Tecra A11 - Video No. via mini DisplayPort


I recently bought a mini DisplayPort-> HDMI cable to use with my Tecra A11 Notebook. My intention was to run two external displays by running a cable VGA for my LG W2242 monitor and run the mini DP to HDMI Cable to my HP 2509 m Monitor. Unfortunately, I can't get my HP Monitor to recognize the video Signal from the mini DIsplayPort.

I downloaded the latest drivers for my laptop, but still no luck. Is there something special I should do to get the mini DisplayPort to send a video Signal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



Now to maybe stupid question, but where did you get the info that you can use two video output ports at the same time? What is this described in manuals s?

In front of me, I have Tecra A11 - 19 M and would like to know how to use it. as far as I know that a single external display can be used with this laptop.

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  • Tecra A11 no sound by mini Displayport

    Hello Guy,.
    I hope you can help me so solve my problem.
    I want to connect my Tecra A11 with a Logilink mini Displayport 2 HDMI adapter for my Toshiba Regza LCD.

    The video connection was quiet easy, but I'm not able to get the sound of the LCD screen.
    Is there a setting shit I forgot to put?

    I am frustrated, after 2 hours, only to find no way, especially as an IT Pro.

    I found 2 Audio device in Win7 x 64 Device Manager but nothing in the Windows sound settings.
    Audio Realtek... (external chip!)
    Intel HD Audio, I think that what comes from the CPU/GPU (Core i)

    I hope someone can helf solve me this problem.

    Thank you very much
    The Germany Asko


    As far as I know to choose the HDMI output as the primary device.
    You can do this in Control Panel-> sound-> playback.

    If you n t all devices listed in this category, then you should try right click and must have activated options called; Show hidden devices and show disabled devices.

    I hope this helps.

  • 32 envy: no sound on HP Envy 32 via mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable on Mac mini

    I recently bought a HP Envy 32 monitor and hooked it up to my Mac mini using a mini DisplayPort (i.e. Thunderbolt) DisplayPort cable. The video works fine @ 2560 x 1440, but I have no sound. The output sound in references to system preferences "the selected device has no output settings" for the 32 envy. The sound works fine when I use a HDMI cable, but then, the resolution is limited to 1080 p. The Mac mini is a mid 2011 model, which is able to transfer the audio via DisplayPort, SAA as far as I know. Any suggestion on how to solve this problem?

    Figured out how to get mini-displayport audio to work with the HP Monitor (I have a Macbook Air)

    In addition to choosing the HP monitor HP ENVY 32 audio in the PREFERENCES SYSTEM-> SOUND->-> OUTPUT

    An adjustment should also be made to the AUDIO and MIDI CONFIGURATION.  You can either do a search for it in the finder, or it is in APPLICATIONS-> UTILITIES-> setting up Audio and MIDI

    1. Open the app
    2. In the left menu, select DisplayPort
    3. Format of... Replace with 48000,0 Hz 2-channel 24-bit wide

    Once changed, you should be playing audio from your monitor.

    Good luck.

  • using the iMac 27 inch mid 2011 as an external monitor with a PC via mini DisplayPort

    I find conflicting information via web search to be able to use my iMac 27 inches, mid-2011 as an external monitor with a PC. Is it possible to use the iMac as an external display via the Display Mode target between Thunderbolt port of the iMac with a PC equipped with a mini DisplayPort?

    Of course, I hear it's possible with the appropriate cable. But if it is not possible, I would like to know for sure.

    Thanks in advance for your help with this. _henry

    Target display mode is Mac to Mac only. Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

  • Tecra M11-103 - mini displayport doesn't seem to work

    I posted a question, but it was published, and I think that I misunderstood.
    So I'll try to ask better now...

    I own a Tecra M11-103 it has both a vga port/bus (I'm not sure what to call it) and a mini displayport.
    Everything worked fine until, in the middle of watching TV (laptop was connected to the TV via hdmi adapter mini displayport has) something was wrong, and since then the port is not identified... the vga port works fine but the mini displayport simply ceased to recognize each time a cable is plugged...

    How can I reinstall the port itself?
    I tried to reinstall the display driver, but it did not help, I thought maybe reinstalling the chipset utility, but I don't know what this means and what is the danger...

    If my question is still not clear please help me go the more accurate information...
    Thank you

    Hi mate:
    Please do not always start new threads on the same topic.
    Please follow this first thread to avoid misunderstandings:

  • Re: Memory video Tecra A11 - 10 d

    Hi all

    I have a Tecra A11 - 10 d and in windows it show that my graphics card uses the 1200 MB of RAM as shared video memory. I didn't need as much memory for my graphics card, I think 256 MB is enough tacking into account that the onboard card has 64 MB of memory dedicated video.

    Now, on all computers, I know that in the bios, there is an option to set the RAM to the video card, but I don't see this option in the BIOS of my computer. I think / hope that an updated bios gives me this option. On the drivers download section I see a new BIOS, but I don't want to flash until I see the BIOS updated specifications.

    Can someone point me to such a document?
    Has anyone had this problem and resolved?

    Thank you


    as I know, the video card will automatically if capture the amount allocated portable RAM. I doubt that you can make adjustments yourself. In the Bios of the Pc desktop, you can do as there is an option for the allocation of memory video card. Reflash the bios will not help you.

  • Tecra A11 - problems of the more recent/video BIOS

    Hi all

    I just got a Toshiba Tecra A11 the other day which is out of warranty (Refurb). When I got the laptop there is a problem where the photo was displayed at 1024 x 768 and biased (in BIOS). Image 1-2cm off the screen to the left, with over the space of 5-6 cm black to the right of the picture, the low 2-3 cm of the image were also the bottom of the screen.

    I installed Ubuntu Studio initially and attempted to force the display to a wide screen resolution. I didn't have a chance, I also installed Win7, but still with the latest drivers, I had no chance.

    It was strange because the BIOS was displayed in the same way, so, naturally, I decided to upgrade to the latest version of the BIOS. The BIOS of the laptop is quite old (end of 2009).
    I downloaded the update to the BIOS of Toshiba web site and ran the update.

    The new BIOS has been installed and rebooted the machine.
    However there was no image displayed on the LCD screen, windows startup has done successfully, if I connect to an external monitor to the laptop I brush. When starting the laptop backlight LCD lights.

    My question is: what can I do to fix this? Is a tool of recovery or down to BIOS available? Is it possible to reflash the bios? What is recommended?

    Thank you.

    > The new BIOS has been installed and rebooted the machine.
    > However there was no image displayed on the LCD screen, windows startup has done successfully, if I connect to an external monitor to the laptop I brush. When starting the laptop backlight LCD lights.

    This means that everything is ok with the external monitor?
    You can access the BIOS by pressing F2 and you can set it to the default settings?

    Usually, you can switch between the external and internal view using the FN + F5 key combination. It work?

  • Tecra M11 - 120 Mini Displayport to HDMI

    Hey there...
    I received my new laptop and bought a HDMI adapter mini display port.
    On my television, I asked the connector, so I made to the map.
    I also introduced the option in windows 7, I would like to ampilfy my TV, screen went black.
    then I tried only to use television as the main screen, it worked only the solution of 800 x 640 pixels.

    Can you please tell me, what am I doing wrong? Mini Displayport is expected to be able to perform the Full HD 1080 p. And I only wanted to 1360 x 786.

    Welcome them

    >.. .She works perfectly with my pc monitor (LG), but not with my TV (MEDION), it could be something wrong with her as well.
    I agree with you. From this sentence we port the most important information about your laptop work properly. Why you don't have pic on your TV is another question.

    Check the settings of your TV. Perhaps something to be activated it.

  • Tecra A11 - how to turn on wireless via batch?

    Hello people,

    I have a Tecra A11-Notebooks here in our society. For our users, I am writing a batchscript that connects to our VPN:
    1. go to the wireless
    2. change the settings of the proxy
    3. connect the umts
    4. start Internet Explorer
    5. start vpn-software

    I finished all features are waiting for the function to activate the wireless.
    I think of flashcard-wireless. You can normally activate it with Fn + F8.
    I can imitate keys race, but not the key Fn because it won't send a keycode.

    Demand for memory cards middle is TCrdMain.exe, located in C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\FlashCards.
    Is there a way to activate wireless with a kind of TCrdMain.exe switch or another program exists to enable the wireless function?

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me questions.

    Kinf regards,

    Hi Peter,.

    There is no batch to enable FN keys. This is possible only with the FN + F8 key combination and Flash Cards Support utility.

    But why wireless must always be activated? The easiest way is if WLAN connection is always on me.
    Otherwise, I would have no problem pressing FN + F8. Isn t it ;)

  • Tecra A11 - less than 10 ips in Skyrim on

    I have a Tecra A11 i7 which came with a wiped HARD drive
    I installed win 7 pro and the drivers from the Toshiba site, including the pilot Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

    Even with all the settings set to low temperatures, vid Skyrim runs only less than 10 frames per second.
    I upgraded 4-8gig ram, but this did not help.
    The GPU is Intel, so I can't use Geforce experience.

    I have a Dell Vostro V131 i5 which takes place to better Skyrim.
    But the screen is smaller and i/o ports are 90% of dead, so I'd rather use the Toshiba.

    There are 4 "unknown devices" in Device Manager, but none of them look relevant.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you

    To be honest, I have no reasonable explanation because I don't have this video game and can not test it on my Tecra A11 - 19M.
    In my opinion this Tecra is typical business very bad for the games and the machine for office work.
    It does not offer good graphics performance and it is not the best for gaming.

    I use it for daily activities and games use different model Satellite P with nvidia GPU.

  • Satellite Pro S500 - Mini displayport are also audio?

    The mini displayport on the Satellite Pro S500 is also audio?


    Hey Buddy,

    That display the port do you mean exactly?

    Only display port that carries the audio is also the HDMI port.
    For all other ports display as VGA, DVI, S-video, etc. you need an extra cable for audio.

  • Spectrum of HP 4195nr: what is the version of the Mini Displayport in spectrum HP 4195nr?

    What is the Mini Displayport in spectrum HP 4195nr version?


    I'm glad that you were able to talk to someone.

    Yes, some of them don't transmit video and audio, but rather only video. Press release HP presents its most Premium and versatile PC says that it comes with version 1.2.

    I hope that helps!

  • Tecra A11 & Express Port Replicator II - USB problems


    I'm having a problem with a port replicator that I simple couldn't have resolved for months. I'll try to explain this as best I can.

    We have a Tecra A11, which seems to work fine running on Windows 7 Professional. When the Tecra A11 is pluged in an Express Port Replicator 2, not USB ports in the port replicator's work at all. Very good cell phone fees and the LAN switches on the replicator fine, but the USB ports simly does not work under any circumstances. It would also be interesting to note that the green light next to the "eject" button lights never really.

    I downloaded and installed the latest series driver for Windows 7 from the Toshiba support page which has no effect. We had 2 replacements for Toshiba because they also agreed that the previous, we had were not woring correctly, but this obviously was not the case because we still have the same problem with our 3rd unit. The Tecra A11 was sent back to Toshiba with case notes clearly describing the question, and he was sent to us "no fault found".

    Unfortunately, we don't have any other laptops to test on the port replicator. but I'm seriously suspect that the problem lies in the laptop, rather than the port replicator. For any idea or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards



    According to your message, you are not sure if the problem is related to the defective laptop Tecra or express port replicator.
    Hmm theoretically the problem might be related to defective express port replicator or Tecra.

    If found some information on the USB ports and the repliators port:

    + Make sure that the element of Legacy USB in the BIOS emulation is set to "Enabled". This feature only works for the keyboard and mouse. Also note that the keyboard and mouse must be connected before you start the computer. A USB mouse, keyboard or the floppy drive connected to the Port Replicator via any other connection that a hub of the first level, will not work until the operating system has started. +

    I also recommend to check the version of the BIOS; If the most recent BIOS is available, then you need to update this

  • Tecra A11 - 17V unable to connect to the WLan

    I have a Tecra A11 - 17V 15.6-inch and the problemis that i can´t get conection WiFi at home.
    With all of the other devices I come in my WLAN and the Tecra also in others, but not in mine.

    It is a WPA2-PSK AES and 128-bit encryption.

    This may be the cause?
    Best regards

    The wifi connetion couldn't work for different reasons.
    That is to say the Wlan standard could not be supported, or there might be a problem with the compatibility of encryption.

    You can perform a simple check.
    Disable the wireless encryption in your router settings and try to connect to the laptop to open Wlan (unsecured).

    Of course, this should be done just for testing purposes and the Wlan must be always well attached.

  • Tecra A11 - update Bios proposed - needed?

    Hi - I have just been offered a BIOS update for my Tecra A11 - 17N (Via Toshiba Service Station) - updated to v3.10 BIOS...

    Clicking on implementing up-to-date offers no details about what it contains fixes / improves - it is just said basically "install and the computer will restart several times.

    My Tecra works perfectly - no problems at all. Should I ignore it?


    In my opinion, the update of the BIOS is unnecessary if you have no problem with the laptop. It turns out that the update of the BIOS is always a sensitive technique and if it s not really necessary, I wouldn't

    I always took this advice; never change a running system ;)

Maybe you are looking for

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