Update iPhone 4 iOS 7 and restored from iTunes, but still called to restore/establish new

With the help of iTunes on OS X, I first saved my iPhone 4 and then selected Update.

When it was full, the phone rebooted, then once I had entered my language and region, he gave me 3 options to Set Up iPhone:

  • -Set Up as new iPhone
  • -Restore icloud backup
  • -Restore from iTunes backup

So I proceeded to restore from iTunes, by using a backup from before the upgrade.

My problem: applying the restoration has not gotten me a more far - the phone brings back me to the page select a language, then back to the above 3 options. I tried once again sync in iTunes, but also backup to restore, nothing helps. WiFi is on, and I can see my mobile operator name in the upper left corner, so the phone is certainly up and running, but I can not go beyond the stage of installation.

Which will be * restore iPhone *? It takes back me to iOS 4? With my phone already restored and now successfully upgraded from iTunes, how can I'm past the stage of configuration?


You cannot restore an iPhone with iOS 7 aboard a backup performed on iOS 6 or an earlier version. Most likely, it is the cause of the problem.

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