Thunderbird works fine on a pc '64-bit' of ' windows 8 '.

I just want to know what questions I could meet with a 64-bit pc BEFORE I have to download & install Thunderbird.


Re: my pc Windows 8 cannot retrieve the "pop3" emails (that's why I plan to Thunderbird).

After you create the e-mail account in Thunderbird, if you still have an issue wih Pop3, please this post as a separate issue and someone will provide assistance.

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  • Once received and set of Opera Mail messages, import Thunderbird works fine, but no not record messages sent to the folder "sent", even if messages are sent

    I managed to import messages from Opera Mail. Initially, the sent mailbox did not show in Thunderbird. A fast-moving and new installation solved that, but Thunderbird does not save sent messages to the sent box, where imported Opera Mail messages are stored. Even if the messages are not saved, they are sent correctly. The attached picture shows the error message.

    Probably a name - confused if you store sent mailserver on he must have the right name. (subscribe)
    You can configure under choice of account / sending of copies and records (cards) pointing to the right local folder.

  • Update ff27. I have d/l supposed to go to the key, worked fine until update, now they go to windows default download folder, everything is always set to fl

    downloads are unaware of the setting options. has worked before update 27

    I was able to switch d/l Bishop in windows to ask every time, that seems to work

  • I have a new computer with Windows XPpro. Works fine, EXCEPT that I can't find Windows Explorer. Can you tell me what I can do?

    Oops.  I think I gave the details contained in the line "Title".

    Here you will find Windows Explorer:

    Click Start, go to all programs, and then Accessories folder - you can click on Windows Explorer.

    Or, click Start, then click my computer to open Windows Explorer.

  • How to install Silverlight 32 bit in Windows 7?

    Original title: 32 bit Win 7 reports such as 64-bit

    I have an old 32-bit that was running XP.  Due to the end of LIFE, I have installed Windows 7 Enterprise. A ran professional DriverGenius to replace pilots (Powerspec does not support a v220 more, it seems). And then installed all the stuff from Adobe updates, Java, Microsoft, Firefox, Chrome. Everything seemed fine, but I need Silverlight. It is automatically uploaded to a 64-bit version, but refused to install because it was not 32-bit. System icon now reports the system in 32-bit. It is not.

    He broke. How can I fix it?

    I should have mentioned earlier, the reason that has not installed Silverlight, it's that I had installed IE 10. When I rebuilt, I installed IE 9 and Silverlight is now installed and works very well.

    I finally found the system information (directions are not quite right), and everything said 64.

    I still think I ran 32-bit XP for the last 5 years. I know that the Win7 disc is marked for 32-bit.

    But it has been updated and works fine now as a 64-bit system.

    As for the diplomacy of my teaching, it's more having been in IT support (probably around the time that your parents were in high school).

    Thank you all for your help and your quick response.

  • Intermittent USB mouse freeze on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Tested with several mice that work fine on other computers.

    I am having a frustrating problem where my Wired Optical mouse appears to 'freeze' for 10 seconds on my machine Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Meanwhile, everything else on the computer works fine, including the keyboard (connected through PS2). The mouse does not seem to lose power because down the red LED stays on. At the end of the freeze period, I hear the sound of Windows to disconnect USB, but there is no error or windows pop-up ads of any kind on the screen.

    Some more info about the configuration:

    * Core i7 950 processor
    * 12 GB of RAM
    * Radeon HD4950 video card (or almost)
    * The main SSD drive
    * 2 external powered USB drives, 1 powered MIDI keyboard, 1 USB dongle
    * Windows experience score 7.3

    I tried things that did not work:

    • Turn off all the power management, including the management of power supply for USB, USB hubs-> suspend to win power, etc.
    • Permutation of mouse. The problem came with three different mouse from different manufacturers.
    • Try the mouse on different computers of W7 Pro. Confirmed that the mice are not the problem.
    • Disconnected all other USB devices except the mouse. Problem persists.
    • Uninstalled all the drivers for the mouse and use MS default drivers.
    • Installed the software Microsoft mouse & keyboard center.
    • Installed the software from the manufacturer (ie. logitech) specific mouse driver.
    • Tried every USB port, the front and back, on my computer, including USB3 vs USB2.
    • Scanned for malware (using Malwarebytes)
    • Search for viruses (using Nod32)

    I must point out that NO other devices are having problems on this computer. My external hard drives all work perfectly. My printer when I plug it, works great, like my USB dongle. My MIDI keyboard never loses connection. Even when I have my phone connected Android, which normally creates a huge noise if I unplug it, never disconnects even for a second. It is therefore clearly a kind of mouse problem.

    The problem seems to occur regardless of what I do, although it seems MORE common if I use actually the mouse. If I'm just typing (as I am now) it seems not really to happen. On the other hand, sometimes hours go with no problem and other time it happens literally every few seconds.

    Remove the check to "improve the accuracy of the printer" logic. I had two computers windows 7 x 64 that gives me the same problem. When I tried a wireless mouse, the problem disappeared. they do not use the windows controls.

  • OfficeJet 8500 more scanner not found, the printer works fine. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    I had to remove the drivers and the software once.  I have re-installed, but now the printer works fine and when I try to run a scan of the computer or the printer they don't know each other and I can't scan.

    It fixed...  I had asked a computer specialist to look at and he cheated by creating IP port and tell the PC to print via the port.  Although the sweep of the network was suspended on that port.  Installed the printer via a USB cable and then removed from the printer and reomved first which stood on the IP port.  Once it is I installed the printer again and scan network found the printer immediately and went big.

  • My computer works fine with 64 bit Vista, but a large part of my software does not work. Can I go back to 34-bit without having to clear everything and start over?

    I found that Vista 64 bit works well on my computer, but many software packages that I wish to continue to use will not work on the 64-bit version.  Is there a form any upward migration of 64 bit to 32 bit, which would not require destroying my entire system and starting over?  I really want to do that because I spent the last 2 months, getting 64-bit set so that it accepts all of my hardware.  Except for an upward migration, what about the possibility of a dual boot between 64 and 32?

    The game, October 7, 2010 19:47:32 + 0000, smoqui wrote:

    I found that Vista 64 bit works well on my computer, but many software packages that I wish to continue to use will not work on the 64-bit version.

    Which? It's rare.

    Is there a form any upward migration of 64 bit to 32 bit, which would not require destroying my entire system and starting over?  I really want to do that because I spent the last 2 months, getting 64-bit set so that it accepts all of my hardware.

    If you have a 64-bit version of Windows installation and you want to
    to go to a 32-bit installation of any version of Windows, no. One
    upgrade or downgrade is not possible. The only way to change the
    'number of bits' of Windows using a clean installation.

    Except for an upward migration, what about the possibility of a dual boot between 64 and 32?

    Sure. You can certainly do.

    Ken Blake (MS-MVP)

  • HP desk jet 5440 works fine, but does not appear under programs, System 64-bit windows 7

    5440 HP Office Jet works great on win 7 64 bit system except, that the device does not appear under: Add Remove Programs, and from the start menu. How ever id appears under the motto and printers. Need to know how to get the bequest to reappear under programs, menu add/delete and start.



    Yes, it should be under devices and printers. IF you have other utilities (not) installed, you will get two different points.

    Kind regards

  • Yesterday, I could send and receive emails, today I can't. Webmail works fine. Help!

    I checked with my ISP. All settings OK and I can send and receive e-mails on the webmail and a windows mail IMAP account OK. ISP tech support said the problem is certainly in Thunderbird. Beginning yesterday it worked fine, but the night last and this morning I can't send or receive e-mails. I have not modified parameters.

    Check your firewall and make sure Thunderbird is not blocked. Sometimes an upgrade to a new version will appear in the firewall as a new program and it blocks.

    The webmail and client e-mail use server completely different so all it proves is that you know your user name and password.

    With regard to the correct settings, confirmed by the help desk, my more personal experience of the help desk cannot be a correct configuration if she got hit in the face. You can post your info troubleshooting here and maybe someone will be able to spot a problem. The title of the Help menu is troubleshooting Info. Then clear the check box to include personal information. Click on copy to C! ipboard then that stick to a window of response here.

    Given that you can't send or receive the prime suspect is the firewall.

  • Videos on youtube are restless and skippy, this only happens on firefox, other browsers work fine...

    I started my computer this morning and everything seemed normal, again I am on youtube, each video, I tried to watch would not play correctly, even if yesterday things were very good, and I never had this problem before...
    I had not been updated, installed or otherwise changed anything between two days and everything works fine...
    Whenever I start a video sound has chopped and dumpsters/GAL since it does not follow... It's hard to describe... A bit like if you listen to a CD with a lot of scratches...
    Initially, I assumed it was a problem of Flash Player... But after the update of Flash Player and Firefox to the latest versions, the problem persists...
    Now, I guess it's a Firefox problem, because I tried to watch the videos in other browsers, and they play very well...
    I have no idea what is the cause... And I would appreciate your help or you could give me solutions...
    I'm not that big of a computer expert, so please forgive me for nothing seemingly obvious, I could have forgotten...
    Thanks in advance...

    I know it's old, but one thing that try to solve this problem, I noticed a few months. YouTube is automatically to have some users using some browsers use HTML5 video.

    Next time you get this video chopped, right click and click "on HTML5.

    He will tell you that youtube has you automatically entered in their beta version and to withdraw, you click on the link at the bottom to stop seeing the HTML5 videos.

    I hope that helps you, it helped me.

  • Flash works fine in firefox 14 but I can't update

    Firefox could only have this problem. My operating system is windows xp pro 32-bit computer Sp. I upgraded from 12 Firefox Firefox 14 Friday and everything worked fine. No problem, however the next day, I saw that the flash was updated from version 11.3.300.265 to11.3.300.268. The opera and internet Explorer update to the new version. 14 Firefox is not. I check messages, Google, forums, nothing. So I downloaded flash again and still no change in Firefox. Still using the old version of flash. Now the new flash works fine in Firefox, the question is why it refresh.? So I tried to update the plugin myself nothing, became: config and enabled the plugin container and tried other things that did not work. I don't understand. I'm OK with Firefox 14 but not if I have to use an older version of flash, and I'm on the edge when I am forced to upgrade my browser and it works very well. Here is a link on the adobe forums that a guy has the same problem six days ago. see that they have in the forum believe it is a Firefox will not deliver a flash program.

    I'm using google chrome because i don't want to use an older version of flash. I knew it was too good to be true. If i can get it fixed it's still the second best browser in my mind. If I can't then i need to change. THANKS.

    If you have the 265 and the 268 in the folder, delete the 265 by hand. It is possible that some Flash media plays so the Adobe installer did not cleaning itself. I cross my fingers.

  • HP Pavilion g6 (B1X18EA #ABH): switch to Internet does not work after update of 10 64-bit Windows

    Today I updated my laptop Windows 7 to Windows Home 64 bit OS 10. Everything seems to work fine, except the WIFI. Windows can't find my card, but don't wake him. My button built-in wifi (f12) got a red light on the subject, even when I pressed it. I tried the buttons Windows 8 wireless driver, but I does not solve my problem. With this driver installed the button turn the power Modeavion. Not between WIFI. Also the wifi settings WIFi will go off. When I try to turn it on, it turn on directly to 'off '. Internet connection cable works flawless.

    I gues it's a driver problem, so I was wondering if there is a next pilot? Or is there another way to turn it on.

    Please help me. It is very annoying.

    I've read som other forums and I came tot a solution:
    1. install Windows 8 button wireless driver
    2. perform a hard reset
    3. reboot the system
    4 boot BIOS tot, load default values
    5. the wifi button works.

  • Has anyone with XP, svc pk 3 downloaded new updates to the Java plugin and if so, is FF works fine afterwards?

    No matter who else I wondered about this? Someone else with w/32-bit XP, downloaded the new update Java in plugins and you're running OK?

    I want to update my Java plugin, but wait and see if others with XP, 32 bit have updated and how it works for them.

    Thank you!

    Works fine for me. See this:

  • How do Tempro works fine?

    I have Tempro version 3.3 on Windows7 64 bit with Satellite L850.
    The Tempro is only able to display alerts, but clicking on the details of the alert button results in a redirection to a URL has no any information or downloads related to the alert. Indeed, it redirects to a homepage:

    I do not know how tempro works fine? and how to make the links to resources works fine?


    Different versions of Tempro were released for Win Vista, Win 7, but also win 8

    This is a link to the official website of Tempro:

    Details and further assistance concerning Tempro tool can be found here:

    But to be honest, I would recommend using the Toshiba service station.
    This Toshiba tool is similar to Tempro, and it provides you with all the information about the new Toshiba Software and update tools and Notepad.

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