The case and the smart keyboard will work together on an iPad pro

The case and the smart keyboard will work together on an iPad pro


Hi there drew6216,

Looks like you're wanting to know if the Smart keyboard accessory is compatible with the iPad Pro. Do you mean this product?

Smart keyboard for iPad Pro

If so, then Yes, it was made for the iPad Pro. If I misunderstood the question can you please clarify for me a little?

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    The latest versions of Cloud programs should work correctly - FAQ on the Mac 10-11

  • I recently got an iPad Pro with the intelligent keyboard. Is there another case, that it can be used with the smart keyboard for more protection?

    Is there something else that can be used in conjunction with the smart keyboard from Apple for my iPad Pro?

    What about the back/rear of Apple/cover for iPad Pro? FNODE = 9 a.

  • Problems with the Smart keyboard (iPad 9.7 Pro)

    I recently bought the iPad Pro 9.7 inches, gray space, Wifi, 128 GB. IOS 9.3.1 of the operating system.

    A few questions that I met in my four days of using the iPad with the Smart keyboard:

    NOTE: the following problems persist despite a technical support call which lasted, I did 2 hours and 30 minutes. I had to restore my iPad settings by connecting to iTunes via my PC to reinstall the last iOS.

    (i) switching applications: if I want to pass, say, from safari to adobe, it is quite easy to do with the keyboard. However, there is an intermittent problem when the apps. When I try to open Adobe when I use safari, the screen of the iPad shows apps that are open as soon as I press the command and tab key.

    What is supposed to happen - I choose to open Adobe, Adobe opens.

    What happens to the contrary - Adobe does not open. Another "X" application that is currently running, opens. It is quite frustrating, because there is no pattern to this. If I use once more the keyboard shortcut to open Adobe, another application 'Y' which is running, open it now.

    In this case, I pointed out, often when the App Store is running.

    (II) command key: sometimes, shortly after I use the shortcut keys to turn on screen shortcut area (pop-up shortcut) - apps, this is supposed to happen if and only if you press and hold down the command key.

    This often happens when I switch to Safari.

    (III) keyboard not responding: a problem that I met today for the first time. My keyboard will not just respond. I had to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard for this function.

    (IV) on which the space key: to wake up the iPad, pressing the SPACEBAR is enough. You don't have to press the home button. Yet, sometimes the space key does not respond and you must use the home button.

    v) Quick app - keyboard shortcut crash switch function causes: if I want to switch from app to app 'X' 'Y', but mistakenly switch to 'Z' app, I immediately want to spend to 'Y '. However, I can't do this in quick succession. I have to wait a second or two before I can switch from 'Y' 'Z' app, otherwise the automatic switching app crashes and you have to wait once more for a second or two before moving on.

    My diagnosis:

    (I) it could be a problem with the smart connector on my iPad. A hardware problem. But it does not explain why the automatic switching app appears and passes correctly but eventually open the wrong applications. Also, it does not explain why the problem is intermittent.

    (II) a software problem. However, that would make me a face 5 questions at once. Sort of. I was surprised that, apart from the question of #3 and #4, there was almost no mention of other issues.

    To restart the iPad or to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. But I don't think that anyone would be willing to do this 4 - 5 times on a daily basis.


    So I used my keyboard all day yesterday without opening the App Store. And guess what? It has been working perfectly. All the above problems I mentioned were not available yesterday. I'll use the App Store today and let it run in the background to see how does my iPad.

  • SK2061: The wireless keyboard will not connect when the PC is turned on.

    My problem is, when I start the PC, (HPK-15 500, 319NA), wireless (SK2061) keyboard, does not connect. I have to shut down the PC so he can connect (no restart, you must stop it).  Have had the PC for 5 months and it has been published. Not changed the battery makes no difference.

    The internet statement States I shoud push the blue button until the USB receiver flashes. This PC does not have an external USB receiver, I guess it's built in! The mouse works OK.

    Hello @JimCar82,

    I read your post on how the wireless keyboard will not connect when the computer is turned on, and I'd be happy to help you in this case!

    Re-connect your keyboard to your desktop computer wireless, I advise you to follow the steps described in this document on the keyboard and wireless mouse troubleshooting. The USB receiver should be found at the back of the tower.

    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your response!


  • Using the smart keyboard, I get invalid characters in the standard IOS search box. How can I get the correct character to use?

    The intelligent keyboard on my iPad Pro works fine all the time except when I go to the search feature of iOS. As soon as I go ahead and start typing I'm extended character set characters rather than the face value of the keys I hit. Is there a setting that changes the character set used by the search feature with the Smart keyboard? On-screen keyboard works fine, but it's a nuisance by disconnecting the Smart keyboard everytime I want to search for.

    Thank you

    Steve Lewin

    What you get in the search box when you type asdfg?  Is - this ass∂ƒ?

    What language your OS and keyboard are set on?

  • How to trigger the dictation from the smart keyboard on the iPad pro.

    I use dictated on my iPhone and my iPad quite often.

    However on my new iPad Pro with the smart keyboard attached, I do not how to trigger the dictation from the keyboard.

    I don't see how to get the soft keyboard back to press the button of the microphone are there, such space suggested by some on this forum.

    This doesn't seem to work in the latest iOS Update 9.

    I would be fine with a hotkey, or have to invoke the keyboard of the shop, then press the button of the microphone, but I don't see how do either.

    When the Emoji button on the keyboard smart strike as the keyboard, the software keyboard emoji is displayed, the space but when I press the soft ABC capital but I cannot get to the regular keyboard with the microphone button.

    A possible alternative would be to use Siri to dictation trigger in recording a memo or another application, space but I didn't understand how to do this job either.

    Has anyone experience this problem and found a solution?

    Unfortunately I had to spend a good hour on the phone with technical support when they finally admit that it was an oversight by Apple.  I hope someone reads this post until they spend countless hours trying to understand something, but has no solution at the moment. Frustrated!

  • Why the AutoCorrect shuts off when I use the Smart keyboard on my iPad Pro?

    I just got my Smart keyboard, and it works well for me, but for the automatic correction.  I don't understand why it does not work when I use the Smart keyboard?  In settings, keyboard, I see that it is turned on.  I turned off and turned on, but no luck.

    It's boring and I'm now feeling that it has been intentionally disabled.

    Here's how it works on a keyboard regular blue tooth. We could guess that the AutoCorrect is there to help with the challenges of using the keyboard on the screen, which is not necessary on a standard keyboard.

  • Can I use touchscreen when connected to the Smart keyboard

    Is the touch screen on iPad Pro work when it is connected to the Smart keyboard

    Yes - touch screen is still active on an iPad or iPhone regardless of any keyboard, blue tooth or the smart connector connected. Similarly, the pencil of Apple not to turn off the touch screen when it is associated with.

  • The Smart Keyboard Pro IPad in Arabic (PC)

    I bought the smart keyboard for my iPad pro

    Although he supports Arab but with orders to the letter of the Arabic original Mac which I do not remember

    In setting/general/keyboard / / Arabic language, there is an option to change the order form of the letter keyboard "Arab" to "Arab (pc)" I'm accustomed to the virtual keyboard of the iPad, but it does not apply on the smart keyboard! Orders of the letter remains the same, whether in 'Arab' or 'Arab Pc' order of the letters.

    Please do me a favor and help me with an answer.

    Alsager2000 wrote:

    In setting/general/keyboard / / Arabic language, there is an option to change the order form of the letter keyboard "Arab" to "Arab (pc)" I'm accustomed to the virtual keyboard of the iPad, but it does not apply on the smart keyboard!

    So that it applies to the Smart keyboard, you must select PC Arab in settings/general/keyboard/hardware keyboards

  • The smart keyboard has backlit keys?

    I look at the keyboard options for iPad 9.7 "new Pro and I love the backlit keys on my MacBook Pro.

    Were not yet at the Apple store in my area.  Does anyone know if the Smart keyboard has backlit keys?

    Thank you!

    No, the keys are not backlit on the Apple keyboard.

    The keyboard made by Logitech for iPad 12,9 Pro is backlit. However, I don't know if they make a still for the 9.7.

  • What is the workaround for the Smart keyboard ESC key?

    What is the workaround for the Smart keyboard ESC key?

    For what purposes? In any application, or even the home screen, hold down the "Command" key to view the list of keyboard shortcuts that work specifically with this app.

    Thank you for using communities of support from Apple!


    iPad Keyboard Pro & Smart, iOS 9.2

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    As expected

    It is now time to close the thread, currently it is still this question is no answer.

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    Hi Mljohno,

    If you search for items 14, go into products from Adobe, click on 'Buy' in front of the name of the product and use the drop down menus to specify Mac or Windows full version or upgrade.



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    On the Smart keyboard, where is the return key back?

    Find a back button to the upper right.

Maybe you are looking for

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