook and want to create a shortcut on the desktop for Windows Defender. However, it does not appear as a program in the start menu and the option to display the control panel more big or small icons is greyed out (i.e., not available in starter edition), I don't see the program on the control panel or the other. The only way I can get to it is to type in 'Defender' in the search field in the start menu or the search field on the control panel. Although one of these actions will locate Windows Defender, they do not provide me the ability to create a shortcut for the application. I tried searching in Program Files on the C drive and found him, but did not know which file right-click on the folder to create a shortcut file. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.

    Second, Windows Defender is updated analysis scheduled around 02:00 every morning, but my computer isn't on then, I expect to do a scan automatically the next day when I turned the computer back on. He did not do that and always displays the last analysis as being the manual I did the day before. Is it possible to get auto-start if it misses its slot 02,00 regular?

    Thank you very much.


    Thank you both for responding: I did click right and do drag the thing like that seemed simpler and it worked: thank you. Are you able to let me know how to get the Defender to make an auto scan when I turn on the computer if it misses its slot 02,00?

    Thank you.

  • scanned the file appears on the desktop screen (Windows 7) and couldnot be removed, what should I do?

    scanned the file appears on the desktop screen (Windows 7) and couldnot be removed, what should I do?

    Hello, Hello!

    THANKS for your advice.

    I'll try to do as you recommended. And will let you know the result.

    Your helpfulness is really appreciated. Thanks again.

    Dear Morris Subba,

    This is to inform you that question pop up on my desktop PC went when I changed the color of my office.

    I don't know why, and if he'll be back once again, but for me, it's a liberation!

    Thanks for your concern and what you have done. THANKS........................................!

    Have a nice day!

    [EW] SQ

  • After you have installed Windows 10 and signature with password (Windows 7), the following screen (I guess the desktop of Windows 10) just flashes and the arrow cursor just spins.

    After you have installed Windows 10 and signature with password (Windows 7), the following screen (I guess the desktop of Windows 10) just flashes and the arrow cursor just spins.  Try to understand the problem.  Can I try to reinstall? Problem is on flashing screen cannot do anything.

    Original title: Windows 10


    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    (1) do the Windows 10 installation process is complete?

    (2) you are able to view the Windows 10 desktop?

    You can check the help below article and check if it helps.

    If the problem persists, you can reinstall Windows 10 by downloading an ISO image file to create installation media.

    To download an ISO image see the link below:

    To create an Installation media check out the link below.

    It will be useful. Please get back to us with the State of the question.

    Thank you.

  • Icon on the desktop for Windows 7 is too big

    How to change the size of icons on the desktop for Windows 7 Pro. The resolution is 1366 x 768 alredy. All the settings?


    How to change the size of icons on the desktop for Windows 7 Pro. The resolution is 1366 x 768 alredy. All the settings?



    You can also, also simply press on and hold the Ctrl Key and move the scroll on the mouse wheel to resize the icons.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
  • Anyone know why I can't buy the Portugal LR6? When I select the desktop application of most place hiden in the site Web of the page turns out to be empty! Other areas which is not the case, but since I am connected to the Portugal I'm not able to purchase

    Anyone know why I can't buy the Portugal LR6? When I select the desktop application of most place hiden in the site Web of the page turns out to be empty! In other regions that is not the case but since I am connected to the Portugal, I'm not able to buy elsewhere.

    Please check the availability of



  • When I stopped my project, in the program monitor window appears red and yellow bars... why

    When I stopped my project, in the program monitor window appears red and yellow bars... why?

    It is a problem with the captain to loosen then off material MPE.

    The next time you post a question: FAQ What information should I give...

  • Computer laptop Windows 7 can see the desktop of Windows XP, but cannot ping or you connect

    I've seen hundreds of threads describing problems similar to mine, but none of the suggested fixes worked in my case so I'm starting a new thread.  I bought a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Edition.  My setup before the new laptop was as follows:

    Cable modem router NetGear WGT624v3---> desktop Windows XP Home Edition SP3--->

    I have set up portable Win 7 with the same name of the Office XP Workgroup.  The username and password are the same on both.  File and printer sharing is enabled on both.  The XP desktop laptop Win 7 in the workgroup in my network places.  It can successfully ping the laptop Win 7.  It can access shared folders on the Win 7 machine with no problems.

    My problem is that the connection seems one-sided.  Laptop Win 7 will usually display the XP desktop in the network when Windows Explorer opens.  It still display the XP desktop in the network map in network and sharing Center.  However, I can't map a network drive on the XP desktop by using the name of computer or IP address.  I can't even ping the XP desktop.  But if I start the Office XP in Safe Mode with networking, the Win 7 laptop can ping and access shared folders on the XP desktop computer.

    I tried to disable the firewall on both machines.  I confirmed that the appropriate ports are open for sharing files on both machines.  Safe mode they suggest the problem lies with Windows XP, but I'm running out of things to try.  And the various solutions I've seen in the Strait of similar positions as urban legends.

    Hi Meghmala,

    Thanks for the great tips.  You got me in the right direction.  After configuring my XP machine for a clean boot I have to ping, see and access shared files on desktop XP from Win 7 laptop.  Then, I have considered the services and startup programs that has been disabled for the clean boot.  I found a Cisco VPN service which I had previously used to fix on my office intranet.  I disabled this service and the corresponding to my next selective startup startup file.  I was still able to connect to the computer to Office XP.  I think that the VPN service was the cause of the problem even though I had no open an active VPN session.  Thanks again for this problem.  I tried to solve this problem for weeks.

  • Placement of the icon on the desktop in Windows 7

    My desktop Windows 7 has his icons arranged in two columns on the left flower. If I drag an icon of this table, it snaps back. What can I do to allow icons to be away from the left margin?

    Right-click on the desktop, select view and uncheck Auto arrange and align on the grid.

  • Folder deleted still on display on the desktop in Windows 7

    This has been fixed by adding a new user profile and delete the old.  See the response of July 6 by Dissed.  Thank you!!!



    I have Windows 7 on a HP laptop.  On a file that I wanted to delete, I clicked and selected 'delete '.  You could see the process run, and no error message appears.  Unfortunately, the icon disappeared.  When I try right click and delete it again, a message appears saying that it is not found, that it is no longer on the desktop check the location and try again.

    I tried the following without a bit of luck:

    1. right click, delete
    2. highlight delete key
    3. highlight, control/delete
    4 drag / drop to trash - it does nothing at all... not even the normal error message.
    5. make a right click, refresh
    6. right click, sort
    7. try to rename the folder, error message appeared... once again.
    8 used Unlocker
    9 file Assassin
    10 removed and reindexed files
    11 défragmentée HD
    12. started in Safe Mode - always there
    13. I tried to delete it in Mode safe
    14 tried to delete via BACK
    15 Ran Avast Antivirus - nothing
    16 ran Malwarebytes - nothing
    17 Ran disk cleanup
    18 ran SuperAntiSpyware - nothing
    19 Ran Hitman Pro - found only cookies and remove those who
    20. at ran MicrosoftFixit.WinFileFolder.Run - fixed any weird icon & recycle bin questions
    21 Ran CCleaner
    22 ran Microsoft Safety Scanner - nothing
    23 analysed using sfc scannow - fixed some things, but not what I wanted to fix!  Laughing out loud
    24. search HD for the file thinking it could have been moved to another place, but nothing came.
    25. I can't go back to an earlier backup because he is not a previous backup to roll back to.
    26 remove copies of each of the three offending files from my external hard drive without problem, hoping that this will allow me to only remove the office... no luck.

    Whenever I ran scans, I always include my external HD.

    Try everything what I have always said that the file is not found because it is no longer in this area.  Is there a shell office that I can remove and when I restart my computer it will automatically rebuild that shell, remove the offending files/folders?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I need to get this file on my desktop!  I have a total of THREE folders of files that will not delete.  There are no files in the files.  There is no HIDDEN in the files files.  It is as if the Windows desktop has a problem and will not erase these three folders icons.

    Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Look into this,

    I guess that would explain why the picture is so small to fit on an e-mail, you got a larger file.

  • Unwanted "Desktop.ini" icons appear on the desktop. Windows 7 64 bit

    These icons are not shortcuts, but the files in Notepad.  Why are they here?   How can they be eliminated?

    Hi AntipodeamRJ,

    Enabling the setting that Hide protected files (recommended) operating system Options files hidden in two Desktop.ini files, as well. To access the Folder Options, open Windows Explorer, click on organize, click on the folder and Search Options , and select the view tab.
    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

  • I can't open the .jpg files from the desktop using "Windows Photo Gallery" as the default program. They open normally from nowhere elsewhere, but not directly from the desktop. No error, nothing happens.

    If I right click 'open with' open with other programs like IE but not "Windows Photo Gallery". It is not a specific .jpg file, this is all .jpg files. For example... I have a .jpg file in a folder on my desktop, open folder double click, it will open in the "Windows Photo Gallery". Copy and paste the SAME file on the desktop, double-click on, nothing happens. I tried to restart, change the default value of IE, open the file, it opens, by default change to "Windows Photo Gallery" doesn't work... I am confused?


    Welcome to the community of Windows Vista answers.

    Method 1:

    This can happen in the database that keeps track of all the photos and videos in your collection is damaged. You can rebuild your database by:

    (1) close Windows Live Photo Gallery

    (2) · Click Start

    (3) · Click on my computer

    (4) · Paste this address into the address field %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Photo Gallery

    (5) · Right-click Pictures.pd5

    (6) click on rename

    (7) · Change the name of the file to OLD_Pictures.pd5

    (8) · Restart the computer and then try to open the Windows Photo Gallery.

    Method 2:
    Try using the tool (SFC.exe) System File Checker to check and repair corrupt system files.  To do this, follow these steps:

    How to run scan SFC

    1. click on the Start button

    2. on the Start Menu, click all programs followed by accessories

    3. in the menu accessories, right-click on command line option

    4. in the drop-down menu that appears, click the "Run as Administrator" option

    5 If you have the enabled User Account Control (UAC) you will be asked to consent to the opening of the command line. You simply press the button continue if you are the administrator or insert password etc.

    6. in the command prompt window, type: sfc/scannow then press enter

    7. a message is displayed to indicate that "the analysis of the system will start.

    8. be patient because the analysis may take some time

    9. If all of the necessary files any replacement SFC will replace them. You may be asked to insert your Vista DVD for this process to continue

    10. If all goes although you should, after the analysis, see the following message "Windows resource protection not found any breach of integrity.

    11 after the scan finished, close the command prompt window reboot the computer and check.

    For more information, see the link below.

    Let us know if this helps


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