Updated scoreboard celled without redrawing the entire table

I have a program that uses a Table hint. Each line is a step program and in the same row, there is a countdown indicating the time remaining.

Update the remaining length of cell is easy enough to help replace the subset of table (is there a better way?) but whenever I do it looks like LabView redraws the entire table on the screen, and this causes the annoying flashing-flashing of text in the table.

I reduced the updates to 500mS and that "works", but there are still some flashes and 500mS reduces the precision of the synchronization.

Is it possible to update a single cell on a table hint without redrading the entire table?


Tables, always teetering.

Try to drop a decoration above it, the value transparent border/fill. I remember that, with my field engineer, back in LV 8.5 and ending up in the incredibly annoying time discussing.

I think that not fair to say he'd be only even partially covering it to remove the flicker of screen refresh.

Edit - in fact, I * think * he has to cover even the label of the table to delete a part.

Tags: NI Software

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