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I try to make a communication RS232 with Labview with freescale Flexis microcontroller, the communication is made, but data becomes how a data string and try to connect with a thermometer but send a message error, weel the problem is that I can't convert string into digital data data.

Please help me.

Sorry with my English, but I speak only Spanish

There is a decimal string to the function of numbers that you might try.

If the string is simply a decimal figures representing the temperature, which should take care of it.

Hope that helps


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  • How to connect the value of the input string to numeric values


    I'm trying to figure out how to connect the value of unique user input string to numeric values. Basically I want the user to enter the name of a gas that I have a list for (I think I put the list of gases in a table >). Then I want to match numeric values 2 'a' and 'b', according to which gas, name of the user has set. These 'a' and 'b' values will be automatically matched with the name of the gas in a list that I put. For example, hydrogen gas has the value 3 for "a" and 4 for "b. when the user puts the ' hydrogen' name in a string constant, automatically 'a' and 'b' must be issued.» I have connect a and b to a formula

    Thanks for any help


    It is perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but perhaps you could use the enumerated data type and the array of clusters of points (a, b).

    Look at the VI I enclose.

  • How to choose the value of a string are numeric together and words of letters (for example, TEST)

    Hi all

    How to choose the value of a string are letters (for example, TEST) and all numeric...

    for example
    TEST 123456
    TEST 34567
    123456 ABCD
    1234 TEST
    TESTING 12345
    TEST [email protected]$
    YOUR T 123456

    I want the results of the query as below.
    TEST 123456
    TEST 34567

    And I tried to use regexp_like in this case but without success. See the code below.
    SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE regexp_like (Description, ' [TEST] % & [[: digit:]] + $');

    How can I do this, please answer.

    Thank you


    If you want to return only the rows that contain the string 'TEST', followed by zero or more space characters, followed by one or more digits?

    How about this:

    SELECT *.

    FROM my_table

    WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(description,'^TEST\s*\d+$')

  • Hexadecimal string to numeric value


    I have a really (I think) a fundamental problem of trying to convert between a hexadecimal number to a 'digital constant' value so I can calculate certain things.

    The situation is: I'm able, a VISA series, a distance of an ultrasonic sensor reading. His current reading in an "indicator of string" ordinary put to a hexadecimal display. About 50 cm from distance with the ultrasonic at a wall sensor, I can measure "0032" as my display hex - what is optimal, 32 in hexadecimal is 50.

    However, my problem is, how do I now go to the conversion of this 0032 in hexadecimal in a usable digital/decimal numbers?

    Thanks heaps for you help.


    Typecaset 2 bytes of string to U16, for example as follows:

  • How to convert string to numeric number

    I have a list of dollar amounts which amounted to on a cfloop and the query:

    < cfset FileCount = 0 >
    < cfset FileDollar = 0 >

    < cfloop query = "TxtQuery" >
    < cfset FileDollar = #FileDollar # + "#Payment_Amt #" >
    < / cfloop >

    Here's the data (entry in the first column, payment_amt, combined with the title of the FileDollar column):

    Payment_amt (Text) FileDollar
    14645791.820 14645791.82
    5302608003.600 5317253795.42
    405642.240 5317659437.66
    11354914264.600 6672573702.3
    1532528.280 16674106230.5
    1532528.280 16675638758.8
    1532528.280 16677171287.1
    1532528.280 16678703815.4
    16470800280.000 33149504095.4

    It seems that once it hits the entrance of 11354914264.600 payment_amt, the FileDollar two decimal one.
    Is it possible to convert the numeric text field before it gets totaled?

    Thanks for the help. I eliminated the cfloop to add fields payment_amt and replaced by a Q Q (as you recommended) using a cast statement.

    SELECT SUM (CAST (Payment_amt AS decimal)) AS TOTAL_AMT
    to TxtQuery

    The TOTAL_AMT has correct total field now and is in decimal format.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • Time to string to Numeric conversion

    Oracle: 10g

    I have a column in the table which is a time calculated and stored as follows


    0 s
    1 m
    3: 00

    Like this

    How can I convert the string which consists of d-> day-> time: m-> Min minutes for comparisons and additional calculations.

    Is there any direct sql statement, we can write another to write a plsql to collect for this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Like this

    with t
    select '4h59m38s' str from dual union all
    select '1d8h36m' str from dual union all
    select '37m29s' str from dual union all
    select '0s' str from dual union all
    select '1m' str from dual union all
    select '3h' str from dual
    select str,
           nvl(replace(regexp_substr(str,'[[:digit:]]*d'),'d'),0)*24*60*60 +
           nvl(replace(regexp_substr(str,'[[:digit:]]*h'),'h'),0)*60*60 +
           nvl(replace(regexp_substr(str,'[[:digit:]]*m'),'m'),0)*60 +
           nvl(replace(regexp_substr(str,'[[:digit:]]*s'),'s'),0) seconds
      from t
  • How to check the value of a string is numeric, alphanumeric or characters?

    Hi all
    I have a task to validate an employee ID, assume that the employee Id is E121212. Now according to the validation rule, I need to check "the first letter of the employee Id is a character and rest are numbers." How can I do this? Please answer.

    Thanks and greetings
    Marie Laurence


    You can opt for regexp_like in this case. See the code below

    with data as (
      select 'E121212' s from dual union all
      select '121212' from dual union all
      select 'EE121212' from dual union all
      select 'EE1212EE' from dual union all
      select 'É121212' s from dual
    from data
    regexp_like (s, '^[A-Z]\d+$')

    ^ [A-Z] means that, at the beginnign (^), should be only between A - Z characters, uppercase. If you want to add lowercase letters, you can easily replace it [A-Za-z]. \d is a symbol for the numbers and + means it must complete at least one or more of her. $ means the end, so he stayed there until the end but nothig figures.

    If yoou want characters as allowed, you can change the character class to [: alpha:]

    from data
    regexp_like (s, '^[[:alpha:]]\d+$')


    Published by: chris227 on 26.07.2012 00:53

  • Select from the table where the last character of the string is numeric

    I have a table of STREETS with a field called ADDRESS. I want to select all the records in streets where the last character in the address is a number.
    Select ADDRESS of STREETS where regexp_like (substr (address,?,?,), '[0-9]');
    --? means that I don't know what to put here!

    I don't know if substr is the best approach to do this, because I want only the last character and the records are of different lengths.

    Thank you!


    If you want to use regular expressions:

    WHERE     REGEXP_LIKE ( address
                  , '[0-9]$'

    You can get the same results, no doubt more effectively, without regular expressions:

    WHERE     INSTR ( '0123456789'
               , SUBSTR (address, -1)
               )     > 0
  • String of numerical calculation


    I have a problem with the calculation chain.
    for example


    I have a table,










    EVENT_TYPE column is PK.

    Let's say I have two rows in the table-


    ('AAA', 13, 1, 567, 45 ' (POSITION / (RATE2-(RATE1*RATE2/POSITION)))');


    ("BBB", 13, 14, 567, NULL, ' POSITION + RATE1 * NATUREL2 ');

    CALCULATION_STR (formula) is configurable front-end and I fix set of so-called values rate1, naturel2 and POSITION of the user who can design formula for EVENT_TYPES according to requirements there.

    I would like to design a function/procedure/package to which I can spend EVENT_TYPE and the return value is the result of CALCULATION_STR for the EVENT_TYPE.

    Please let me know how I can do this.

    I use the Oracle = version.

    Thanks in advance.


    Try this:

      2  (
      4  RATE1 NUMBER(10,5) NOT NULL,
      5  RATE2 NUMBER (10,5) NOT NULL,
      9  );
    Table created.
      2   VALUES ('AAA', 13, 567, 45, 1, '(POSITION/(RATE2-(RATE1*RATE2/POSITION)))');
    1 row created.
      2   VALUES ( 'BBB', 13, 14, 567, NULL, 'POSITION+RATE1*RATE2');
    1 row created.
    Commit complete.
    SQL> set serverout on size 1000000;
    SQL> declare
      2    result varchar2(100);
      3  begin
      4    for EC in (select e.*,rowid r0 from EVENT_CALCY e)
      5    loop
      6      execute immediate 'Select '||ec.CALCULATION_STR||
      7                         ' from EVENT_CALCY Where rowid = '''||ec.r0||'''' into result;
      8      dbms_output.put_line('Result of '||ec.CALCULATION_STR||' is= '||Result);
      9    end loop;
     10  end;
     11  /
    Result of (POSITION/(RATE2-(RATE1*RATE2/POSITION))) is=
    Result of POSITION+RATE1*RATE2 is= 749
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    : p

    PS: You can replace "ROWID" with the primary key...

  • Help please: on/off switch

    Hi eveybody,.

    I have problem with my programm...

    I would like my case "scenario_en_cours" is enabled or disabled and if it is 'off' to change on different tabs.

    Can someone help me please?

    Kind regards

    You need only a structure of the event. Generally, several creates more problems than it solves. The producer sends messages via the queue for the consumer by saying the consumer what has happened, for example, a change in the tab. You cnause the structure of the event for what whether the use changes on the front panel, buttons, tabs, string or numeric controls, as well as other things. For your program for most of the buttons and the tab control will have event. You don't care when the value of the slope changes but you want to read and other controls when you press the button of the ramp.


  • Write the header and mixed data on the worksheet

    Hello world

    I'm having some problems with writing my data in a spreadsheet file... Basically, I chewed my data and got the values that I want... When I stop the loop I want data saved in a spreadheet... The first line must be a header, and the lines below should be the corresponding data, consisting of a string and numeric data. See the example below.

    Topic name, Max Force (N), means Force (N), Min Force (N);
    David, 2134, 23, 284;
    Phil, 1234, 43, 321;
    Tina, 4059, 335, 55;

    Can someone please help with this?

    Kind regards


    This will create a queue (test.csv), check if file exists(no:_creates_header_plus_data...if_yes:appends_data_only):save to a folder first... vi test.csv will be saved in this folder also.

  • PDA channel control does not change

    New VI established in LV8.6.1 to target Mobile Mobile Portrait model.  I drop a control to the string, specify a default value and a dialog box to display the value at the push of a button by using the provided event of wire structure.  Then, compile, synchronize and run.  Change the value of the chain command using the pop up keyboard and press the button.  The value displayed is always the default.

    Good afternoon Michael,.

    There is a bug in Mobile Module 8.6 affecting strings and numeric values.  I have filed the appropriate internal documentation (CAR #155315) for this be fixed in a future version of LabVIEW.

    The current solution is to change your text to the left instead of Center justification and your program will work as expected.

  • force the scroll bar vertical table

    I have a control which is an array of enums. I show only a single element. LabVIEW will allow me to display a horizontal scroll bar. I need the scroll bar to be vertical to match the other controls and LEDs on the front panel. LabVIEW seems hardcoded to prevent me to display a vertical scroll bar on an array with a single element showing. frustrating.

    Now, they're just playing with me. I knew it!


    I think that there is a bug in the way the dialog box manages the selection/deselection of scroll bars that a person OR you participate on this conversation and "Send" to have a CAR # assigned.

    I don't think being able to have a vertical scroll bar on a 1 d array that is sized only for 1 item maybe not a bug, but a design by programmers of LV decision.  Perhaps because a vertical scrollbar on the controls of normal sizes such as strings and numeric values would be too small to be usable.  But for larger paintings such as a cluster, why not?  I would say that a scroll bar is more intuitive, when there is no room for it.  Generally, it looks like that elements of tables 1 d as being lines, so a vertical scroll bar would allow you to roll the lines upwards or downwards.

    Be able to use a vertical scroll bar must either be added to the CAR/report bug # for dialog box problem, or maybe, you should present the product suggestion Center as well.

    Work around a possible would be not to use the scroll bar on table, but let down your own scroll bar vertical on the FP and nodes of property allows you to set a range and value of this slider to set array shown using his property node index.  The event structure should probably be used as well to manage a change event of value on the scroll bar.

  • Crop video captures all

    Hello gentlemen,

    For my project I undertake acquistion PPG without contact. I am trying to capture my webcam, but with all of the image, I get a lot of noise in the signal. I found using code samples provided by my supervisor in MATLAB that my webcam is capable of recording at 30 fps.

    I joined a video capture for treatment in other programs. Currently, the VI records to a text file.

    How would you suggest that I crop the video images before being caught or processed, I need this for two reasons, 1. the entire image generates noise and 2. reduce the footprint of output file.

    I have attached the VI for reference. To run a file in the file path text must be designated for the VI to run and a session for your WEBCAM.

    Regards Sean

    P.S Vision required.

    If you open your camera in MAX, there may be for the width and height properties. You can create a property on your in camera session node and to use these names as 'active' attribute, and then set the 'value' with a string or numeric.

  • Digital fixed but different line height value

    Hello world

    On my front, I have a table (column) 1 d of numerical values next to a table (column) 1 d of channels. I need them to the line upward. I think that the height of figures is not editable, but for strings, you can change it.

    Here's my problem, on different PCs, I found that the heights of digital line have different fixed values. On my development PC (LabVIEW 2011, 32-bit), the line height is 22 pixels. On all the other test PCs (also LabVIEW 2011, 32 bit) the line height is 20 pixels. I need the berries to align all PC, but it looks different.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

    The height of controls digital and indicators are based on the font used for this.  The strings have their height adjustable independendtly.

    On these different PC, are you using different operating systems?

    See this thread and a few others.

    What you need to do is set the font for the strings and numeric values to be a specific font which is present on all operating systems and do not use 'system' or 'application' font that is based on the current settings of the operating system

Maybe you are looking for