Until the last update, I could open a new tab by clicking the cross at the end of the last tab. Now, there is nothing there. I Pascal open a new tab. Can you help me

To the right of the last tab, there is a cross (x). If I wanted a new website to be open all keeping one in that I was, I clicked on this and she has opened a new page and I could go to other sites of my choice. The cross is gone, and I can't find out how to open a new tab and go to a new web site.

You can find the button new tab showing as a '+' on the tab bar.

You can open the window customize and drag the button new tab that indicates that a sign plus bar tabs on another toolbar and it will become a regular tools like the new button bar button tab you have in versions of Firefox 3.

If you can not find the new button tab then click the button 'Restore Default Set' in the window customize.

If you would like the button tab at the right end of the tab bar, then place a flexible space to the left of it.

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