Unknown programs launched at Windows startup. Slow down the computer.

original post: WHAT ARE the PROGRAMS of NAN



·             Did you of recent changes made to your computer before this problem occurred?

·             Since when are you facing this problem?

·             What anti-virus program do you use?

·             What is happening and when you start the computer?

·             What does the message on the screen saying?

There was nothing called Nan programs that we have searched the Internet. I suggest to follow the methods below and check if this can help,

Method 1:

Click on the link below to find out how to perform the clean boot in Windows 7.


Note: After troubleshooting, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

Method 2:

I also suggest you to run a scan antivirus online free from Microsoft Web site.

1. to run the scan online for any virus threats

Click: http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/default.htm

2. click on "Security Scanner" and select "full service scan"

3. you can download free antivirus Microsoft Microsoft Security Essential . Click on the link to download Microsoft security essentials:http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

I hope this helps.

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    My Vista crashed and I've switched back to XP. Now I have 1mil more old files compressed that I can't get rid of and it slows down the computer. How can I get rid of these files.


    1 are. what type of files?
    2. when they are stored?

    3. What is the size of these compressed files?

    Try to perform the clean boot on the computer and check if that helps.

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  • can software spies, junkware slow down the computer. the same as I ask for Add-ons!


    1 can spyware, adware or junkware slow down the computer?

    2-can we some add-ons slow open IE?

    Thank you



    1 Yes, all forms of malicious and unwanted stuff such as spyware, malware, junkware, etc. can slow down your system based on what they have been coded for it.

    2. According to the addon, Yes, it can slow down your system. Also, a large collection of addons installed and running will also slow down your system.

    Kind regards


  • Can old window updates slow down my computer?

    I had my count widow XP since 2000 and I never deleted window updates.  Could only slow down my computer?

    N °

    Unexplained computer behavior may be caused by a third-party software

    See: http://www.microsoft.com/atwork/maintenance/speed.aspx

    5 ways to speed up your PC

    By following a few simple rules, you can maintain your computer and keep it running smoothly. This article explains how to use the tools available in Windows 7, Vista and XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) to more effectively maintain your computer and protect your privacy when you're online.

  • Unknown to the programs that run in the background, slowing down the computer

    System resources are always be taxed.  How to get to the screen that lists all the programs that start automatically at system boot?  How to identify unnecessary programs in startup list?  Once identified, how to eliminate these programs?

    Hello DcR3, levels,

    How to get to the screen that lists all the programs that start automatically at system boot? How to identify unnecessary programs in startup list? Once identified, how to eliminate these programs?

     I would say do not delete program files if you are unsure what it is.  You can do a search online of a file if you don't know exactly what it is.

    To view startup programs:

    Right-click on the icon in the start menu. Select "Explorer" from the menu that appears
    Find the 'Programs' folder in the pane on the left side of the dialog window. Click the plus sign "+" to expand the tree of folders
    Click the "Startup" folder to view the programs that start up when your computer is turned on

    Go to the start menu. In the menu list, click on 'run '.

    Type "msconfig" without the quotes in the text bar. Click on 'OK '.

    Click on the "Startup" tab in the dialog window of the System Configuration that is displayed.

    Scroll down to see all of the programs and program files that start up when your computer is turned on.

  • Windows Installer slows down my computer

    Well, every time I trie to install something that uses the installer of windows, like windows update, my any becomes very slow and the freezs for 5 seconds as soon as my mouse over the windows start button.

    Ive tried different patches without a bit of luck. Ive disabled the CEIP, ran: reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions /va /f

    as this suggested site:


    Ive also tried like a saw someone post here:


    to make windows start-up automatic installer and disable the service that stops him, but could not find the msi.i that it apperently is supposed to be.

    Also tried the msiexec /Unregister and msiexec/regserver without success.

    Hope you understand my problem and can fix it soon because its driving crazy me and it sucks big time.

    / Thank you

    Ive now reinstalled on a computer and working very well so far at least.

    The difference Ive done is I use different antivirus (don't think this is the problem you) and do not install voddler (think that's the reason). I post something new, if this changes

  • Video games slow down the computer even when closed?

    Recently, I replaced the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE with a 8400 GS PCI Express so that I can play Call of Duty 4, Fallout 3, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, etc. After installation of the new equipment, several problems came. I have a 32-bit of Windows Vista Home Premium.

    1. the "Windows experience index" could not evaluate the 8400 GS.
    2. Windows could not find the driver for the 8400 GS software automatically, then I found myself from www.nvidia.com.
    3. Although games played much more quickly after any where between 5 and 30 minutes of games, the computer goes REALLY slow. Yet once I close the games via the Task Manager, the computer continues to accuse. Icons highlight more slowly, for example. It remains for 5 to 10 minutes before returning to its original state.

    It could have been a problem plant material so I reinstalled the driver/3 times already.
    I have cleaned the registry of the computer, defragmented it and the two drives C and D.
    Problem persists.

    Help, please? Otherwise I'm going to get a new video card that is not too good.

    Hi decapen10,

    Looks like you're having overheating problems. Everything works fine until the internal temperature reaches a certain point, then the system slows down to protect the processor failure. When you leave the high demands of the games that you play, the card can cool down a bit and things pick back up. Take a look at your map and see if there's a fan built in. If this is not the case, try to join one. If so, try to take the case out of your pc to see what happens. If it works fine, then you must install some additional cooling in your case to dissipate heat coming builing. The other scenario is that you could have a defective 8400 GS. You could try to Exchange if it is still under warranty.

    Here is a link to a site discussing these issues:


    I hope this helps. Dave D
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • CEPHtmlEngine slows down the computer (Mac) and the solution.

    Hello users Adobe and CC,.

    I've seen there are already other posts on the "famous" CEPHtmlEngine, I got a new (2 months) iMac 27 retina (with the highest config.) and I noticed that when I run (for the 1st time), all programs Adobe CC (it may be InDesign or Photoshop or another) they very very slow. It seems that something done the CPU works a lot. After some time spent in the Manager Mac tasks I found this CEPHtmlEngine itself two or three times and each copy 'calls' the CPU at least 20/50 times. I found a temporary solution by manually closing all CEPHtmlEngine. By doing this all programs of work fast and well as usual and there is no error or problems. You must close the CEPHtmlEngine and not the CEPHtmlEngine assistance program: the assistance programme is just the 'son' and if you shut the engine creates another. Last thing: the CEPHtmlEngine will not appear again until you restart the computer.

    It worked on my computer so I just wrote this to give notification of Adobe (a more) of the problem and to give a solution to all Mac users (it might work on Windows too but I can't try it) which can be useful until an update will fix this.

    PS: I received the software CC and all the applications that have been upgraded to the latest version.

    Hi days_of_speed,

    Could you please try it on private design library (shared - files Acrobat.com), construction that has a potential fix for the issue of the use of the CPU?

    1. move the old design library extension to another location (move your desktop for example):

    • Photoshop: / Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2015/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.app/Contents/Required/CEP/extensions/com.adobe.DesignLibraryPanel.html/ CC
    • Illustrator: / Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/CEP/extensions/com.adobe.DesignLibraries.angular/
    • InDesign: / Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 2015/Resources/CEP/extensions/com.adobe.DesignLibraries.angular/

    2. download DL.zip of files shared - Acrobat.com, then extract it to

    • Photoshop: / Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2015/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.app/Contents/Required/CEP/extensions/ CC
    • Illustrator: / Applications / Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/CEP/extensions /.
    • InDesign: / Applications / Adobe InDesign CC 2015/resources/CEP/extensions /.

    The final directory structure should look like:


    | - DL.

    | - CSXS/manifest.xml

    | - index.html


    Thank you very much!

  • Custom flash drives still work in XP slows down the computer and does not turn off. No drive letter & tried all solutions online.occassionally ok

    When computer for a while and plug in flash drive usb does not recognize the drive, the computer slows down, does not turn off. Even with all the flash drives I have, ok when computer on just. I tried all the solutions online, nothing helps.

    Looks like you might have some performance issues with the computer rather that readers flash... but first of all, I would like to try to take the flash drives to a friends and ensure that they are working very well... If they are I would look at the performance of the computer and health controls. Heres a guide to improving the performance and general peacekeeping home

  • Micorsoft windows search filter host uses 3g of ram and slows down the computer to a crawl.

    search filter host started running after the updates and it slowed my laptop to a crawl.   Why is it turning?  And that fact?

    Running Vista on the HP hdx laptop.  RAM 4g dual-core

    It is probably rebuild the search Index (maybe called something in one of the updates for this action) - Although it could do other things as well (it's hard to tell).  You can do this finish faster in general by reducing the number of file types or sites included in the Index (Start/Control / Panel / Indexing Options / Advanced)- but the file types and locations are not included in basic research (it's a compromise).  Some people say that excluding files .xml help (especially if you have a big disco).

    If this does not solve the problem (or you're stuck with it running and it will not be closed) Download Process Explorer http://download.cnet.com/Process-Explorer/3000-2094_4-10223605.html and see which fits all the CPU usage - it should provide more information than Manager and helps focus in spots on the problem.

    The problem may be with the updates (or one of the updates).  Try a system restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem started (before installing updates without doubt).  Here is the procedure: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/using-windows-vista-system-restore/.  Don't forget to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points.  If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two.  NOTE: You will need to re - install any software and updates that you have installed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for updates (but be careful, because if the issue is resolved, then one of these probably caused updates and you do not want to recreate the problem).

    For more information on the updates (which seems to be the source of your problem since it was started after them installed), repost in the Windows Update Forum: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/InternetExplorer/threads where the people who specialize in updating issues will be more than happy to help you with this problem.  Try to provide them with the names of the updates and their number KB (as well as all that you have done to try to solve the problem).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Hi how to remove add on toolbars that run in internet explorer, they slow down the computer all the time.

    Hi fix it Center told me that I have a large number of add on runing bar tools in internet explore, so its slowing my computer to a standstill. could someone tell me how to remove these from my computer please.

    yours faithfully rugbyfan sp.

    You should be able to remove from Add/Remove programs in the control panel.

    Or, you can open IE > view > toolbars > uncheck the toolbar you do not want to display.

  • svhost.exe slows down the computer.

    Original title:

    slow computer

    Thank you it sped up a little. the problem I have now is svhost.exe is, in 10 minutes or less, originally a very slow response time on the line. switch from 1 page to another. a lot of delay. I bring up the Task Manager to complete the process generally as svehost, exe (System) of other ideas on this? Thank you for working time.

    Rick * address email is removed from the privacy *.

    You can try solving Performance problems running on your system to detect what exactly is causing your computer to respond slowly. To do this, you can follow the steps below:
    1. click on the button "Start".
    2. go into 'Control Panel'.
    3. in the search box on this page, type "Troubleshooting" and then click "Troubleshooting."
    4. go to "system and security" and then click "search for performance issues. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

    If the problem persists, you can consult the following link Microsoft Support for certain options more troubleshooting:


  • Dllhost.exe surrogate COM slow down the computer using the memory


    I could really use some help if anyone has the time. :-)
    My computer behaves strangely since I made a restore point.
    I did the restore point because I could not get online, oddly enough it turned out to be a loose wire.
    Anyway, now there is an application that keeps popping up in my task manager using most of my cpu, so my
    computer bogged down. It is named dllhost.exe COM surrogate and when I opened its location
    He was in my folder windows32. It is not my services that I can see, but it seems to be bound to play
    video or music files. I could be wrong.
    I did the usual antivirus (avast free edition free antivirus and malwarbytes) analysis, I defragmented
    my computer, I did a scan of system, I did a scan of the memory...  I can't understand.
    Any suggestions?
    My computer has 16 GB of installed RAM and 1 TB HDD I am running Windows 7
    Professional 64-bit.
    Thank you in advance.  :-)

    I did go to the task manager of windows, processes, sort them alphabetically by the description column, you can list by going to display and select column, and then down to the substitution of com and do a right-click and choose end process... you may need to do more than once... This will remove at least for awhile... it is mainly used to display thumbnail pictures in my photo folder... you can the delete permanently, but then you would not have miniature photos...

  • Illustrator file so huge that it slows down the computer. Help

    I first made of blobs of color that I've converted to swatch,

    Then in my image of hand I grouped collectively and then filled with the sample of color BLOBs .

    Now if I try to move the hand or select, save etc it slows my computer down so much, it seems that it froze a bit.

    Also when I import the hand file in InDesign, it cannot handle it and go crazy.

    In the Finder, the file appears as 192,4 MB

    Help someone

    Thank you

    So, what are you doing? What you want to achieve?

    Edit: I just tried to follow my own advice and realized I forgot a step. When you select all your circles, turn them into a path before choosing their and the bottom and then make a clipping path.

  • The largest size of hard drive slowing down the computer?

    Can someone tell me what is the size of the disc is compatible with Dell GX 620 Processer 3.2. 1 GB RAM / Windows 7 32 bit.

    Please contact Dell support to verify that the hardware is compatible with your computer.

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  • XPS8300 Desktop Image

    I used a picture of my images as your desktop on my XPS8300.  Can someone tell me how to remove it so I can have the original Office supplied with the computer display.  Thank you.