ToolTips ceases to display after updating to firefox 11/12

I'm on Ubuntu 11/12 and tooltips no longer works after that I updated to v11 or v12 of FF. I checked on various websites and ToolTips have stopped working. I checked about: config and it is.

My extensions are: WOT; Tor-button; Flashblock; Ghostery; ABP; DNTP; HTTPS everywhere


It's a problem to Add on, I'll try to see that it is thanks

Edit: torbutton was the problem; TorButton disabled resolved, thanks again!

Edit 2: FYI she also set by dragging the problem tabs, where I couldn't move / drag the tabs to re - organize / do new windows/join to other FF Windows. Solved more than a problem with this = D

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    Thank you for your help

  • "Secure connection failed" after update to firefox 39

    After update to firefox version 39 I am unable to pay the bill online, purchases invoices etc and received this message "secure connection failed".

    An error occurred during a connection to SSL has received a low ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in the handshake message exchange the server key. (Error code: ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key)

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    Report this error.
    Please help me how to solve this problem. Thank you.

    This indicates that the site is by default an obsolete encryption encryption algorithm that is vulnerable to the attack of 'Blocking' which was in the news earlier this year.

    You can turn off these old present in Firefox to try to force the site to his game. Here's how:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste dhe and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha to true to false (disable Firefox to use this encryption)

    (4) double click on the security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_256_sha preference from true to false (disable Firefox to use this encryption)

    Then try your payment site. Any improvement?

  • After updating to Firefox 15 it crashes at the end of a javascript call window.close (); opener.alert ('test'); Does work as expected or is this a bug?

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  • bookmarks bar is empty after updating to firefox 5

    After updating to firefox 5.

    Favorites bar is empty (that is, it shows no bookmarks).

    I CAN access the bookmarks by clicking Show all bookmarks.

    Make sure you always have the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" on the personal bar

    If the menu bar is hidden, then press F10, or press and hold the ALT key, which should make the "menu bar" appear

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible: "view > toolbars".

    • Check in "view > toolbars > customize" "Bookmarks Toolbar items" are on the personal bar
    • If the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" is not on the bookmarks toolbar, then FRY it in the toolbar palette in the window the bookmarks toolbar Customize
    • If you do not see the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" or other items which do not appear in the palette of the toolbar or a toolbar, then click on the button "Restore Default Set"
  • After update to Firefox 32.0.3 print dialog box will not apear in Win7Pro/XP after awhile, but a restart of Firefox will allow him to appear again...

    After update automatically to 32.0.3 Thursday last Monday on the computers of all of our employees and boss both Win7 pro and XP pro, we saw Firefox sessions that will not bring the print dialog box. The print preview dialog box will return but no button print or print menu to display the print dialog box. After you close Firefox and reopen the print dialog box works again for some time. Web sites that use boss and staff during a session are different and appear to be the cause. Firefox settings are at fault because simply restart of Firefox just solves the problem and no other web browsers or application has any problem with the display of the dialog box print at any time. Again, that has started on all computers as soon as 32.0.3 was automatically installed during the night.

    Thanks Guigs2,

    Our users done restaring Firefox so I couldn't get this info.
    Now, it seems that the issue may have been corrected in v33.

  • Can the "first run after update of Firefox" (aka. "What's New" and "Add-on compatibility check") be disabled?

    We intend to deploy an update to Firefox on our campus. The question I have is this: after the update, the "compatibility of the add-on Checker" appears, then the 'What's new' page appears during the first boot after the update. In this case: we use Deep Freeze to prevent kids to do any mischief based on software on the machines. But if we push the update at night, during maintenance windows, they will be frozen in the pre-first-time-run mode. So, whenever a student starts the PC after that, they will get the popup of compatibility both the "What's new" page

    Is there a way I can disable that during the upgrade, so that students will not have to click on these 2 points away? I would like for Firefox just silently disable incompatible modules and do not display the page "news". I found ways to do it, but they involve editing omni.jar and others. I'd rather have a formal, documented way to do this.

    Thank you!!

    Well, eventually nothing worked, except all the settings I wanted to put in part of mozilla.cfg. When I added your suggestion, and one I found on the web to disable add-on compatibility check, I finally have a Firefox that loads directly to the homepage, even after the upgrade.

    Here's what my mozilla.cfg file contains (to 6.0.2):

    // Disable any auto-updates.
    lockPref("app.update.enabled", false);
    lockPref("extensions.update.enabled", false);
    lockPref("", false);
    lockPref("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", "ignore");
    lockPref("extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0", false);

    Of course, I must make the byteshift-13 at it, but copy the Core\ file and the file firefox.js to Core\Defaults\Pref\ the round is played.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Can't see the imdb videos after updating to firefox 39.0

    After updating firefox 39, I can't see videos online in some websites like imdb,, etc. Only works on youtube.
    I disabled Adblock and noscript, but continue the error.

    It's embarrassing, I just restart computer and all start work very well, I didn't remember the last time I have shut down or restart my pc, so it's all...

  • How can I recover my lost after updating to Firefox v33 tabs?

    Problem: After updated to v33, I am unable to restore my lost tabs and GROUP the tabs in my previous session, which was last night at 23:38 UTC

    Here are the steps I took:

    (1) history > restore previous session is grayed out.

    (2) I checked to make sure that I had configured session restore by going to Options > general Panel > when Firefox starts: show my windows and tabs from last time.

    (3) I clicked on Firefox > properties > Previous Versions. But since I have never set up any kind of restore configuration, there is no earlier versions available.

    (4) I tried to search the sessionstore.js file in my profile folder and replace it with my sessionstore.bak file because this file date has changed to 14/10/2014 18:38. However, I can't find the session.js file and the files only related to sessionstore I see are: session.rdf, sessionCheckpoints.json, sessionstore.bak, sessionstore.bak - 20140923175406.

    Help, please! I had a lot of tabs. I don't want to go to history to find my tabs one by one, because I also had groups of tabs that I didn't open in a month or more and each group of tabs have several tabs in them also.

    First of all, very important, please make a backup of all files that begin with sessionstore in a safe place, such as your Documents folder.

    If the .js extension does not appear on your file sessionstore.js (the session.js file), you can stop hiding file extensions windows, at least temporarily. See:

    If sessionstore.js is completely absent, it's very strange. In this case, I suggest to leave Firefox and then rename sessionstore.js sessionstore.bak to see if Firefox can read this file when it starts again.

    There are a few techniques to extract the URL of sessionstore.* files which can be useful if sessionstore.bak is not useful.

  • the 'TV5 dictionary toolbar' extension does not work after updates of Firefox

    The French TV5Monde has a great toolbar called "the free dictionary of TV5Monde. After each update of Firefox, the toolbar disappears or doesn't work anymore. In this case, the "page not available" message. It's completely absurd, by going directly on the site of TV5Monde done dictionary appear in the dictionary.

    Thank you riegey for my problem. I have no other toolbar, so I couldn't adopt your way to solve. Nevertheless, I am happy that the problem has disappeared. I wrote to the French TV5 dictionary producer and asked them for a solution. I can't say if it was resolved, have not heard from them yet, but the toolbar works again as before the update of Mozilla. If the problem occurs again in the future, I'll take leave of Mozilla.

    Jean Medano

  • Cannot connect to AT & T after updating to Firefox 14.01. Chrome OK

    After updating Firefox to 13.01 14.01, I can't access my AT & T account. The newspaper into a web page loads normally, but when I fill in the fields name and password and enter, he returned to the home page, no error message, empty fields.
    13.01 worked as it should and so chrome.

    Hope you can help me with this!


    This can be caused by corrupted cookies.

  • NoScript v2.4.6 icon missing after updating to firefox v13.0.1

    I can access is no longer the NoScript icon after the last update of firefox, so I can't activate JavaScript when held by a web page. Is there a fix or is this a bug?

    You can take it again, see controls customize Firefox, buttons and toolbars section for more information!

  • Do I have to re - install my modules manually after updating to Firefox?

    Hi, I've recently upgraded to Firefox 39 (I still have to upgrade as soon as updates are available). However, as a result of the update all my modules disappeared. There is a folder on my desktop called old data Firefox which I assume, contains details of the previous installation, including Add-ons. Is it possible to automatically restore add-ons, or do I have to manually download and re - install? I understand that some of the Add-ons is perhaps not compatible with the current version of Firefox, but some of them will be always compatible.

    When you update to Firefox, it automatically checks your modules and updates compatible versions where possible. If an add-on cannot be updated and is no longer compatible, Firefox it turns off.

  • After updating to Firefox 26.0: link/window no longer opens


    I use an online email account, and after update to 26.0 FF, links to open new windows in my email software no longer work. The links in any e-mail program are organized as:

    It still works in Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for help


    Sorry for my late reply

    Now you must find the addons that causes this problem.

  • Advanced settings: Update tab displays any updates to Firefox options

    The update in the Advanced Settings tab only shows the text "update automatically:' and a checkbox for 'Search engine'." It shows all the options concerning the updates of Firefox.

    I realized that, because Firefox would not be automatic update as usual, and I was looking for a way to do it manually. I finished it doint with the apt - get command on a terminal.

    Hello, in ubuntu firefox updates are fully managed by the operating system package manager (so there is no options to update the program itself in firefox).

Maybe you are looking for