I have a Portege 3110CT I want to upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 98SE. Is it possible and how can I do?

Hello francis

Do you have the CD of Toshiba Recovery and Tools & Utilities CD for this laptop?

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    If you are thinking about your computer for the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, there are a few things to consider.

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  • Will there be a direct upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8 final version?

    Migration to Windows XP 8

    Will there be a direct upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8 final version?  If so, are there details around this yet?

    If by "direct" you mean that you don't have to reinstall your applications, then almost certainly this option will be available.

    If you simply mean "l will be able to use an upgrade rather than a full license" - it's a lot more muddy waters, but I suspect that MS is going to cut the rug under the judicious XP and only allow upgrades from Vista and Win7.

  • Upgrade from Windows 2000 Professional to Windows XP home?

    I bought a new copy of Windows XP Edition family at Frys.  I finally decided to install it when I did it, I get an error:

    XP installation does not support upgrades from Windows 2000 Pro for Windows XP Home Edition.

    However, if I click on "Learn more", I see:

    You can install Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2 or Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 on computers that run the following operating systems:

    • Microsoft Windows 98
    • Windows 98 Second edition
    • Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
    • Windows Millennium Edition
    • Windows 2000 Professional
    • Windows XP Home Edition
    • Windows XP Professional

    Who says I can indeed do this configuration.  What the devil do?

    Taken Windows XP supported upgrade paths

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
    Windows XP Professional Retail (full) version
    Windows XP Professional Upgrade Version


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Error: failed to create or save new files in the folder where it was downloaded during the upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7

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    Attempt to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

    I try to update my Windows Vista to Windows 7. I bought to download the rom update the Microsoft store and downloaded, but when I try to start the upgrade I have a stateing message that it is impossible to create or save new files in the folder where it was downloaded. I checked the security permissions in the file and made sure that no programs are 'read only', but it won't always go beyond this point!


    What is the edition of Windows Vista installed on the computer?
    Make sure that you upgrade to the correct version, some versions of Windows cannot be upgraded with the installation disc you are trying to use. For example, you cannot upgrade a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version, or upgrade a higher edition of Windows like Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, to a lower edition, such as Windows 7 Edition Home Premium. If this is the case, you will need to use the custom during installation option.
    Before you attempt to upgrade, please run the Windows 7 upgrade Advisor:
    Also, check if your computer is compatible for Windows 7, using the Compatibility Center:
    To learn more about the upgrade process, please visit the link below:
    I hope that helps!
  • Do we need to key in the product key when we upgraded from windows vista to windows 7?

    After upgrade activation key

    Do we need to key in the product key when we upgraded from windows vista to windows 7?

    When you install Windows 7, you must enter a key within 30 days to activate it. If you do not want to enter the key during installation:

    On the page to enter your product key, do not enter your key and uncheck the "Automatically activate when online" then click OK/next to complete the installation.

  • Is it possible to upgrade from Windows 98 or Me to Windows Vista?

    I'm having a discussion with a colleague.  Does anyone know if it is possible to do an UPGRADE of Windows 98 and Windows ME for Vista?  Or you have to do a clean install of Vista?  Can you upgrade from Windows 98 and Windows ME to XP and then move from XP to Vista?  Any help would be appreciated.

    original title: the upgrade to Vista

    I don't know if it is possible to upgrade 98 Me XP, but I know you can't straight upgrade 98 to vista. You can only pass a single version, so it should be XP to vista.

  • I'm trying to upgrade from windows vista to windows 7. whenever I start the upgrade, that he told me that count it needs to restart to allow changes to the file system.

    I'm trying to upgrade from windows vista to windows 7. whenever I start the upgrade, that he told me that count it needs to restart to allow changes to the file system. I restarted several times now and get the same message. What should I do to ensure that this computer can be upgraded?


    Run the windows Upgrade Advisor 7


    and repost in the windows forums OK 7

    Here is the vista forums

    Windows 7 forums on the link below


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  • error 0 x 80070015 when attempting to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

    error 0 x 80070015 when attempting to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10The link to Support MS is not only useless, but also frustrating. It's time for an APPLE?

    Are you trying to update via Windows Update or by using the support tool?

    I suggest you to download the tool for creating Windows Media 10 ISO and make a place in upgrade.

    Download the update of Windows Media Player 10 tool creation build 10586:

    How to download an ISO using media tool:

    How to make a upgrade in Place using method 1:

    If this does not work please provide more information for your issue to be diagnosed.

    Restart your computer and wait 20 minutes for the system to operate before you download information. When the review much, not Event Viewer log files all problems show in the period immediately after the computer has booted.

    Please provide a copy of your system information file. Type system information in the search box above the Start button and press the ENTER key (alternative is select Start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, system information). Select file, Export and give the file a name noting where it is located. Do not place the cursor in the body of the report before exporting the file. The system creates a new information file system each time system information is available. You must allow a minute or two before the file is completely filled before exporting a copy. Please download the file to your OneDrive, to share with everyone and post a link here. If the report is in one language other than English, please indicate the language.

    Please download and share with everyone a new copy of your system log of your event viewer on your disc one and post a link here. It allows to avoid confusion if you delete all previous copies of the log files of your OneDrive.

    To access the system, log, select Start, Control Panel, administrative tools, Event Viewer, in the list on the left of the window, expand Windows logs and select System. Place the cursor on the system, select the Action in the Menu and record all events (the file default evtx type) and give a name to the file. Don't provide filtered files. Do not place the cursor in the list of reports before selecting the Action from the menu. Do not clear the logs so that you have a persistent problem.

    For assistance OneDrive see paragraph 9.3:


  • After upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and following, less then a return to Windows 7, receives the message that Windows 7 is already false

    Original title: Win7 - Win10-Win7

    "after the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and following, less a return to the Windows7, I get a message that Windows 7 is already false."


    Thanks for the update.

    I suggest you refer to the articleof André Da Costa in the link mentioned for upgrade to windows 10:


    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

  • Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free. Format a hard drive with Windows 10. Same upgrade again.

    I have laptop which has been also upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. But it works very well. But on PC I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 free without entering a product key. So at the beginning I had same problem as in this case:

    Which I was not able to solve. A kind of workaround was to create another user. But with that I lost all settings. So I restored Windows 10 in original condition and everything was fine. Until this happens:

    I tried all the answers, that is to create another user, or use points of restoration, or boot. There is nothing to solve this problem. Then at first, I tried to apply USB recovery but after all treatment, there was an error and the only option to restart. Second, I tried to restore the system, which also failed. I'm done with formatting hard drive and use the Windows 7 DVD. I skipped looking for updates and you don't have invitation to upgrade in the taskbar. That said, when I tried to upgrade to Windows 10 with GetWindows10 - Web_Default_Attr.exe app after about 1-2 hout of certain operations it asks me to enter the product key and there is no option to skip this step.

    Is it possible to upgrade once more at all? Do I need to install all updates for Windows 7 first? Or GetWindows10 - Web_Default_Attr.exe app is not a good way for me to upgrade?

    If you have your Windows 7 product key, you can use it to install a new copy of Windows 10:

    How to install and activate Windows 10 using your Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key

  • The upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro after the hard drive took a dive.

    Hello, I have an old Dell Inspiron E1505, I bought in 2006, which I have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro last an online purchase that came with a product key of designertechsoftware.com in April of 2014. Months later, the hard drive has so I replace w / a 60 GB one and replaced the RAM w / 2-1 GB cards. I don't have a disc of Windows 7 Pro but I got it work using the old XP dics, originally, it came with. Can I use this disc to enter the product key code that I got online for Windows 7? I see there is an upgrade option that comes up when I run the XP disk once it's been installed on my laptop. Thanks in advance for your help in my question. Not sure if it has been already answered the previous question.

    Your best option is to ask a backup copy or to borrow the corresponding edition, you have a license from a friend. Ensure that it is a upgrade disk or any retail version is authentic.

    How to replace hardware or lost, broken, or missing Microsoft software


  • I want to upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 7?

    I want to know if I can upgrade from windows 98 to windows 7? I know it's an old operating system and all but I need an update. Can I up to date? With or without him I can internet on it?

    No, you can not Windows 7 requires Windows XP or Vista as a product calling. If you do not, you will need to purchase a full version of Windows 7:


    Upgrade to Windows 7 from the following operating systems is not supported:

    ·      RTM of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP, Windows Vista®, Windows Vista Starter, Windows 7 M3, Windows 7 beta, RC of Windows 7 or Windows 7 IDS

    For more details, see the link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd772579 (WS.10) .aspx Andre Da Costa http://adacosta.spaces.live.com http://www.activewin.com

  • Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1

    I want to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and keep my files and applications.

    When I launched the installation goes through the steps, arrived at the options choose: I found only files keep and keep nothing. So I check also and I found an upgrade wizard of Windows 8.1, tried and it gave me the keep the files and applications, but the next screen tells me that no offer is available in the form of my country and have the option when I choose to keep files or anything.

    So what can I do to improve and maintain my files and apps?


    Vesrion of Windows: 7 x 64 Ultimate

    PC model: Sony vaio VPCF24P1E

    Country: Algeria, but I have an MSDN subscription, kind of licenses is not a problem

    Unfortunately, there is no way to direct upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, you must first upgrade to Windows 8, then move to 8.1 Windows through the store or using one of your MSDN/media licenses in order to preserve personal files, applications, and settings.

  • Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium SPI1 32 bit

    I bought Windows 7 upgrade from Windows XP. I ran the Windows Upgrade Advisor and says he is good to go. Back up the entire computer, deleted all devices and followed the steps listed on the MS site «upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7» He has never completely installed and when I reboot, I get the BSOD. I have no way of getting back to the screen (even in any Safe Mode) start. Right now the BSOD States: STOP: 0X0000005C (0X0000010B, 0 x 00000003, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).

    I read all the instructions on this forum community and all State guidelines for work in the start menu. I can't go to the start menu! Then he said to start from the Windows XP disk, I do not have the disk... never did! I paid $150.00 for this patch that is useless. When I'm in the start up screen it then gives me the option to revert to the earlier version of windows. I'm used to be able to do so and continue with Windows XP. Now it won't even let me do that it gives an error code "Unmountable_Boot_Volume".

    I know that this is directly related to the upgrade to Windows 7. I've seen hundreds of messages with the same number. What can I do at this point in order to erase the entire hard drive or simply go back to Windows XP.

    Any help anyone can offer would be MUCH appreciated. Yet once, I can't start screen. It starts to load Windows XP and stops immediately. And if I need the Windows XP Recovery discs... How can I do?

    Computers that are preinstalled with Windows often have what is called a recovery partition. This is used to reinstall an operating system in the case of a system failure. To access it, you need to start when you start your computer by pressing a function key. This can be either F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, F12 key DEL or tab. See the manual that came with your PC for instructions on how to reinstall Windows.

    If your recovery partition is not available or damaged, you must contact the manufacturer of your computer, and request that a defined recovery disk you can use to reinstall Windows 7. They could practice a small shipping and handling.

    This is how the recovery partition is accessible to most popular brands...

    For HP, press F11 directly after switching on the device

    You can also try F10 if its an old unit.

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