using iPhone to track elderly parent

Ok. so I googled this and thought to throw out to the mac cognescenti. advance apologies if this isn't the right forum for this, but apple seems to come with great new tools very frequently. Anyway, here goes:

is it good hardware or software to track an elderly parent that needs to be followed for their safety? I mean, assuming that they give permission or assuming that they are beyond the point where they can give the permission is there such thing as a small bracelet that let me do this using my iphone and a kind of software?

find my iphone seems like it does something similar, but that's assuming that the phone battery is not dead, and assuming they take the phone with them which are the two major assumptions - which is correct?

ALSO, I just saw there was a framework for friends and family on but nobody knows how it works? can I turn on his phone and have access to the place where it is if her phone is with him, and when its battery is turned on? I mean, how is it different that simply connect to her icloud account using the safari url - assuming that they gave you their login information?

Thank you

Find my iPhone is similar to find my iPhone, it is for use with people that you do not have access to their iCloud ID. Whatever it is, you can not follow if the battery is dead, or if the unit is off. Find my iPhone is the best choice you have right now.

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