The taskbar with practical shortcuts which used to be at the top of my desk has disappeared... How can I get it back?

OK so I used to have this kind of bar with all the custom at the top of my office, with really cool icons, shortcuts giving me quick access to my favorite sites, files, images, games, and all that...

I tried to get rid of one of the icons, but the thing just disappeared and I can't find information on how to get this back in the Help Center.

If anyone has the answer, it will be much appreicated, it drives me crazy! Thank you!


You could talk about your standard taskbar, but what I think is the "taskbar with practical shortcuts" is very probably the dell dock of your description. Alsodidn can't mention you what computer manufacturer you have either, (all the info by the way helps out talk to give volunteers a chance to answer your question, incidentally)- but I'm guessing it's a Dell. If you provide any information to your system or the volunteer program will have to either guess (extrapolate sounds better) or we ask you for information, so I'll just assume that because it's the most likely scenario.

Anyway, if you reference dell dock (which is installed by default on the top of your computer under a task bar on the top of the screen) and it disappeared - a couple of things you can try:

First of all. Press Ctrl + ESC on your keyboard, this shows the start/search bar. Type "dell dock", this will load the dell dock if installed. Right click and choose "Advanced settings". A couple of things to take a look from here:

1. change dock location button / and make sure "Autohide to edge" is not checked.

2. make sure that "run at startup" and "Lock anchor parameters" are checked.

If the program does not load when you type "dell dock" you can always re - install.   If you do not have a Dell computer and it sounds like a Dell dock question is also a possibility in this case. Let us know...

In any case of re - install, here's the installation page:

Here is some info on the versions of this software:

Alienware version:

(Alienware is also Dell)

Product manufacturer generic version and software:

Hope this helps,

Steve <> MIcrosoft Partner

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