Sucks TC-710 with Windows 10 random freeze

I bought an Acer Aspire TC-710 last week and it is locking up randomly and requires a stop hard to bring it back.

I have updated all the drivers that were available on the support with the exception of the BIOS ACER site. I ran also all the updates of windows and the problem persists.

I saw a post here saying that the solution was a BIOS update, but I don't see how it's possible, given that the computer boots perfectly. I'll reach out to the person who had the udpated BIOS to see what it was also updated. My current version of BIOS is 2015-11-10, and the latest version is 2015-12-07 so not a lot of change...

* As a kicker, he is the second ACER Aspire TC-710, I bought this problem. One, I went on the assumption that it was a bad piece of memory/ram, but the chances of that happening twice are difficult to quantify.

Any help solving this is greatly appreciated!

Apparently the BIOS update will solve the problem of gel.  Keep in mind, the date of the BIOS are looking into the information system.  These dates on the site are just posting dates.

1. right click on the button to start Windows

2. left click on run

3. type msinfo32

4. click on ok

There is a freezing problem for people who use SSDS and disks HARD with Windows 10 anniversary. It is a problem that is independent of Microsoft.  But I don't think it's your problem.  I think you should update the BIOS for your problem of gel.

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    could be malicious or ie8 is corrupt.

    There are several options,

    1. clear your temporary internet files, go to tools, internet options, under browsing history, click on remove in the next box, just check and uncheck the box given to preserve your favorite Web sites.

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    6 uninstall ie8 then reinstall ie8, if you installed SP3 after ie8, read this:

    After back with the results.

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    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    You can read these articles and check if that helps.

    Windows hangs or freezes:

    Warning: him reset Internet Explorer settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

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    Warning of Security Scanner: there could be a loss of data while performing an analysis using the Microsoft safety scanner to eliminate viruses as appropriate.

    Feel free to post your request here on the Forums of Windows, we would be happy to help you.

  • T410 2516CTO random freezes without anything in the Windows Event Viewer. :(

    I used Update Retriever + slim Installer (practically system update 4.0 but a client version + server) to download the drivers and install Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 with SP1 on this machine. It takes a hard power off by pressing the button for 5 seconds

    Core i7 620M

    8 GB RAM

    320GB 7.2 k RPM HARD drive

    Optimus graphics

    Gobi2000 WWAN

    uPek Fingerprint reader

    The machine crashes without warning and did with the two installation (more common) factory and with the deleted HARD disk and using Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 from Microsoft x 64 slipstreamed (freezes much less often). Are there tools that I can use to help diagnose this problem?

    I also used an adapter 90W AC and 65W adapter on this machine. The random freezes occur on each adapter as well.

    I read other people who have the same frustrations on to freeze, but no other situation is exactly the same as mine unfortunately - most other occasions you can find something in the Windows Event Viewer!

    Hi again

    Discovered it was the 6300 WiFi Intel that was locking the machine. It disabled via switch h/w or BIOS does the gel to disappear.

    So he left. Once off the coast of the incident of a 6300 wireless card has failed.

  • Chinese PC troubleshooting Windows 7 32-bit slow and random freezes

    A user has a Windows 7 PC from Dell's traditional Chinese version.

    During the investigation into his slow and problem of slow performance (random freezes), I tried running sfc/scannow in command prompt. However the command stopped at 56% with an error message regarding the protection of resources (sorry it's in Chinese), so the sfc has not completed.

    When I tried to start Windows in safe mode, the options menu advanced boot could not be considered. It was only a black screen. Clues? Someone has already tried to uninstall the antivirus software. User customer a lotus notes 8.5 is installed.

    People, I thought that random freezing is caused by a failing hard drive, so we replaced the material.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I am on Windows 7 Ultimate and my laptop Compaq Presario CQ61 guard randomly freezing or crashing. It got so bad now that yesterday, I was only able to apply some of the tools such as Fix It in Mode safe, now I can start my laptop and it works but freezes usually about 15 minutes.

    This is a report generated by «WhoCrashed»

    All pilots seem to be uptodate.

    (Local) information system

    computer name: xxx - PC
    Windows version: Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 6.1, build: 7601
    Windows dir: C:\Windows
    Hardware: Compaq Presario CQ61 Notebook PC, Hewlett-Packard, 3069
    CPU: GenuineIntel Pentium (r) Dual-Core processor T4400 @ 2.20 GHz Intel586, level: 6
    2 logical processors, active mask: 3
    RAM: 3119435776 total

    Crash Dump Analysis

    Crash dump directory: C:\Windows\Minidump

    Dumps are enabled on your computer.

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 3:45:55 PM GMT crashed your computer
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\memory.dmp
    This was probably caused by the following module: win32k.sys (win32k! EngTextOut + 0 x 26)
    Bugcheck code: 0x7A (0xFFFFFFFFC0000185, 0x460938C0, 0xFFFFFFFFC07F2E10, 0xFFFFFFFFFE5C2004)
    file path: C:\Windows\system32\win32k.sys
    product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    company: Microsoft Corporation
    Description: Multi-User Win32 Driver
    Bug control description: this bug check indicates that the data page of the kernel of the required paging file cannot be read into memory.
    The accident took place in a standard Microsoft module. Your system configuration is perhaps incorrect. Maybe this problem is caused by another driver on your system which cannot be identified at this time.

    Saturday, September 13, 2014 8:36:36 PM GMT crashed your computer
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\091314 -.dmp
    This was probably caused by the following module: athr.sys (athr + 0x428A5)
    Bugcheck code: 0xD1 (30, 0 x 2, 0 x 0 x 0, 0xFFFFFFFF938618A5)
    file path: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\
    Friday, September 12, 2014 9:08:40 AM GMT crashed your computer
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\091214-
    Wednesday, June 25, 2014 8:17:18 PM GMT crashed your computer
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\062514-
    Monday, June 23, 2014 8:55:18 PM GMT crashed your computer
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\062314-
    Thursday, June 5, 2014 19:8:15 PM GMT crashed your computer
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\060514-
    Sunday, May 11, 2014 8:42:17 PM GMT crashed your computer
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\051114 -.dmp
    This was probably caused by the following module: ntkrnlpa.exe (nt + 0 x 120996)
    Bugcheck code: 0x19 (0x3, 0xFFFFFFFF88A94620, 0xFFFFFFFF88A94620, 0x3A51)
    path: C:\Windows\system32\ntkrnlpa.
    Wednesday, April 9, 2014 14:48:52 this computer crashed
    crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\040914-

    8 dumps were found and analysed. 3 third-party drivers have been identified to be the cause of breakdowns of the system on your computer. It is strongly recommended that you check the updates for these drivers on their corporate Web sites. Click on the links below to search with Google for updates these drivers:

    Igdkmd32.sys (Intel Graphics Kernel Mode Driver, Intel Corporation)
    ATHR.sys (Atheros Extensible, Atheros Communications, Inc. wireless device driver.)
    dlkmd.sys (DisplayLink WDDM KMD, DisplayLink Corp.)

    If no updates for these drivers is available, try searching with Google on the names of these drivers in combination errors that have been reported for these drivers and include the brand name and model of your computer as well in the query. This often gives interesting results of the discussions of the users who have similar problems.

    Read the GENERAL WARNINGS for the failures of the system troubleshooting section for more information.

    Note that it is not always possible to say with certainty if a reported driver is responsible for her crash your system or that the cause is in another module. However, it is suggested that you look for updates for the products that these drivers belong to and regularly visit Windows Update or activate the automatic updates for Windows. In case a piece of defective material is originally wrong, a Google search on the errors of control of bug with the name of the model and brand of your computer can help you to deepen this review.


    Still on the same pilot (HIDCLASS. (SYS).  You have still 2 malware apps (Isafe & AVG) assets.  I remove them both and using MSE instead

  • Windows 7 Home Premium random freezes

    So, I had this problem for quite a while now.

    I tried to start troubleshooting tool Windows, all the other points that have been proposed on the forums.

    No help.

    My computer keeps randomly freezes, sounds a bit weird and duplicates.

    My memory is good, everything is good.

    I don't know if it's my card motherboard and CPU.

    I have a Dell XPS 8300, and I believe that it is related to windows.

    My drivers are up to date. I also have enough memory.

    I don't think it's a virus or a game, but it could be. It's really irritating while I'm doing my games. If someone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.


    If you want to add me something, as the form of help, it would be great.

    EDIT 2: I will add in my features.

    Around a 2-year-old Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3 .00GHz

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

    12288 MB RAM

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


    Please provide the dump files.

    After analyzing dump files, we have reached the following conclusions.

    This problem may occur because of problems with the graphics card drivers or problems with memory.

    I suggest to uninstall and reinstall your graphics card driver and check. Here are the steps:

    • Press the Windows key + R.
    • Type devmgmt.msc.
    • Expand the display card adapter.
    • Right-click on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 driver and select Uninstall.

    Now, go to the website of NVIDIA GeForce and try to install the latest version of the drivers and check. Here is the link for NVIDIA GeForce:

    You can also run the disk check. Follow these steps:

    • Click on start.
    • Type cmd into the search bar.
    • Right click on cmd and select run as administrator.
    • Chkdsk/f/r
    • Press enter.

    Important: when running chkdsk on the drive hard if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data may be lost.

    In addition, run memory diagnostic test. Consult the following link:

    Diagnosing memory problems on your computer

    See also: Windows hangs or freezes

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Please answer us on the State of the question to help you further.

  • Windows hangs or freezes randomly

    Original title: System problem

    I am using windows 7 ultimate and my computer freezes randomly over and over again after a few seconds, it starts normally

    Hi Praveen,

    1. is the issue limited while accessing any program in particular?

    2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    This problem may occur following a conflict of third party software, virus system or file system is corrupt.

    Refer to the steps in the following Microsoft article and check if that helps.

    Windows hangs or freezes:

    Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again, the data files that are infected can be cleaned by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Hope that the information provided is useful.

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    Windows 8 randomly and often freezes a new HP desktop computer

    Having recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro with my new (four months) HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1260 PC, frequently and randomly freezes and I have to reboot to recover my computer. I tried several of the HP help steps I found on the Internet such as: search for the latest updates of Windows 8 with my computer HP showing that it is up-to-date with automatic updates Windows 8 Alt F4 to close the program that is frozen with nothing happens from frozen computer and Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC to open the Manager tasks and nothing happens and the HP computer remains frozen which includes the loss of control of the mouse.


    For the duration of four months prior to the upgrade of Windows 8 pro, I never had this problem with Windows 7.


    If you have a third party anti virus on your computer, you would probably have to uninstall.

  • Cursor randomly freezes and jumps to life on Tecra 8200 with Win XP

    Tecra 8200 with Win XP Professional

    The cursor randomly freezes and jumps to life after a few seconds, very rarely, I have to re - start.
    This happens as well with the mouse of keyboard or mouse remotely.

    Hope someone can help because it's driving crazy me.

    See you soon

    I agree with Akuma. Disable the internal mouse and external use only. I have old Tecra M1 with the same keyboard and in my case the problem was faulty Acupoint placed on the keyboard.

    With the new keyboard, everything was OK again.
    I recommend you to disable the mouse of the computer laptop and external use only.

  • Satellite L300 freezes with Windows Vista

    I use the Satellite L300 laptop with Windows Vista.
    Once the connection is freezing, so I used to do Toshiba HDD recovery and formatted and installed with its recovery tools.

    Now its connect with normal mode.
    The problem is that if I use multitask or open a window or whatever it is the laptop is hanging (freeze).
    Again, I have to forcely, I need to start with safe mode and normal mode then again once I get the same problem.

    Can someone tell me the solution?

    > The problem is that if I use multitask or open a window or whatever it is the laptop is hanging (freeze).
    Maybe some of your applications cause this problem

    I think you should check what software could cause what I mean it of not impossible that a 3rd party applications that runs in the background would be the cause of your troubles

    Of course, it could also be related to a hardware malfunction. It looks a bit like a RAM problem, but just a personal suggestion.

  • I bought a new laptop with Windows 7 installed. Whenever I restart it, it has installed updates which can take up to an hour or freezes. You can ignore the automatic updates of Windows 7?

    I bought a new laptop with Windows 7 installed.  Whenever I restart it, it has installed updates which can take up to an hour or freezes.  You can ignore the automatic updates of Windows 7?

    You can turn off the automatic updates, Yes, but doing so would leave your computer at risk. Simply put with him: after another reboot or two, you will be fully patched AND fix!

    Install the Windows updates:

    Update your computer:

    Understand the Windows automatic update:

    Updates: frequently asked questions

    Change how Windows installs or notifies you of updates: ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Laptop freezes with Windows 7 upgrades

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6 with Windows 7 64 bit, CORE i5.  This weekend the system windows automatically update itself when the computer is turned off.  When I tried to use the computer the next day he opened and allowed me to enter my password, but it froze after that - there is only a blank screen.  I was patient and waited and even timed - after that 10 minutes she was still a Virgin.  I used the system restore to return the computer to its settings before the upgrade.  Once more when stop you it Windows updated itself and I had the same problem.  I used the restoration of the system again then I could use the computer and send the message.  How do I address upgrades of windows if it is not my computer freeze?  Is there something special I need to do to make sure that the system is upgraded without causing my computer to fail?

    Recently, I had to completely restore my computer and do not want to do it again.  I think that now it has completely failed due to this automatic update of Windows.  All the solutions or should I just get another computer?

    I installed last and it froze again.  I tried again but this time I've scanned my computer for virsus' (requested on other updates have been installed) and I've been very patient with the installation. In other words, I did not have my computer in hibernation / sleep then that it has been updated because it takes a long time. I was finally able to get the update installed.  I have even shut down my computer again to make sure that it does not freeze again.  Not sure why it worked this time.

  • New laptop comes with Windows 10, want to install Windows 7 in place but freezes everything in

    Just got an Acer Aspire ES 15, which came with Windows already installed 10.

    I do not like the windows 10, would be nice instead of Windows 7.

    I tried to boot from my CD with Windows 7, but once I did the "loading files" bar and I'm on the 'starting Windows' screen, four circles colors that generally revolve around all loading, just freeze and the installation does not go further?

    Any help would be appreciated. I tried to boot from a USB, but when I hit F12 I not give me the option to boot from it!

    Thanks guys, but I think I have actually solved!

    For someone who has similar problems, do pass the boot sequence in the BIOS of UEF1 inheritance. Freeze DVD ROM? When you come to format, we'll tell you that Windows is unable to format one of your readers because they are GPT partition style.

    To convert the GPT on the MBR, simply delete all partitions and create a new one. My Windows 7 is currently 17% in installation.

    For a long time I didn't do anything this techy on a computer, impressed!

  • Windows 7 64 - bit SP1 apparently random freezes for about 30 to 60 seconds

    Other users of the computer,

    I am using windows 7 64 bit home edition premium for a few months now. I have a problem in which windows seems to freeze. It can happen anywhere from 4 or 5 times the time to 'only' once every two hours. I can move the cursor, but I can not click on windows, use alt - tab and so on. Usually, this will last between 30 and 60 seconds, after which everything returns to normal. It seems no matter what I do when this happens. During navigation, games, Assembly, etc... The gadget from windows performance tells me the cpu is about 1-5% and the RAM is not at maximum. I tried to:
    -set the system to high performance. HDD sleep disabled. Hybernation and disabled sleep
    ran-a cleanboot. Problem has happened yet (playing Battlefield 3)
    -a run the File Checker system windows using an elevated command prompt. No problem there.
    -checked all (1 SSD and HDD 2) drives for issues with checkdisk and SeaTool. No problem found.
    -checked for malware malwarebytes with MSE. No problem there.
    -uninstalled VLC player I saw a dozen of entries "reconfigure" in the form of reliability of windows (or whatever it's called)
    -disabled Aero icon composite (?) Use the Dutch version so I'm not sure of what his English in)
    -turned off refresh of wallpaper
    -order stickynotes (as I came across something where the viewer in which he said he could not access)

    -closed sidebar and practically another program that was underway...
    .. and still the problem occurs. I don't have this problem under Vista 32 bit but I must say I have updated my graphics card and added the SSD at about the same time, I decided to move to W7 64-bit.
    These days I kept a journal when it happens. When I cross check these with the event viewer I get a few events 4624, 4672 and 7036, which stand out. They do not seem to take into account all issues well.
    Some system info:
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHz
    4 GB of Ram
    MSI GTX 560 Ti
    1 x OCZ agility SSD 3
    2 x WDC 1 TB SATA HDD
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I don't know where to look for more. Once again, thank you for reading!
    Best regards

    I spent a lot of time to check all components in my configuration. From the bios, cables on memory, software and so on. It turned out to be the ocz vertex 3 ssd which was the question. I made an update of the firmware, secure erase, and all I could do with the help of assistance from ocz with no sollution. I'm the DSS to return this week and exchange it for one ssd intel. Check the forums to ocz for your type of ssd n additional info to see what you could try. If not, return it immediately.

    Good luck!

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