The battery life on the A10

Had A10 nearly 2 years, now when you run it on battery I am lucky if it lasts 10 minutes before closing. Life icon battery said I expect IE in hours scheduled life. My just off A10 no matter what percentage is here.
What is a set-up/power management problem? A battery fault? What is a life averge of a battery?


Hi jester

In my opinion, there are many different opinions on this subject. I use my Tecra nearly two years without the battery and it is always very good. One of my friends uses Satellite P20 and removes battery while working at home.

You can remove it, but I think you also sometimes use the laptop just with battery power supply.

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    I've updated to watchOS3 yesterday. Tonight, my watch came into low power and then mode on the way, after my usual 15 hours a day.  Watch BONES 1 & 2, I've always had throughout the day.  Something must be disabled. But what.  No apps, etc. have been changed by my point of view.

    Hello 2008Convert,

    I understand that after updated your Apple Watch watch OS 3 the battery life seems to have dropped considerably. Fortunately, we have a page that details a number of useful tips such as settings that can affect the life of the battery and battery usage information.
    Maximize the life of the battery and battery life

    See you soon!

  • Apple Watch series 2 comes with the same battery life?

    ddoes Apple Watch series 2 come with the same autonomy and 18 hours without sleep tracker device?


    Yes - Apple Watch series 2 offers up to 18 hours of battery life.

    Follow-up sleep was not announced as a new built-in feature.

  • 9.3.3 iOS seems to hit the battery life

    On our iPads, battery life seems to have taken a severe blow after installing 9.3.3. For example, one was at 97 percent before bedtime and 3 percent the next morning with the "battery" showing that "home and lock screen" as the culprits. Is this common?

    No it's not. I suggest that you reset the unit by keeping the power and Home keys pressed until the Apple logo.


  • Short load cycles affect the battery life?

    Hello world

    2 weeks ago, I bought a car with Apple Carplay. Before, I was charging my iPhone 6 more at night, have it completely recharged when I wake.

    Then, since I plug it to my car to use Carplay everytime I go somewhere, the battery has multiple short consecutive charges along the day. I was wondering if this kind of accusations could affect my battery life in the wrong direction? Does my battery prematurely die compared to 'normal' load cycles every night

    Thanks for your replies.

    No, many short sessions of loading will not harm your battery. At the risk of anthropomorphism, lithium-ion batteries "prefer" kept topped up.

  • Satellite C650D-006 - how to maximize the battery life?

    I have just bought a laptop C650D/006 and I was wondering what is the best way to maximize the battery life. In other words, if I use it with the power cable plugged AC will be keeping the battery installed the result of all the time a decrease in the battery or it does not make a difference?

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    You can maximize the life of the dough if you always remove the battery if you n t necessary e.g. in the House where you can work with AC/DC adapter.
    In addition, the battery must always be fully charged and be invoiced if it s empty.

    Moreover, I found a very interesting article for you in the section fair questions:
    [How to get the most out of battery? |]

  • Satellite S50-B-12Z: battery life cycle Option does not appear in the eco utility

    Hello everyone.

    I am facing a strange problem. The eco utility allows to work ok with win 10 on my S50-B-12Z satellite and I used the eco charging battery I've run mainly my laptop plugged in.

    At some point, I need to do a system restore. I have re-installed the 10 victory and also the latest version of the eco utility downloaded from the Toshiba site. The problem is that when I open the utility eco, the choice of "battery life cycle", where you can select the eco reload or not, seems no more! So I find myself with the battery to 80% connected but does not support.

    I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the utility or install an earlier version of it.

    Is there something I could do in order the choice of "battery life cycle" to reappear or to cancel the State of charge of eco and leave my battery to charge again 100%?

    Thank you

    I have the same problem with my P50 - A satellite. Battery-life cycle does not appear in the new eco Win 10 utility installed. Version is: Older versions do not work, I tried also.

    More than 80% of maximum load, not 100% .

    I hope someone has a suggestion. To 80% battery life is too short

  • Satellite Pro C650 - maximize the battery life


    I want to maximize the battery from Toshiba. I read the user manual. Following the instructions of the PC hybernates when the battery is still 3%. I tried to change the critical-battery level, but it does not allow below 3%.

    What should I do to completely discharge the battery?

    Thanks in advance.



    Why you want to change the level of less than 3% battery? I think that s useless because need new lithium ion battery doesn t 0% of discharge in order to maximize the battery life.

    Just read this interesting article on the useful battery tips:

  • My iPod shuffle (one of the recent 4th gen ones) battery life is really short suddenly

    So I got my iPod Shuffle since mid August 2015 and, for some reason, the battery life actually only spent about 1 hour. It's never the same beforehand in January, but it seemed a bit more faster than the usual battery run (probably 5 hours or more) and in February, it dropped to about 2 hours. He went away for a while, when I used it less but recently after I have charged it and began to do something random (probably stimulation of things) it lasts barely an hour. What can I do to fix this?

    I have also completely load btw.

  • many applications perform the battery life of the iphone 6.

    Hello, I use iphone 6, I just want to know that if I use/install Apps from 30-40, this will affect my iPhone battery timing?

    I have recently install Apps 12-15, the battery is fine now, but if I install more apps in my iPhone, is it's going to make my iPhone battery Timing?

    Thank you

    The point is not in the number of installed applications. The key is how often and how long you use these applications.

    Here you will find some useful tips on how to make the life of your device's battery more long. They work for 8 and 9 IOS iOS.


    I hope this helps!

  • The battery life of L20 - 155

    yesterday, I bought this laptop. I loaded the battery during the first night. Now I can use it to a maximum of 50-60 min (even when WiFi is off). The manual says 1.5 hours.
    I have something wrong the first time that I have loaded?

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    Well, that's one about of specification of the duration of battery life.
    The life expectancy of the batteries depends on the use of the laptop.
    For example: to how often and how long you use the HDD, optical drive and floppy disk, how you use optical devices such as a Pc card, where you store your programs and data.
    Besides closing the screen when you are not using the keyboard saves energy. Also activate standby mode saves battery power if you frequently turn the computer market.

    Please also see the manual of the user which is preinstalled on your laptop. You will find lots of useful information on the use of the battery.

    Good bye

  • What is the battery life of a Satellite L30-113?

    I think to buy this laptop for £299.99 from
    However there is no mention of the battery life, and I really need to know what it is if I buy this laptop.

    I'll use for net surfing, msn and DVD :-)
    Thank you.


    I know the machine, but main autonomy depends on the battery capacity. As I know come in two sizes: 2000 mAh and 4000 mAh.

    If you use it just for surfing and etc, you will have a battery life of 2 hours with the 4000 mAh.
    But be careful: If you have several applications that run in the background or opened, your battery life might be shorter. (more charges system means shorter battery life)

    And finally and especially your battery life also depends on your powersaver settings, so you will need to find the configuration that fits for you (performance and battery life)

    Hope I could help you

    Welcome them

  • Equium L20-264: Question on the actual battery life

    Hi Forum: I know that I need PA3420U-1BRS battery as a replacement for my laptop. Can someone tell me what the real battery life is that I can't find any information on this.

    Thank you.


    It is not easy to say, and that it is not generally answer on this question.
    The life expectancy of the batteries depends on the use of portable computers. The use of programs and applications heavy and high performance decreases battery life.

    However, you can charge the battery about 500 times. After this period, the battery performance decreases.

  • Tecra M3: Question about the length of battery life

    I used to have a M2 which had a battery life of approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. Last January, I had a M3 and was surprised it was only 1:30 running just Word and a memory low music program. Closing of the screen and running the program of music made him until 1:45. I thought it was because he had a faster processor, etc., but two of my friends also had Toshibas and they thought it was a battery problem.
    So what is the battery life of the 1.83 GHZ M3 supposed to be?


    According to the description of the unit, the battery should run about 3 hours.
    But the battery working time depends on many different things, and this isn't a precise value. CA? s very important how you use Notepad, what programs are running, how old is the battery, how devices run is together, etca? ¦
    In this case generally Ca? s not easy to tell if the battery has a fault or not.

  • Experiences over seven years with the battery life in laptop computers Tecra

    Seven years ago, I bought a Tecra 780DVD, five years ago a Tecra 8100 and two years ago a Tecra S1. They re all still in regular use and I ve used now six packs of lithium ion batteries. My experience suggests that these four guidelines are worth observing:

    1. it is preferable to the hibernation and remove the battery if the laptop will be inactive for more than 2 or 3 days.
    2 operating time vary a lot between the samples of battery even with the same operating conditions.
    3 leave the charger plugged in with the full light on doesn't seem to hurt (despite some of the recommendations).
    4. better is not the first time, that it is unable to charge the battery of junk. The trick described below may reset the battery and get more useful life out of it.

    Tecras see the end of battery life by battery light flashes orange or stay off when you try to reload. Last week when I returned from vacation what happened the 780 (now the WiFi print server) and I felt like déjà vu because all 4 batteries (three on the 780) and the other on the 8100 that I ve had previously fail expired the same way they failed to charge after 7 to 14 days of hibernation with the battery left in. In my view, that it can hardly be a coincidence.

    I still had another 780 old farm and an old battery for 8100 that both failed about two years ago I did some tests. The batteries two 780 showed 10-11 volts on a voltmeter, but when I put them in the laptop and plugged in the charger, the led load always flashed. However, when I plugged the laptop battery already started the grid only, the hanging lamp orange and after an hour or two went green.

    I think this shock treatment can have done in battery electronics forget they were supposed to be dead. Anyway, I did with all three batteries and then ran to see how long d last. The results were:

    (1) the 780 battery failed last week (after 36 months used) can now run the laptop for an hour.
    (2) the 8100 battery (with the active service of 16 months, but 'believed dead' for two years) will now run for 10 minutes or more.
    (3) the 780 battery believed dead for two years (after 19 months used) appears to load but t does not work the laptop. Half of the battery ended up hot and half cold, so now I guess that it s really dead.

    Hoping others will compare notes, I've summarized below how long my battery packs lasted before they refused to pay more.

    Original battery: 30 months (discarded too soon. Might have gotten more if I had tried to trick reset).
    First replacement: 19 months (stored for two years, after which reset didn't work).
    Second alternative: 36 months (after reset now works for an hour).

    Tecra 8100:
    Original battery: 16 months (stored for 2 years. After reset now lasts 10 minutes).
    First replacement: 41 months and always well run.

    Tecra S1:
    Original battery: 29 months and always well run.

    All are genuine Toshiba and operating conditions are quite similar for all. Laptops tend to run 4-8 hours per day with the charger plugged and maybe half an hour on battery only. Sometimes we forget and the charger remains connected all night.

    I m now wish I d tried the trick of reset on all batteries as soon as they failed, but at least I seem to have rescued two batteries. Even a moment of execution as short as 10 min is useful on a laptop that s especially power sector. It protects against power failure and you can keep your battery in the fridge until you need it for a trip.

    David Tong
    Leeds, UK.

    Hello Johnson

    It seems that you are very big fan of Toshiba laptops :)
    Thanks a lot for this long case study and share this information with us.
    I'm sure that this info helps many users of the community.
    Our community needs more users like you. ;)

    Best regards

  • Sudden drop in the battery life

    Hello, I am a new owner of a Macbook Air.

    For the last couple months everything works fine and the battery on my laptop lasted for at least 10 hours, but last week, I noticed that the battery life is not as long. Now when the battery is fully charged, I have only 4 hours of power.

    I don't know why the change suddenly, since I did anything differently. Maybe I am doing something wrong without realizing. In any case, I would like to ask for some tips or ideas to help me solve this problem (if it can be resolved).

    I really appreciate your help!

    Apps can affect the performance of Mac, battery, temperature and fan activity - Apple Support

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