Unable to restore my machine

Hello Evryone.

Sorry for the English because I'm not good with her...

So I recover my HDD with toshiba recovery dvd... Evrything was ok I think?

Now when I put the dvd in drive specifications does not... Everything I see I have black screen.

I have the same problem when I try to enter the bios setup. also the black screen...

Can someone help me please? I don't know what to do and have no money to go to the service...

Thank you very much.

Try to remove the battery from the laptop and unplug the AC.
Wait about 20 min and then connect everything again.
If the portable fuel I think there must be a hardware problem, and in this case, the technician should be contacted.

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    Windows 7 (new machine, not updated). Autoruns shows this file RDPCLIP. EXE be found at startup. This file is usually located in the System32folder. Unable to restore the system of time earlier because of unspecified missing file (rdpclip.exe?). System seems to be runnuing normally except these two questions. Occasional freezes (once just by renaming the downloads folder). How can I get
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    Note: CLIP.exe is in the System32 directory.

    Hi bigdome6984,

    If your machine acts as a Terminal Server, i.e. someone else connects to your computer using remote desktop, then rdpclip.exe will be loaded on your computer as part of the functionality of Server Terminal Server.

    RDSCLIP is loaded on the computer, allowing other machines to connect via Remote Desktop.

    It should be found at the following registry location:

    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlset\Control\Terminal Server\Wds\rdpwd\StartupPrograms

    Important Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards
    Gokul - Microsoft Support

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    I have problems w/messages saying: I have a pop up blacker. Checked and pop-up blocker disabled.  My tools bar ie file, tools, etc. disappeared.  Try to do system restore to see if it will fix the problems, but each system restore try results in the message "Unable to restore to this date", still

    I use dates that are "BOLD" and should be allowed to use. What can I do?

    You may be able to substitute the blocker by holding down your Ctrl key.

    Sometimes, the restoration of the system may be blocked by other software... especially of virus scanners.

    Might be interesting to try to run Safe Mode system restore.

    How to start safe mode in Windows XP
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  • Clueless users accidentally restore their machines to the factory settings. How is that possible?

    I had one up to four cases where users have restored their machines to the factory settings. These users know nothing about computers and appear to be shocked as much as me on the fact that it has been restored. By default, all windows restore features are disabled by group policy which covers everyone. This means that they are using the Dell restore feature on their machines and unknowingly restore their systems. It only happens on newer Dell computers that we began to receive that comes with Windows 7.

    The last of them was the straw that broke the camels back. She said she kept tripping his power strip that caused here system constantly crash. I don't know who got the windows of catering for here to push blindly. She does not deny that she does nothing wrong and now trying to blame us (IT Dept) for the system being reset.

    Is it possible that the System Restore automatically after constant incidents or the user must press a button to get there? Questions that you need to restore, I see that there may be a restoration to a simple pressure to default settings. Or am I wrong?

    I found as follows to disable the system restore feature Dell and will apply to all new machines. I searched for examples of what happens to others but have not turned to the top of any "accidental restores.


    System Restore should not be the problem, something has caused the shutdown of the system. Try to run full diagnostics, press F12 on startup and report to the back of any error message.

    Since you are the it Department, maybe delete the original image, given that you should have drives for the operating system for each system. If no disk were made, the attempt to read...

    Windows 7 - IMPORTANT Windows 7 to create backup discs

    I guess that when the system crashed, he triggered the problem with starting the system. The person should have come to you at this moment there, but didn't. Then they tried to startup repair, when they were invited, then it did not work, then, you are prompted to restore the original image system. If the original image is deleted, then they will have to come to you for help.


  • Restore virtual machines after building the new RAID array

    Hi all

    I am new to the virtual machines, so I'm sorry for the newbie question. Currently, I have a HP ML350 G6 ESXi 5.0.0 running on 4 GB Flash hosting SD cards two virtual machines and licenses for 5 Essentials vSphere and vCenter Server 5 Essentials. I also have a RAID5 configuration with drives SAS 146 GB (6). I intend to remove all six readers and their replacement by 300 GB disks and build a RAID6 array. My question is, what would be the best practice to move the two VMS in the current RAID array to the new RAID array? Wouldn't be also simple to make backups of virtual machines or clones, exchanging the readers, the new array of construction and restoring virtual machines? If someone could point me in the right direction would be great!

    Thank you all!

    Personally, I would go with backup & restore. In addition, use the downtime to upgrade the firmware of the host (HP published recently a few critical fixes on the RAID controller and some models of HARD drive).

    What I would do - to avoid any problem - is to remove the host ESXi, vCenter, replace disks, update the firmware, re - install ESXi and as final step add the host to vCenter again.


  • Unable to migrate virtual machines from one ESX to another in a cluster

    I have 7 ESX in a cluster... 2 ESX are unable to migrate virtual machines into and out of the host... When we try to perform a manual migration, it displays the following error...

    Impossible to pass. Host CPU is not compatible with the requirements of the Virtual Machine to CPUID level 0 x 80000001 registry "edx" host bits: 1110:1111:1101:0011:1111:1011:1111:1111 required: 11 x 0:1 x 11: 1100:0011:1111:x 0x1: 1111:1111 inconsistency detected for these characteristics: * NX/XD (data execution protection). If the Virtual Machine does not have this feature, power off the virtual machine and delete the requirement of NX/XD by changing the settings of the virtual machine (advanced options).

    Looks like 2 of the 7 ESX has disabled NX/XD (or could be activated I don't know which) in the BIOS of the Server - VMware allows you to maske this characteristic shape the VM so it can vmotion between these hosts - initially put there where the NX/XD bit became more popular in order to allow users to migrate between these hosts with different parameters CPU-

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  • Computer broke down, unable to restore the old days of CS6 Creative Ste test. Can I download this new?

    Computer broke down, unable to restore the old days of CS6 Creative Ste test. Can I download this new?

    I tried, but after running the download assistant, get the message: the application could not be installed because an application already has with this name exists at the selected location. Try to install to a different location.

    It would be even possible to go back?   Or is my test of 12 hours over for good?

    Creative Suite cleanup tool

    Adobe Download Troubleshooting Wizard

    It may not work, though... The tests are sensitive to all kinds of what they perceive as attempts of forced entry...


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    Problems with bookmarks and history does not properly can be caused by a corrupted database places.sqlite file.

  • Backup Restore Time Machine does not see RAID external drive

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my iMac restore from a Time Machine backup, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem already.

    I had to reinstall OS X El Capitan from scratch, based on education, I received Support from Apple. That worked without problems and my iMac works fine. However, I wanted to restore it to how it was before, using Time Machine. I keep my backups on a LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 and never had any problems with it.

    To restore the system, I followed the instructions on the Support page. I restarted my system in recovery mode and selected the "restore from Time Machine backup". Unfortunately the LaCie 5big does not appear on the list of drives, so I'm stuck... When you use the system in normal mode, the external RAID is visible and Time Machine stores backups on it without any problem.

    Any of you are familiar with this problem? I would be very grateful if you could help me with this problem!

    Kind regards



    -While the system is booted in recovery mode, confirm that the Lacie 5big network is visible in disk utility.   You will need to disconnect / reconnect the Thunderbolt cable to the Lacie 5big be detected.

    -Once seen, a new attempt to restore from Time Machine backup.

    See you soon

  • Unable to restore the Thunderbird profiles or AddressBook on Mac OS 10.6.8

    My old laptop was slow for some reason that I could not find so I took it into Apple Store thinking they could run analyses of material I had, etc.. Well well, the genius (and I use the term very sarcastic) decided that I had to do a full restore, because he couldn't find a reason Hardware wise. Since I can't get Thunderbird. I have set up new profiles, entered Terminal such as suggested in the help, tried to import of TimeMachine, etc.. I can not get my address or return address. It shows a huge 3 contacts instead of contacts dating back to 2007. I see 6 address books on my backup, but of course I can't import ones they are .mab files that is not an option. I have configured messaging for now (shudder) so I can access my e-mail address and have all but one couple of records for a reason, but I would like that all back in Thunderbird if possible... to not talk about all my details to return!

    I went to a different Store for assistance and discovered there was a problem of permissions with Time Machine preventing things to have gone back. The solution was to compress the files in a .zip on my external hard drive file, then move my laptop. The necessary address book that as well.

  • Restore Time Machine wifi data in neutral

    Help! Today I return MacBook Air of my wife in an Apple Store. They fixed a software problem. Apple wiped the hard drive, but the Air has been saved our Time Machine network. Apple has installed the latest OS X, but not the data of my wife. This, I thought, would be easy and simple.

    The problem is with the restore / recover the process. The recovery process looks fine. I selected the data to be restored and the 40,000 more files seem to be download nominally and after about 20 minutes, he seemed to be almost done.

    However, the process is at a standstill, apparently at the end. On the page titled "Transfer of information", it says "one minute remaining to 17 MB/s". While the number of MB/s continues to fluctuate (10, 18, 15, etc.), this statement is still. (see image below) It has been like this for more than one 1 & 1/2 hours.

    I am following up the wifi connection and it is strong and fast.

    Should I click Cancel and see what happens? Suggestions

    It won't hurt to let you it run for a few hours.

    If it succeeds, then stop and restart the computer and the TC.

    Don't allow TM to do a new backup... it's essential... you must first pick up these files...

    No chance you can do a full restore to a new location. It's pretty simple to do... but the wizard configuration rather than migration.

    See using the Migration Wizard

  • Restore Time Machine tips

    So, got a mac mini and 3 weeks ago started to have the full boot disk.  We continue deleting some files iTunes, photos, some of the videos, additional programs, but nothing seemed to have more than 2-3 GB gone - and then it would be up to 300 MB of space in one day (it doesn't seem to stick, even if we took off 20-25 GB of music, photos and videos. program).  Therefore abandon us this path and moving to an iMac with a much bigger disk (3 to vs 750 GB).

    Question I have is the best way to approach - as part of the attempt to find the space, we have removed some iTunes files and movies, I want to keep.  My thought was so start the new computer, and then on Wizard migration use to take a TM backup before we started to delete stuff, say 3-4 weeks ago and that restore.

    Curious if this makes sense and/or the traps on this.  Also, the other option, when first setting up I think is to do time Machine.  Are there specific advantages or disadvantages of one way or another do?  In theory, I could try just move the photos and videos in another drive to drive hard, but not sure I have everything on my second TM while backup it should have.


    Mac Mini 750 GB drive of Fusion (2 years) to iMac 3 TB Fusion Drive (new purchase)

    Visit Time Machine FAQ of Pondini helps with Time Machine. It is a vast site with almost everything that you need for using Time Machine. You will not find a better resource for Time Machine in one place. Due to the passage of James Pond site is no longer maintained, so it becomes a bit dated.

  • Backup Restore Time Machine: not enough space

    Hi all, I am a neophyte tech so forgive me if I'm not clear. I will try to explain the problem as best I can:

    I have an old MacBook 2009 running Mountain Lion. A few months ago, my brother gave me his old Pro and so my MacBook 2009 fell by the wayside. I used an external hard drive with that old computer as my backup time machine, but as I tried to transfer a lot of documents and photos and update of dropbox and download photos of google and to understand each of these things as I went along, I totally messed up the MacBook. Just... things are weird... nothing was, where it used to be and my photos were gone and Yes, much of this is probably down to me trying to understand a bunch of new programs at once, BUT what I want to do is to restore it to the way it was using a time machine backup.

    So, I googled around and I know when I start it up until I'm supposed to press Ctrl + R and choose the backup that I want, but when it gets to the part where I select a destination and click the only option (the Mac HD), an error message appears with a yellow flag saying "this disc is not enough space to restore your system.

    Now, I don't really know what that means, but what I want to do is to get rid of the current way, this computer is completely and attach it to the way it was when I did the last Time Machine backup.

    Someone help me please... this stuff is so frustrating when I can't figure it out for me and I am sure that there is an easy solution. I read a lot about partitions etc. but I don't know what all of this means that even.

    Thank you in advance!


    Boot into Recovery now command + R to start. Choose disk utility and erase the boot volume, it should be named Macintosh HD, unless you renamed it. When the erase is quit disk utility and choose to restore from your Time Machine backup. OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

  • Unable to restore my laptop to factory settings?

    How can I restore to the factory settings when I tried the zero and F12 button and they do not work?


    Please be so kind and tell us what model phone you have and which OS is pre-installed?
    Original version of the OS is installed on your machine (factory settings)?

    Anyway, check it please http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R02.htm

  • Backup Restore Time Machine after 10.11.3 downgrade to 10.10.5?

    I am installing a purchased copy of Capture NX2 photo of Nikon editing software on my MacBook Pro retina 2015.

    I learned that I can only install this software on a machine running upward for OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite) and that after an upgrade to El Capitan software will still work.  (The software cannot be installed under El Capitan, confirmed by Nikon)

    I had a Time Machine backup of my 10.11.3 system, lowered to Yosemite with a new installation of a boot USB disk, installed the Capture NX2 without difficulty. Works very well.

    Now, I would like to restore from backup Time Machine El Capitan, but maintain the installation of the software (i.e. I don't want to replace all of the disk). Yosemite will not let me restore from backup Time Machine of El Capitan (see the files, but will not allow app or restorations of the photo library)

    Is it still possible?  What I need to solve this problem by having an El Capitan and Yosemite a partition on my hard drive?

    Thanks in advance!

    It seems that the plan was to go down, install the software, then upgrade.

    Have you tried to upgrade, and then use the Migration Wizard to migrate the data from the backup?

Maybe you are looking for