Upgrade of the 5 why OS Smartphones blackBerry only for subscribers of BIS?

I have the blackberry curve 8520. OS worm 4.6.something

I want to know why the upgrade of the OS 5 is only for subscribers of BIS and not common blackberry users?

I mean that we also paid the price for the phone and we want also that most of the bb. Considering blackberry that BIS subscribers clients alone, then why sell the phones to other institutions.

Blackberry wants to decrease the number of bb fans and users, it is a good step to limit the OS upgrade BIS only users if what is the point of limitation of the BIS only update?

They do not want to watch blackberries and work cool, at least compared to the other giants of the cellphone.

I'm not agree,

1. I don't have to pay for more recent versions of my firmware, pay to fix what they screwed up in the first place, I did not phone up to now pay for something like this (even apple gives away freely).

2. very expensive, I'M NOT paying 9 euro + VAT for the transfer of 5 MB. At those prices, they might as well steal your money from your pocket.

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    I have five different e-mail accounts.

    I just upgraded to a "8000" 3 years Blackberry (w / wheel side spin) for the 9000 "BOLD". (14 hours only!)

    I have my 5 emails on the 9000 through its Portal of creation of electronic mail without problem.

    As email is entered in the 5 respective mailboxes, a 'brand' Red/White appears in the Inbox.  the 'Hand' Message box would all gather data email 5, as well as text and phone message data.

    Excellent so far.

    Then, I launched a transfer of my contacts from my old 8000 series Blackberry.  Contacts transferred correctly.  HOWEVER, subsequently, e-mail in the box 'Message' of collection - will never appear in the separate respective email boxes.


    How can I get these to separate in their respective email boxes.

    I already have:

    1 shot 9000 market.

    2 deleted & replaced battery

    3. left an offering to the gods and jumped in place 1 leg for 3 minutes.

    Nothing helps.

    Any suggestions out there?

    Thank you.

    All emails and messages will always go in the "main" messages folder You can not change this.

    Your specific folder of the individial email should still work as before. You may need to remove the Service books (Options > advanced > Service books and remove each).

    The return Service directories from your BIS site where you have enabled e-mail accounts.

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    RoyKMathur wrote:
    Help, please.  It started to happen when I upgraded the software to v4.7.0.114 (Platform  Thank you.

    Yep and there were many warning of the loss of this dans.114 OS keyboard messages.

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    My question is THIS - WHY Blackberry is ONLY for marketing through AT & T? Are they dumping Sprint (my career) and others? What is going on.

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    Needless to say that this only "AT & T" thing is disturbing.

    Anyone know?

    Exclusive rights to at & T to carry the torch expire in two years... If you care to wait.

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    I'm not an expert in data plans offered by carriers, but only for mail and messenger data plan?, you can add maps to this data plan?, because you need no matter what data plan to run the application.

  • Update the current software to Smartphones blackBerry for BB8520

    I use BB 8520 with os 5 can I put in OS6 or any new OS

    Hi rk121,

    BlackBerry 8520 is not material required for the execution of OS 6.0. Therefore, it does not support OS 6.0.

  • The file size of Smartphones blackBerry for Media manager

    I tried to transfer music on my BB Curve files using the Media Manager. It gives me a 2.83 MB limitation for a transfer of files to the BB device, ask something else that I install a Micro SD card.

    Is there any solution for this?

    The solution is to buy a memory card for BlackBerry. Unlimited file size can be stored.

    Good luck.

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    Very strange. All emails without worrying that he comes?

    Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this manner is prescribed for most defects and errors of operating system, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

    Now, do the rest with the lines?

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    In your device, press the green button to access the call log, press menu, option to call Logging and change on ANY

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    When a call comes in, only the phone number is displayed, not the name of the contact, even if contact information is entered in my address book. I just can't understand what setting will be changed. I'm new to Blackberry and it was SOOOOO frustrating. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    Try this: when the device is turned on, remove the battery, wait 1 minute and turn the battery on the device.

  • Smartphones blackBerry only some of my emails on the BB curve 8330

    I have a BB curve (8330) with Verizon.  I noticed that a number of e-mails appear in my outlook account, but they are not displayed in my blackberry.  Any reason, that some messages would not get for BB?  Thank you very much!

    Excellent... using the timer you have done is usually the best approach (2 days is excessive IMO... but will work). You will still need to worry about the reconciliation of items deleted from your BB... when Outlook deletes the server (2nd day), you can expect to be removed from your BB... unless you disable sync OTA of the elements removed (in your configuration of BIS).

Maybe you are looking for