The PCI-6132 analog inputs does not


I have problems to install a PCI-6132 card on one of my computers. I am runing Labview 7.1 and DAQmx 8.6. In MAX, I opened the unit and test panels. The counters are working fine however the analog inputs always give v - 10 (-5 If the a - 5 min) without noise. the same on each channel. I have not connected any termianls and expect to see the noise around zero volts. In addition, the card fails the error calibration auto-200545.

I took an another PCI-6132 of a system works in this computer and had the same problem. So I guess the problem is the configuration of the computer or software. I try to reinstall the DAQmx and labview and the problem has not been corrected.

Nick Wagner


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Tags: NI Hardware

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