two face automatic printing both sides of the page, does not work. Why?

I have a printer with auto print both sides of the page. It does not work. Why?


Some printers require a separate duplex adapter must be installed in the printer. He might be able, but the part is missing. Additionally, make sure that you use the printer drivers printer manufacturers, not those provided with Windows.

Is what printer model?

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    Recently, the Yahoo toolbar and the extension of Babylon have been reported because of this problem. They appear to overlap invisibly on the top of the display of the web page. If you have one or both, uninstall or disable them/it or see if an update is available that solves the problem.

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    Did you upgrade or install something before this product?

    How Lexmark support/help/FAQ to say?

  • OfficeJet Pro 8610: Scanning both sides of the computer does not not on officejet pro 8610


    Help, please!

    Set up: Officejet Pro 8610 connected wireless for HP laptop Windows 10.

    Mission: I have 10 A4 sheets with stuff on both sides. I want to scan every 20 faces and save them on my laptop in the right order.

    I would like to do this automatically thought IE the automatic document feeder.

    I use scan options HP Scan and Capture software in document settings

    I select the source to be "heavy feeder" and duplex scan (if available) option I select '2 Facer.

    Although this force the 8610 take the original since the ADF doc it's only one side.

    That's the problem!

    Also if I use the HP Officejet Pro HP printer Assistant, if I select the radio button for the front and back, once its done scanning side 1 of the document it asks me to take the originals and put them in the feeder to make the other side. The scans are then coming out in the wrong order!

    I bought this printer so I could do it, but can't make it work. I want to cry. Help, please.

    Thank you


    The HP Officejet Pro 8610 does not support scanning duplex automatic, that the more advanced of this series models supports a such (8620 & 8630 models)

    You can find the printer specifications listed below:

    Breeze through multipage documents with automatic two-sided scanning and the 50-page auto document feeder (for 8620/8630 only).

    You can only perform this manually with your printer model, I suggest to use the HP scanning software.

    If the analysis is delivered in the wrong order, try to install and use the HP extended Scan application and check differences:


    Hope that helps,


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    Here's the question: when I get a message on my Gmail account on the BB, notification indicators all work fine, but when I open the icon "envelope" it does not show the Inbox. It shows a folder named 'All messages' instead, and it is empty. The continuous unread message indicator show that I have a message but nothing is there. I realized that if I select 'filter' in the menu, and then select the Inbox, it will take me in the Inbox and the message is there. All goes well until I put down and the next message arrives. Same thing every time. It's as if the default view is somehow summer past "inbox" to "All messages" and I can't find any setting to fix it.

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    Thank you


    BlackBerry 9000 "BOLD" v5.0.0.1067 with enhanced Gmail plugin - the most recent version.

    Problem solved! Finally, I deleted the icon of the envelope of this Gmail account on my BB and it prompted - "do you really want to delete the Gmail improve plugin? I've selected Yes and allowed him to restart. The message icon is still there after, but everything works fine now. If these problems similar witjh: do not reinstall the Gmail plugin... Just delete it.

  • Since Firefox 4, the main body of the page does not work or open, shows just a bar area, current update F8 on WVista, that none of the solved problem on F8 help topics

    Problem started when F4 installed.
    Firefox installs apparently without any problems, but when the opening of the center of the screen shows the search bar Google, nothing else, bar does not accept any input. Beam, bars search, tabs, etc all work.
    Tried all the tips and tricks, uninstalled/reinstalled installed F8 still the same problem.

    The problem persists if start you Firefox in Mode safe?

    What is with an empty profile?

  • Another problem: the anchor to the bottom of the page does not work as expected

    Hey there again,

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    I hope that this text is not confusing, if you have questions about the problem please do not hesitate to ask!

    All the best,


    one way is to use the pin (top left toward the Middle - no matter that much to me). But since you want to lock on a certain position on the bottom so remember for what kind of background, you mean. Background screen or at the bottom of the site then you can place it accordingly.

    Another way is to use motion of scrolling.

    Adjust the position key on the top of your page (type or drag drop the little blue line), then place the movement initial set UP - 1px and then all the rest (3 other entries) to 0px.

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    I revise this provision of the Center a bit to move the 'turning-item2.

    outside the 'turning-point-wrapper ".
    . Its never a good idea to put anything in a wrapper that is affected by a jquery script that didn't need to be.

    Make a backup of your page before you try the fix below.

    First add the below css inline style to the opening "turning point-item2.

    tag. Then select the HTML cut and paste after closing
    tag of the item_wrapper 'turning point '.

    Lobby Hours"" onmouseover="this.src='images/upcomingEvents2.png" "onmouseout="this.src='images/upcomingEvents1.png'"border="none"/ >"

    Then add a style to your 'turn-point-wrapper' opening css inline

    tag, as shown below:

    Finally, add a
    Clearing solution (see below) to your code directly before the 'content '.

  • Color Laser Jet MFP M277dw Pro: Left side of the page does not print

    The printer cuts the left side of emails.

    How can I fix this to print the whole page?

    Hi @Aranea,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see that you have problems with the left ribs are cut from the left when printing emails. I want to help you solve this problem. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

    Application of e-mail, you are using?

    Try and do a preview before printing to view a printed version of the document to see what it looks like. Let me know the results.

    Do you have this problem with all applications or just when printing email?

    If your email is web-based, try another browser to see if you have the same results.

    If there is anything else I can help you, let me know. Thank you.

  • Put option on the page does not work in the Easy Print VI Panel, controls tabs are not displayed

    Found two problems with the screw of report generation:

    (1) in the Panel of VI feel easy (report generation) or the, the layout options don't work (dug in the sub - VI and found that they are not connected to anything).

    (2) If you have the controls or the lights in a tab control and try to use the Easy Print VI Panel or with the option to include controls in the report, they do not appear. The only indications/commands that appear are those that are displayed on all tabs (that is to say, to create a control and move it over the tab control so that it appears on every page).  There's a Subvi ( which is called to handle the nested controls (IE, grapes, berries, etc...), but it should have a case to handle the controls tab.

    Hey Sajosie,

    Dig into the Sub - VI you are right in saying that the Options available to the user input is not connected to anything for most cases. However, in the case of failure to "Quick Print" Layout Options are used to change the layout of the report. In help for this VI, he mentions that this entry is ignored for the report "Standard reports" and "HTML" options However, it does mention that this ignorance of Layout Options is expected for the 'word' or 'Excel' reports.

    Especially regarding the controls and indicators in the report which appear on the tab controls, I can make a product suggestion to do this kind of design more compatible with the mere impression VI Panel façade or Documentation.

  • Firefox version 35.0.1 is set on both computers, but the synchronization does not work

    Both computers are connected to the account of the synchronization. On the second computer, there are no tabs and settings are not applied.

    On computer2, type Subject: sync-log in the URL bar and press ENTER.

    Error reports listed there?
    If so, open the last one [by date] and see what he says. You can copy and paste the log here - - and provide the hyperlink that results in this forum, so one of can view this log.

  • form and search bar history in the center of the page does not work on firefox21.0

    When you try to use the search in the middle of page bar to access a site, I hit enter, nothing happens on 21.0 - older work as 20.0.1 work fine thank you very much any help would be great

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe or make changes.
  • How much longer for "Solution to the issue: links at the top of the page does not work, or no arrow to move to the top.

    All the links and scroll controls on the top 1 inch of the active window do not respond. Down below this limit of 1 inch and all the links and scroll commands work.

    When will this be fixed?

    The top of the Firefox window is unresponsive, inadmissible toolbars - see also the problematic extensions

  • Animate the edge - does not work why?

    Hi all

    I just downloaded edge lead and that's what I have.

    some sort of error.

    someone knows what's the problem?



    You can download TCPView from this link - TCPView for Windows. Launch of TCPView, make sure that you are running from edge host. It will show you a list of all processes and ports in use. Sorting on the port number and check if 54321 is listed. If it is listed, then try to close the program that is using the port and restart edge animate to see if it works.


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