UZ2315H connection to a HDMI video card?

Hi, new to the forum and need help with a problem.  I inherited monitor Dell UZ2315H of my wife (she bought a computer dell laptop) and now I need pair this monitor with a HP 500-281 tour, that has DVI - D or VGA and standard audio jacks (as well as ports USB 2.0 and 3.0) and no mini DP.  I ordered a cable HDMI to DVI - D to connect the HP device to the screen, but fear that I don't get audio to the UZ2315H and be able to use its internal speakers, which I had hoped to do.  I don't do much on a webcam so that isn't a problem, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how to make the audio monitor?  I understand that the DVI - D to HDMI cable carry audio.  For any help or suggestion would be welcome.  Thank you, sandssik


Received all components today and using the DVI - D to HDMI Cable with USB 3.0 cable upstream my monitor immediately played video and audio, without any necessary adjustment.

Thanks to Chris!

And thanks for the great forum!

Thank you


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    How many monitors can be connected with GTX750 Ti video card

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    Fox6, welcome to the forum.

    Here's a video card I read will work with your 220W power supply unit (PSU).  It can be difficult to find, but it will give you an idea of what will work.  It takes a low profile card.

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  • Install a non-hdmi video card and it always disabled audio...


    The title pretty much everything said, but the story is that after the discussion on this thread:

    ... I have installed the Sapphire 5570 of non-hdmi card that seemed to be the best map of low power no hdmi.

    The card works fine, in fact (with another 2 GB of RAM), it took my WEI of 3.1 to 5.9 on Win 7 (0, 1 - 7.9).

    The problem is that it seems to be invalid audio. The audio device only applies for the registration is a device audio hdmi that is to say works well, but nothing out of the headphone jack.

    The system is a comprehensive form of dc5800.

    Someone has ideas on how do I troubleshoot/get around that?

    If this isn't the case, I would be able to put a cheap card audio in my slot remaining a (who is part of the background?) and if so, what is this location? It is not clear the product PDF.

    Thank you very much...


    Have you tried the reactivation of its edge in your bios menu?  Don't forget to save changes if you need to re - activate.

    Best wishes

    DP - K

  • How to connect a DVI - D video card output to my DisplayPort input on my monitor on an HP ZR30w

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    Step 1: Change the resolution of the screen and check if it makes a difference.


    Step 2: Try with a different cable and check.

  • HP Compaq DC7800 SFF - no sound from the HP FX380 Video Card connector

    The above machine was working perfectly until I installed a HP FX380 graphics card.

    I wanted to improve graphics performance as it was slow when you use Adobe Photoshop and did not support OpenGL. The resolution of my screen (1920 x 1200) also seems to challenge the on-board graphics chip.

    I bought a HP NVIDIA Quadro FX380 thought (512 MB) graphics card that using a card in a HP computer HP has been a guarantee of success, but it was not to be!

    The FX380 mounting was easy, but there is only one in the DC 7800 PCI-Express slot, so I had to remove the original graphic adapter (a double buffer x 16 Silicon Image AD02-N card). As far as I see it, there is no audio on this map.

    When I rebooted the new graphics card was correctly recognized, and I was able to install the video drivers with no problems. Graphics performance has also been greatly improved, while the memory system is out, and I activated the OpenGL support in Photoshop. So far so good!

    However, I got an error message saying the SounMax (audio drivers) should be reinstalled, and there is no sound other than the default system beep.

    I tried to reinstall the software SoundMax from various sources, including the recovery partition, but I always get the message "that the audio driver files do support not your hardware.

    The search in Windows XP Device Manager and selecting sound, video and game controllers, audio only I see are several pilots 'NVIDIA High Definition Audio. There is no yellow asterisk.

    I spent several hours online agent HP cat, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. I even have the officer to take control of the machine for a while, but still have no sound! I also updated the BIOS OF THE v 1.28 system.

    The obvious answer seems to be that I do not have the correct sound card drivers, but nobody knows what they should be. I don't even know if I have a sound card, not more, or if the NVIDIA card has taken up somehow the system sound card?

    Anyone know if there is a problem using the HP FX380 map in the DC 7800 SFF, or am I missing something somewhere?

    Would it not possible/useful to adapt to a sound card in the PCI vacnt slot? If so, any reccomendations?

    Any advice welcome.



    I can say that your new video card has an HDMI output port because of the new nVidia HD audio, which now takes the place of your integrated audio system. This is why you have no sound (unless you hold on to a TV or something).

    In any case, the solution is simple (I hope).  As you know the dc7800 is a professional PC intended for use as a home theater and at the time of its manufacture, that there is no video input with HDMI output are supported in these offices of class business.

    I hope that when you installed this new HDMI video card, a new audio BIOS setting appeared in your system configuration in the Advanced menu.

    So please go and see if there is an audio setting boarded, that you can change auto to "Enabled". In the affirmative. Press the F10 key there and at the exit of the BIOS, save settings and exit.

    That should allow both audio devices to operate independently.  You've got audio when HDMI cable is not plugged into a TV and you have HDMI audio when HDMI cable is connected to a TV.

    Please let me know if this is the case.


  • Replace the video card on Pavilion m9450f - what "s the orphan?

    It probably doesn't matter, except that it is driving me crazy.  I just replaced the graphics card on a m9450f.  The original was a GeForce NVidia 9800 GT with 512 MB of memory, I do not know the manufacturer.  The other, a PNY NVidia Geforce GTX 550Ti jumped to the (yay for empty arrays!) and seems to work very well.

    Here's the thing.  The old card, in addition to the connection of normal PIN on the bottom and the normal power at the end of the map, a connection two sons near the front of the card on the side not pinned. A twisted pair red and black fell from there on the edge of the motherboard.  I'm unable to find information on what connection did and why he didn't need to do this on the map again, more powerful. I feel that my IKEA futon will collapse because of the surplus allen screw when I finished editing.

    Can anyone help?


    The two sons who came from the card would the SPDIF header on the edge of the motherboard.  This allows the motherboard route audio digital HDMI video cards that do not accept no digital audio via the PCI-E slot.

  • How to connect the cables to an AMD Radeon HD 7450 video card for two monitors individual work?

    I have a HP Pavilion p6-2360eo with the video card Radeon 7450 connected to a monitor of 23xi Pavilion.

    Now, I want to add a monitor of 23xi more, but I do not understand how to connect the cables to the video card to get two logical screen (different views on each monitor)

    Supposedly this monitor can connect to the video card, you have the HDMI connection.  Assuming that the first monitor is connected via DVI, then try a HDMI cable to the second.  I got this from the description of the video card on THIS page.

    Support up to two displays at the same time in these configurations: DVI, HDMI and VGA + HDMI (using the included adapter cable)

  • Pavilion p6 - 2127c: video card Compatible hdmi for Pavilion p6 - 2127c

    I have a Pavilion p6 - 2127c in my conference room, desktop computer connected to a TV 50 "flat on the wall. I would like to connect using an HDMI cable, but there is no HDMI port. What type of video card should I buy that is compatible with the office and for the videos and presentations (no game)? Thank you in advance for your help!

    Cmann225, welcome to the forum.

    Here is a video card that should work with your computer.  However, you should check ASUS website to find out what power supply unit (PSU) is necessary.  It indicates that 75W is required, but it is the power supplied by the PCI Express x 16 slot.  This means that there is no need an additional power connector.  The power supply of the computer is 300W.  Also, check to make sure that the card does not require UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS with ASUS.

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  • Base compatible HDMI video p6505F No. PS Upgrade card

    I did a search and I came "Oh so close" to find my answer.

    I just got my computer today, and a third computer to strictly work, I think it's going to work very well.

    I would like to connect my monitor via an HDMI cable (my ASUS monitor supports this).

    I see a lot of messages about good pace and the need to improve the power supply for 1) on the safe side or 2) it is absolutely necessary.

    I don't need all this. I just need a small good cheap card that will support an HDMI connection and as powerful, or maybe a little better than the onboard graphics.

    Thanks a lot for any help on this matter. I really appreciate it!

    2ool, welcome to the forum.

    It is very difficult to recommend a video card to a computer with a power supply (PSU) 250W.  That's why you didn't have any jumping in with both feet. I looked for a while to get to the one in the link I have provided.

    Here is a card that should work for you.  The key word is expected.  The specs say 300W is the minimum power required.  However, manufacturers tend to overstate the power requirements of their cards.

  • Want to 750-124 HP: HP 750-124 power PCI for Geforce GTX 950 video card connection

    I oened my HP Envy 750-124 to add a videocard GeForce GTX 950 and 6 pin PCI power cord to power the card could not be found. There is a PCI Express slot present on the motherboard, but no way to connect the power supply Board. So what don't understand me?  Thank you.

    You're welcome, @DFB2.

    The difference in both models, is that the 700-074 craving came with an installed 460W PSU.  That might be enough to run the GTX 950 correctly.  Even some of these PSU is not additional power adapters.  It depends on a lot of other components that are installed in the computer.  Video card manufacturers give room for all situations.  Normally, I would recommend buying a PSU that is at least 100W above the manufacturer stated minimum requirements.  I hope that explains the situation better.

    Here are the Product Specifications for the power supply in the 700-074:

    Form factor: ATX internal
    Total wattage: 460W
    Nominal input voltage range:
    100-127V/3A (50-60 Hz)
    200-240 v/2A (50-60 Hz)
    Dimensions: 150 x 140 x 86 mm (5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches)
    * This power supply has an LED to indicate a possible failure condition when the light is off and the power is connected.

  • Upgrading the video card to have both HDMI and DVI

    I just bought a model 700-327c HP Envy.  I need to update my video card to have the two HDMI and DVI on the same card.  Y at - it all the features that I need to worry about replacing my existing video card?

    You are welcome.

    Yes, it is certainly an option.  Here is an example of an adapter that you could use.  There are 2 ports USB 3.0 on the back i/o ports.

    There are others that can add up to 6 monitors to a single computer.  I am not sure that this would not require an upgrade of the power supply, however.

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  • Help! I lost his PC after installing the video card. The software installed its HDMI audio driver. How can I get sound on PC speakers?

    To watch TV on the big screen, I installed a video card with HDMI output. (Sapphire Radeon HD6450)
    The software installed its own device driver (AMD Hi definition audio) but disabled my PC speakers (and the headphone jack).
    (The sound is displayed on the TV very well, via HDMI, in which I can not type)
    I tried to re - activate the driver Legacy in the management of the computer, but the field enable is gray.
    The PC is a hp Pavilion a1630n
    It is essential for me to get a sound on my regular speakers to work on the PC.


    You can check this link:

    No sound in Windows

  • I have a HP Pavilion a6514f desktop PC. Can I run a PCI express 2.0 video card with HDMI.

    I want to add a PCI Express to run HDMI.  My sheet says PCI express, but most sold video cards are PCI Express 2.0.  PCI express 2.0 compatible with my desktop computer?

    KansasArmyGuy, welcome to the forum.

    Thank you for your service!

    Yes, PCI Express x 16 2.0 is backward compatible.  Therefore, it works perfectly.  The power supply unit (PSU) in the computer is 300W.  You need to make sure that the video card requires more power.  Most of the cards need at least more recent mid-level 400W to work properly.

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  • My Slimline s5-1020 is not HDMI. I just bought a HDTV with HDMI. Can I add a low profile video card?

    I found a fanless, so, apparently, that it wouldn't overheat. Also, I want a video card that is 32-bit or 64-bit? Thank you.

    Also, the presence or absence of a fan on the card should not be a factor on the HDMI.  Unless you're a player PC enthusiast or need to do a lot of intensive graphic type things, you should be ok with the card without a fan.  Keep in mind that you want to have adequate ventilation around the PC to make sure that the chassis fan can circulate more fresh outside air inside the chassis.

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