Transparent background

I designed a T-shirt a T-shirt and I have a problam with the background of the image.

the design looks like with transparent background

Obviously, I need the blue parts to be the exact same color as the shirt I'm going to print on, and it will not always blue.

so I need to find a way of to get rid of the blue pieces and make them transparent, but I also need to keep this good transition between the pink part for the transparent parts.

No idea how I can do?

Select > color range that can help you to choose the blue without being too harsh when it goes into other colors.

Quick way to do it:

  • Select > color range. Choose a higher blur and don't forget to add to the sample. (Looks like a pipette with a sign +.) Click on the blue on your document.
  • Invert the selection using Ctrl/Cmd + SHIFT + I. (It's an 'I' as in, "India".)
  • Click the layer mask in the layers panel.

It might take some time, experimentation and patience to get it right but it should work.

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  • How to export in Quicktime with a transparent background?

    I export my Keynote animation as a Quicktime movie, I want to import into photoshop and then export and animated GIF that I will put on a web page. The challenge that I have exported my speech with a transparent background. I set the background of a color with zero transparency but then the bottom just goes black and rest throughout the process. I look at older versions of Keynote had the possibility of transparency when exporting to Quicktime, so I hope, there is always a way!

    Thank you!

    To create a video with an alpha channel:

    On the model of slides: View > slide Maser Edit > Inspector > Format > master layout > in the background, select: no fill

    Export Quicktime: file > export Quicktime > in the drop-down menu select Format; custom > and select Apple Pro Res 444

  • How can I import an image with transparent background .png in the Vision Assistant?


    I am using the Vision Assistant of NOR. Here, I want to overlay one existing image with another. Therefore, I use the overlay Installer where can I import a .png image. If I do, I don't get

    the transparent background of the back of the image, even, I was saved with a transparent background. The image is displayed with an orange background.

    If I import the same image to any front panel for example, I see the picture on the right path with a transparent background. What I've done wrong? I have attached the image I want to use.

    Thank you

    Hello! Don't know how to do this in the Vision Assistant. Try to use the overlay (bitmap) or convert your image into mask. Effect of transparency not supported in the Vision. What you can do in LabVIEW is something like this:

  • flattened draw without border and transparent background pixmap

    Dear members of the Forum,

    I am completely new to LabVIEW and use especially for graphic animations.  I want to build a multimedia graphic where parts are dynamic (i.e. they change from red to green to indicate stopped execution of State respectively).  Some graphics that I found that is a tank with level controls and I intend to use these but I need to draw my own graphics and make them animated.  Most will be two binary States (i.e. red green) simple changes.

    I found the ' flattened draw' and have used it to make a simple graphical change of two States (see attached vi).  The problem I have is that I don't want the border to be shown in the graphic image and I want to make the background transparent.  I've saved the file .jpg with transparent backgrounds but they come out with a white background.

    Can anyone provide some simple explanations and advice please.



    Use the tool Palette. Go to the color tool. Click on the squares of color in the palette, and then assign the Foregraound and the background of transparent colors (white box with T top left when the color window is visible). Click the tool both on substance and on the border. Sometimes you may need to try several times on the border ge the exact position for the click.

    Note that this makes it difficult to find the control, so make sure it's in the position you want and as you like before you make it transparent size.


  • Transparent background of the window?

    Is it possible to put a transparent background of the façade, but were still non-transparant indicators appear? (so it looks like indicators that float on the screen?)

    Thank you in advance, I hope it's possible, that have yet to do


    If you are using Windows, you can use the Windows API to do. See How to make transparent so that some still visible control front panel?

  • Loading image with a real transparent background?

    I am wanting to use an image on a background printing loadin.  All the .gif of loading files that I can find are not a real transparent background, but have a bit of color that looks really bad on a transparent bg.

    WebWorks provides native loading any image or does anyone have a solution to this?

    Oh, my mistake. But what is the problem when you use them in a background of template?

    What about CSS3 transformations to create an animation of loading/spinner? See this example or try searching "transformation CSS3 Animation":

  • Transparent background for Bitmap image

    I am trying to create a Bitmap that has a transparent background. My current code is:

    arrowL = new Bitmap(dem.width, dem.height);
    Graphics g = Graphics.create(arrowL);
    //Transparent background drawing
    g.fillRect(0, 0, dem.width, dem.height);
    //drawing code

    This does not work as expected. Is it possible to make the background transparent?


    Try with this.

    int width = dem.width;
            int height = dem.height;
            int dataTransparent[] = new int[width * height];
            Bitmap arrowL = new Bitmap(width, height);
            arrowL.setARGB(dataTransparent, 0, width, 0, 0, width, height);



  • Transparent background on video watermark

    Support team good day!

    I have this problem:

    I am recording video watermark, with a transparent background, use more videos, I'm editing on the iPad. Adobe first Clip has the watermark feature, but I find failed to save the video file (initially .mov) in the proper format so that CC and Clip, to be interpreted as a clear background.

    This action is possible, and how should I go to work to achieve this?

    I posted the same question in the thread below, as I was looking for similar question already asked the nearest:

    Re: transparent background becomes white on save. Any ideas? Trying to create a watermark for copyrite layer image

    Hi Meri,

    Leave your post, looks like you are wanting to create a .png sequence or alpha .mov file. Is this correct? The watermark in the first Clip feature only supports an image fixed .png.

    Let me know what you are hoping to create and I will try to provide the best workflow. If you have examples you can share which would be very useful!

    Thank you

    Peter Garaway

  • How to create a transparent background

    Hello guys,.

    I want to create transparent image or background, could you please help me how to create a transparent background image my Web site name is Digi Shiksha I want to post pictures on facebook for this I want to create a transparent image if you know tell me how to create a transparent image?

    You will also need to save in a format that supports transparency - as PNG. JPEG does not work.


  • Problems with transparent background images


    I have a transparent background (in PNG format) image and when I import it in first, is displayed with a black background. How to solve this problem? Could you help me, please?

    Transparency in the dark shows.

    Put an image under the image in the timeline to check if they have really no transparency.

  • Save in TIFF or PNG with transparent background

    PS cc (2015.5.0) create an image with multiple layers, all with transparent when I try to save as TIFF or PNG so I can move to the WEB Site, the file does not keep the background transparent. How can I solve this.

    For the WEB using the PNG.

    If all your layers are transparent,

    Save the png file, and then reopen the file in photoshop to check if it is registered with transparent background.

  • Dye layer transparent background

    Hi guys,.

    I created a file Illustator for a company brochure. Now I question have a PSD file with transparent background. In this transparent area behind the file layer is now


    I really have no idea what to do... tried pathfinder - upgrade... changed format psd-> png of the RGP-> CMYK and return... changed layer...

    This phenomenon just appers in the file final PDF... in his own Illustrater and if I export the ore of png JPG all right...

    Pleas HELP

    See you soon


    Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-22 um 09.53.53.png

    This happens when you are working without proper color management and PDF conversion honors profiles of the source of the embedded graphics. You must establish a good CM or remove all color profiles. Also of course check your transparency. It may not be black clean, after all.


  • How do I preserve my transparent background in the export of EI at first?


    I'm working on an iMac (21.5 inch, mid-2014, OSX Yosemite, 10.10.5, 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 graphics card Intel HD 5000 1536 MB with Adobe full CC, after effects CC 2015.2 version, Version

    I am working on a project in Premiere Pro and brought a small clip of animation I created with green screen.  I got the key in AfterEffects, and everything is as I hear it - the face of a man on a transparent background, spill suppressor applied.   It looks great.

    Now, I am trying to export this picture to PremierePro to be inserted in the sequence, but it's turning black transparent background, which I can't delete.

    QUESTION: How do I preserve my transparent background in the export of EI at first?

    Thank you!


    [Left the lounge general Forum, troubled for a specific product - Mod support forum]

    Answered my own question.  As usual, the answers are found via a Google search with a specific question.  There are these people very WELL over there people showing the way.

    I entered in the header of this question,

    How do I preserve my transparent background in the export of EI at first?

    Got several tutorials.  It's all answered here by wilt to Nick: How to export A video with A Transparent Background in After Effects - YouTube

    Thanks, Nick!

  • No transparency background in the artboard Mode PS 2015.5.0


    Since the last update, I found a very strange bug. When you create a new document with transparent background, everything seems to work fine. The document is created with a transparent background. However, if I turn this document into one (or more) artboard (s) the background becomes white. There is no layer in the layers panel. If I place any object in the work plan and the export in PNG transparent, it will show the white background in the exported file.

    I work for several years now with Photoshop and I don't think it's a fault on my end, as it seems to happen only after the update. If I'm missing something please let me know.

    This makes basically useless for me at this stage PS because I work a lot with transparent graphics for the web.

    See you soon,.


    We discuss making it the default transparent when we passed the basic model plan of work. He was well regarded as reasons to make the default white background opened in 2015.5:

    (1) we wanted to preserve the visual experience of existing documents. Imagine that you did you worry about the backgrounds and then opens your document after the upgrade and all your different work plans.

    (2) all of the users who work with transparent backgrounds is small compared to those who use the default background (white).

    The change of model led us to make a choice when you upgrade to the new version of the document. We chose (1).

    Unfortunately for you, your workflow is defined in (2). Fortunately, it's easy to fix. If you have not discovered it, you can select all your artboards in your document and change them all to transparent at the same time. You don't have to go one by one.

    You make a good point that maybe we could have missed the transparent work plans if the document has a transparent background. Unfortunately, this calculation is not as easy as you might think to do things. It would have taken time away from other work, and it would have introduced a level of unpredictability when opening existing documents (Board graphics settings default to white, except if the current context is transparent, if there is an existing context, etc. etc..).

    It was a judgment call.

  • How to build a rocket with a transparent background

    So I recently built a black stray light on bottom of a solid layer. There a lot of any apparent layers and pick whipped to the lens flare layer. It pulses, opacities and changes positions, she does all kinds of really cool stuff. I have a major problem, it is locked in the composition strong creation that it is a rectangular shape when they are imported into any composition. He draws up his ugly face when you try to use it by the edge top and bottom of the flare had fallen from top and bottom horizontal line of the rectangle. «I can't size the flare itself inside the composition, when you try to reduce the size of the rectangular shape of the solid is what changes.»

    I changed the blending mode to SCREEN and ADD. I tried out of key with the key light that both were adequate.

    Demand for this torch should be considerably smaller for animate around the edge of another animated object. Where the need for the flare to be as independent as a key on a blue screen that can be added to any composition.

    I searched the tutorials of AE and nothing that comes close tutorial building a rocket in AE or solve the problem I found.

    Adobe forums and creative cow forums with people trying to help him with this problem, but every question about it remains all the way back for 2010, although there are a ton of entry.

    I'm more than willing to do it again if anyone knows a good tutorial to make a rocket with a transparent background.

    The tutorial I used was amazing, and it seems not that there was a problem with this problem in his tutorial.

    If you know FREE plugins that work with AE 2015 for flares or Unmults, I am open to trying this.

    I followed the directions of Adobes to download knoll 3d flare plugin and should not be, I received the error at the opening. I also tried to download unmult-64 bit of mounds and could not successfully installed.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    I'm guessing that you're fairly new in After Effects for keeps is pretty simple.  As learn you more you will find all kinds of complexities to make things easier and better to work with.  Take tips from Rick above and use part of the resources to begin.

    In the picture above, slide A and B are which I assume that you are doing right now.  Solid Lens Flare applied was related to another layer, making the solid with passage of the torch in synchronization with the layer (in my example, a small solid yellow.)  The problem is that the rocket falls on solid boundaries, then at the edge of the round is cut when the solid is not filling the frame.

    In the example C and D, I used a sample single whip expression to bind the Flare Center of the plugin setting flared to the position of the solid yellow.  Doing it this way has two advantages: solid never moves, so the flare gets cut ever on the edges; and the rounded looks more like a real life lens flare, because the different elements of the flare shift and change depending on the position of the light source, defined by the center of Flare.

    I posted a project file with these two examples and a simple 3D so version.  The plugin after effects Lens Flare standard is very simple, without a scale parameter, so it does not really too well in 3D.  There are a number of advanced plugins Lens Flare to third, the most common being the video Copilot optical Lens Flare, but these come at a cost, of course.

Maybe you are looking for