Upgrading RAM on Satellite L555-10R


I have a satellite L555-10R, Win 7 64 bit, main Board TOSHIBA KTWAA Intel GM45/GM47 chipset, 1.9 BIOS, CPU Intel COre 2 duo P7450;

I want to upgrade ram 2x2gb (SAMSUNG) to 2 x 4 GB (CORSAIR). Only the ram that I put in the location #1 is recognized as a result system starts and detects 6 GB of RAM. When I put the RAM 2nd Slot #2, the PC does not start. It seems that it does not detects hard (the LED on the front of the PC don't not ligth during startup). I can't go into the BIOS (even if I press the F2 key), black screen, all I can do is power off.

I'd appreciate your help, if you have an idea.
Thank you




First some general information on your machine:
Your laptop can be upgraded to the top 8 GB and max upgrade, you can use both modules of memory of 4 GB.
Compatible 4 for GB DDR3 - 1066 MHz apart number PA3677U-1M4G. Module of memory with this part number is tested and 100% compatible with your device.

If you check this forum you will find number of threads as your one, where people try to level of RAM using Rams Corsair and spoke of the same problems. Obviously the reason for non-working machine is compatibility issue with these RAM modules.

The 'value' Modules of RAM use many markets good chips using several banks/channels, which can cause problems of compatibility with some chipsets/CPUS.

I highly recommend to use high quality and 100% compatible modules of RAM from Toshiba or Kingston.

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    Ive got a new Satellite L555-10r, had it for 2 days.

    After you install Adobe CS3 master collection, I didn't notice that half of the programs were installed and ran the installation a second time and those missing were included ok the second time around. Then, I got the error message that Reeltime was not working properly and he could tell me if she could solve the problem.

    Then I got a similar error message when opening Microsoft Works. Reeltime ceased to record my activity, so I downloaded the program from the site Toshibas, uninstalled and reinstalled it. It seems the record activity now ok for applications e.g. photoshop, word etc but not for www pages read in explorer, firefox or chrome, despite small icons for these browsers listed within reeltime.

    IM wondering if something has got corrupted and I should reinstall the operating system and start again using F8 like I'm still in the early stages to up my laptop and running and must still transfer data or install other programs.

    How long is the F8 reinstall, it's just Windows 7 or this will provide all the software factory too like Toshiba and Mcaffeee?
    Either by the way, I had removed Mcaffeee using their kidnapping special .exe before installing adobe cs3.

    I hope you can answer my question, thank you for your help.

    > How long is the F8 reinstall, it's just Windows 7 or this will provide all the software factory too like Toshiba and Mcaffeee?
    > Either by the way, I had removed Mcaffeee using their kidnapping special .exe before installing adobe cs3.

    The HARD drive recovery process which can be started by using the F8 key-> fix my computer-> drive HARD recovery should not take much time.
    The installation of the image should run without problem.

    The point is that you won't need to install the drivers and tools using the Toshiba recovery. This process restores the phone to factory settings simply says that you will get the same status as on the first day of purchase

  • I want to buy Satellite L555-10R

    Hi guys,.

    I really want this laptop but I can not find anywhere. No one knows when it will be available again?
    Or when it will be available on this site?

    Thank you.


    Toshiba products are specific products of these countries and, as I can see on Google, Satellite L555-10R is offered in the United Kingdom and France.
    I don't know where you want to live but this laptop has specific hardware platform and belongs to PSLW8E models.

    Where you want to buy? Maybe UK?

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite P30 141


    Is it possible to upgrade memory on a pro Satellite p30?

    I am currently having 512 MB of RAM and would like more (maybe another 512 or 2 x 1 GB)

    can be upgraded RAM on this satellite?
    Anyone know how to find out?

    Thank you

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    Satellite Pro 141 is not known to me and I guess that the number is not entirely correct what laptop do you have exactly?

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L670D-106

    Hello world

    I want to ask about upgrading RAM for laptops,

    I have the Toshiba Satellite L670D-106 want a change from 4 GB to 8 GB. In fact, I have 2 x 2 GB 1066 MHZ Ram inside. What Type of RAM can itake max? 1066 or 1300 or 1600 DDR 3?

    THX for your answers

    Toshiba offers modules to 4 GB compatible and tested for your machine and there PA3677U-1M4G part number. Check the specs of this module and pick up info that one you can use.

    Please note: a lot of people are trying to use some modules cheap and later report here on this forum about the issues so I highly recommend you to obtain 100% compatible RAM.

    See also the page of Kingston. Kingston offers quality and compatible modules for Toshiba laptops.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L755

    Hello world

    I want to ask about upgrading RAM for laptops,

    I have the Toshiba Satellite L755 I want to change my 6 GB to 8 GB but I can't find as much RAM in a red circle in the picture but another number in yellow circle is same numbers.

    My question is it ok to change it, because I can't get RAM even with the exact numbers in red or yellow circle?

    Can you please send the complete model number (Satellite-L755-xxx) so I can check the exact laptop specification, just to see the details on the upgrade of RAM.

  • Satellite L555-10R - support quad-core processors?


    I'm new to the forum. I have a Satellite * L555-10 * and I would like to know

    (* 1) * what kind of motherboard, it is equipped and
    (* 2) * that supports the processors quad core (for example intel Q9100)

    I used the CPU - Z software, but he has not given enough information on the type of motherboard. I want to upgrade the processor and I can't find out if my motherboard supports four cores.

    Thank you in advance!


    To be honest, I think that no one can say what motherboard is equipped with it. Here he s only one user to user forum and if you want to know more details, ask the partner of service authorized in your country.

    On the updates, I can only say that it s official unsupported. This means that no one can tell what are the types of processors are supported or not. When you replace the CPU, you will lose your warranty, everything happens on your own risk!

  • Satellite L555-10R: Question about using an external monitor with 1920 x 1200


    I have this toshiba laptop: L555-10R

    I want to buy a screen external 24 "to use for CAD

    Please can you tell me, my graphics card composed with run at 1920 x 1200 monitor, and a second screen 1600 x 900 at the same time see my cell phone?

    I really want the 1200 vertical height of the external display for CAD work such as size of the screen vertically made a big difference.

    If not, is there anything I can do about it to update the graphics card from the laptop?

    If not, can you suggest a new laptop that would support this? I am looking for excellent performance for rendering using 3DS Max, autocad, sketchup, etc.

    Thanks in advance

    > Please can you tell me, my graphics card composed with run at 1920 x 1200 monitor, and a second screen 1600 x 900 at the same time see my cell phone?

    I think that this should not be a big problem
    The graphics chip is expected to provide support for 1920 x 1200.
    The question is whether the graphics card driver contains such special resolution of 1920 x 1200

    However, you can certainly choose two different resolutions for the screen internal and external monitor.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L650 - 10H

    I have PSK1JE L650 - 10 H 00400GH2 with 4 GB 1066
    I want to update 8 GB 1333
    This module it supported?
    dose the laptop has 2 springers to upgrade ram or more?

    and one more thing, it is I can't find any data on this module in this site
    When I try to auto detect the module of your software in my laptop it does not find


    You can update the RAM up to 8 GB, but as much as I know bus Frontal (FSB) is limited to 1066 Mhz

    Even if you want to use the 1333 Mhz modules, the FSB would be clock speed to the 1066 Mhz is not worth to use 1333 Mhz as this seed would not be used.

  • Satellite L555-10R connect with TV


    Should what kind of cable I connect my laptop with TV?


    satellite L555 specifications, it is equipped with an Hdmi output. If you have an Hdmi output on your TV, you can connect using an Hdmi cable

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite S5100-201

    Is someone can you please tell me what I need to buy to upgrade to 1 GB? I think I have a 256 and a 128 to present but am a novice and have no idea how many pins, speed, dram etc.

    Thank you

    Unfortunately, it s not possible to upgrade on the Satellite 5100 201 up to 1024 MB memory!
    The max value memory is 512 MB.
    If you have a 256 MB module, you can use the other to upgrade the laptop to 512 MB.
    It seems that the only location cannot handle 512 MB module

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite P70-A104


    I just bought a laptop P70-A104 and I wonder if I can upgrade the RAM. Currently my laptop is having 8 GB of RAM, and I wonder if it is possible to upgrade to 16 GB and also if I am covered by insurance of portable.

    Can you give me suggestions on how to do it and that the RAM is the ideal place to buy?

    Thank you.


    Specification for your laptop, I found here. As you can see RAM upgrade is possible, but you have access to two ports of RAM only, and you can use 2 x 8 GB of RAM.

    I wasn't able to find the list with compatible Rams but for an another P70 compatible 8 GB of RAM a reference PA5104U-1M8G or Kingston part number KTT-S3CL / 8G so I think you can use it to upgrade RAM.

    Check it out.

  • SSD / upgrade RAM on Satellite Pro A30-C-10R

    I found this little beauty and wonder, how it is easy to upgrade SSD and RAM by myself.

    Thanks in advance

    I don't know how many slots DIMM it is on that laptop, but by the looks of it, there is only 1. So you could get a single stick of 8 GB of RAM, would only run in single channel mode, so 64 - bit of bandwidth. Keep in mind that it uses DDR3L, so it'll be 1.35v, obtaining 1.5V RAM will not work. Take a look at the Impact of HyperX. 1600 MHz will be fine.

    Upgrade SSD? should be easy.
    Take a look for a kit of HyperX Savage reduction. It comes with an SSD, caddy of disk (for the old HARD disk) and cloning of 2.5 software ".

    Keep in mind that while a laptop computer based skylake, is a class of U i3, so there is no computing power much at all. the 15W TDP says it all. You can run a CPU as fast as you want, but the current absorbed don't lie not. My i5 - 3230 m runs at 35W and 2.6 GHz. There is a big jump from 15W and 2.1 GHz

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite Pro M30

    Hi colleagues!

    My comp is Satellite Pro M30-873. He has only 512 MB of main memory.
    I want to spend 1 to 2 GB. Recommended memory is Kingston KTT3311
    which is extremely difficult to buy. A very similar memory of Kingston is KVR333X64SC25.

    It is fully compatible with M30? Anyone tried?

    Thaks a lot in advance


    Your laptop can be upgraded up to 2 GB of RAM and compatible 1 GB of RAM except the number PA3313U-1M1G. Use this number for Google search.
    I hope you find somewhere. This module may not be more expensive so I recommend buying 2 of them and the upgrade of RAM maximum.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite C855-10Z to run better games

    So, I enjoy playing games, but with only 4 GB of Ram and a card Intel(r) HD Graphics 3000... it becomes difficult.

    The maximum amount of RAM my computer can hold is 8 GB. My understanding is that the graphics card I have only has 64 MB of video memory dedicated and then seeps out of the norm of the RAM, so increase the RAM would make the video card better, right?

    I'm quite lost on if it works or not, pay £60 for the 8 GB of ram for the video card to just not be able to manage all the games is not worth, so I'd appreciate any help. :)

    At first, I must say that your machine is not the best game machine with the best hardware platform (GPU). In my opinion your Satellite C is typical machine of mid range designed for everyday activities.

    You're right about the use of the RAM. With more RAM the GPU will be use more memory for video, but you shouldn't expect a few superior graphics performance after upgrade of RAM.

    As you have already written your machine can handle with 8 GB of RAM. At the present time, that he should have a good memory on the inside, so I guess that the second memory slot is empty.
    Remove the cover and you will see what it looks like as a memory inside. You can add the second 4 GB of RAM, but please use the same memory module with PA3918U-1M4G part number.

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