Tecra 9100: Unable to connect external monitor to the APR III Plus via DVI

I have a laptop Tecra 9100 that I try to use with an Advanced Port Replicator III (APR3 +) to connect to an LCD flat screen widescreen Dell via the DVI connector, but so far without success.

All other connections on the APR3 + operate without problem, the monitor stir however not until Windows finishes loading, how it shows a totally white screen with black bars very close down vertically.
I upgraded to the latest version of the BIOS and tested all the cables, but in vain. I also carefully searched from Toshiba Web site, but the only document which deals with taken ports supported on the APR3 + I can find does not list my laptop model at all.

Please can you tell me if this mode of operation is supported and if it is how to enable it?
Alternatively, if it is not supported, could I use a VGA - DVI cable to connect the APR3 + LCD flat screen?



I see that you have updated the BIOS. I think that it was not a bad idea, but you also need to check if you have installed the latest version of TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3.
I don't know if that helps, but please check.

How to check the current version of TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3
-Select Control Panel in the start menu.
S ' please click on ' Add / Remove Programs "from the control panel.
-TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3 for Windows XP V3.xx.xx.XP"appears in the list of software to ' Add or Remove Programs".
-If the current version of TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3 installed on your computer is V3.19.00.XP or more, please upgrade to the new version V3.21.00.XP.

How to upgrade the TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3 to version V3.21.00.XP
-Uninstall the current version of TOSHIBA Mobile extension 3
-Restart the computer.
-Download the new version, unzip it by running, and run "Setup.exe" from the compressed file.

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    To my knowledge the Tecra 9100 was equipped with the wireless LAN standard: 802. 11B mini card PCI ORiNOCO.

    You need to check if the WiFi signal is strong enough for a transmission correctly
    I think that the signal of WLan access points is not strong enough because of the distance.

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    Uninstall the NVIDIA graphics driver.


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    Yes, it works.

    He must need a converter VGA (F) display port.

    Thank you.

    See you soon

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    I put t see any reason why it shouldn't work. On the Toshiba download page, you can find all the drivers, tools and utilities designed the Windows 2000 operating system. If the unit is installed correctly, you can use Fn + F5 secret key to switch to the external display.

    There is also another possibility to do the same thing. In the display properties go into the settings tab, mark the second screen and activate the option named extend my Windows desktop on this monitor.

    Please let me know if everything works correctly.

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  • Help! Aspire 5735 laptop with broken screen does not recognize external monitor after the factory restore

    I have an ACER Aspire 5735, running horrible Vista that never worked from the beginning, always locked up, media player never worked, on, on, and after about a year my dog took in the power cord and threw out of the table and the broken screen. I used it with an external monitor for a while, but it was even worse after that and after that he take to get fixed yet has proceeded to run super slow, always locked up, refused to stop or start upward normally, and so he sat in a closet for about 3 years.

    I took it out a week ago to see if I could at least use it for my kids to friends to play on, but that she still had so many questions, I decided to do a factory restore. And of course the recovery disks that I did when I got it do not work and are not yet recognized by the computer. So I went online and has used a method that I found there by rebooting and hitting the keys ALT F10 until I was at the factory reset option. It worked GREAT! Except once the computer has restarted and opened up to windows deleted monitor and I can't do anything with the computer because apparently it does not recognize that it is hooked to an external monitor on the restore to factory settings! Help!

    She does not recognize the monitor as it has been restarted and was even the windows start the display of the icon, but as soon as it loads the screen becomes black with just the graphics "monitor is on but not connected to what either" floating around.

    Is it possible to access something in the BACK or other so he could recognize the external monitor?  What is finally toast?

    Connect the external monitor to the laptop.

    Hold down the FN key and press the F4 key. Check if you get a display on the external monitor.

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    Is there som kind of updated driver or utility separated to resolve this problem?



    As far as I know it of not possible to set the external monitor as a main display and the screen of the laptop as secondary display.

  • W530 need to use the external monitor as the main

    I have a training environment with the help of portable computers W530, who are locked in a box in front of the offices. It is not practical to reach the computer as it's hidden and so I need to use the dvi cable external monitor for the configuration of the bios, boot order, etc..

    Currently, boot options are hidden from the external screen until windows loads. The external monitor would then become active. A way around the monitor to the laptop altogether?

    Thank you


    VGA is driven by Nvidia, so apply the same parameters. Comes to the boot monitor in VGA BIOS (I forgot what we call this specific setting, as my W530 is at home). You should always pass nvidia Optimus only.

  • I'm unable to connect to wireless modem, the message's problem is the network cable is unplugged got new cable still

    network cable unplugged wiundows xp

    I'm unable to connect to wireless modem, the message's problem is the network cable is unplugged got new cable still

    Hello Verashanley

    Since how long did begin?
    You have added a new software or hardware to the system?
    If the issue took place recently then you can try the system restore.
    If you have recently added anything to the system (hardware or software), then remove.
    If the system restore does not then check in Device Manager and verify that the network card is considered and no errors appear.
    To open Device Manager, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click performance and Maintenanceand then click System. In the hardware tab, click Device Manager.
    Check the type of network card you have and that you try to update the drivers from the hardware manufactures Web site.
    Also, check the connection for the network adapter. Do you see any physical damage. When you plug the NIC saw all the lights on the network card lights up? If not, then you can deal with a hardware problem and need to contact the manufacture of the system and see about obtaining the card replaced.
    Let me know the results. Thank you.
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    Hi Harry00700

    The error message seems to be accurate with the AOL servers. I suggest you to follow the links and check if it helps.



    If this is not enough, you can communicate with AOL.


    Hope the helps of information.

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    Hi all.

    My old external monitor just called it a day, so I bought a new. A U28D590 of Samsung 4 k. pretty lousy video quality compared to my old, but I can live with, I got it for next to nothing.

    The big problem is the poor 'speed of feeling. " mouse cursor movement is undoubtedly lag compared to the internal screen (I use the copying video, so I can compare the screens in real time). Not much, but certainly enough to drive me crazy enough. This request veeery mouse movements delicate, almost like with an old PC if you know what I'm talking about, otherwise I 'miss' buttons and other things GUI I want to click because I overcompensate my movements, so to speak.

    The monitor is connected through HDMI. I read things about HDMI not providing the highest possible refresh. I expect better results if I connect via Thunderbolt/DisplayPort? If so, I would need an adapter mini-DP and DP. This card must meet specific requirements?

    My question is not similar to the questions of others since my internal screen is behaving properly. Any ideas?

    (If you have an idea, please do not check your answer as "good response" before checking with me, thank you.)

    mouse cursor movement is undoubtedly lag

    It's counterintuitive, but the most common cause for follow-up of the mouse lag ' uses in all cycles CPU ", does NOT slow updating the display.

    Try to run CPU screen activity showing all processes, or to download and run a report of etrecheck .

    PS > the original poster is the only person who can mark answers as "solved my problem. But it the system encourages you to do by asking wrong questions along the way.

  • Tecra 9100 - no wireless connection

    Can anyone help please?

    The wireless in the toolbar icon has a red x and will not let me connect even though I see my router.
    Can someone tell me how to solve this problem? I have Tecra 9100 with Windows XP SP3.
    Thank you


    The icon in the toolbar with a red cross?

    Well buddy, have you checked if the WLan card is properly recognized in Device Manager?
    Usually a first step to clarify if the wireless card is ok or if something breaks down.
    In the device-> network card Manager, you should see the wireless network card.
    If there is a yellow exclamation point, then try to update the WLan driver.

    If the driver has been installed correctly and there is no yellow exclamation mark then the next step would be checking the settings of network connections.

    Check if the wireless network connection is enabled (Start button-> settings-> network connection)

    Check it out!

  • Tecra 9100 for TV connection problems


    I hope that im asking this question in line.

    I tried to connect my laptop to my tv without success I pass the cable in the left side of the laptop and plug the other end to the video output on the tv I have both put power off and power on, but nothing happens.

    Also Tosh button does nothing when you press on and the fn key to control the F buttons along the top also do not change anything.
    I disabled not those still and is there a way to get them working again.

    I have the disks to reset to the factory settings. I have to use these or I'll lose the content stored on my laptop?

    If anyone can help me with the above problems, I would be very grateful,

    Thank you very much


    Usually the keys FN + F5 should allow external display devices.
    You can switch between the portable computers internal display, the external monitor or TV.
    If the buttons n t work then there must be something wrong with the drivers or system files

    Using the recovery CD would be desirable because it would create the laptop back to the factory settings and generally allowing to get the features of Toshiba works.
    But the use of the recovery CD will format the partition (disk).

    So if you need the file then it would be desirable to save the data

    However, in order to connect the TV to the laptop, you will need to use the s-video cable on the right. On some TVs, you need to activate the option s-video (channel). Then, you must use the FN + F5 keys to switch to the TV.

    Best regards

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    There is no way to connect an external cable monitor such that HDMI port is entered only.

    Your only solution would be to use the wireless display option in the settings, but you would need a monitor/TV/adapter that would work as a Miracast receiver.  I'm not sure specific screens that function as receptors, but I used adapters are the PTV3000 Netgear and Actiontec SBWD100A01,.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


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