VBScript to add numbers of

I'm looking to write a basic script which will add numbers from 1 to 10.  The script must define a one-dimensional array to store numbers, use a loop to assign (= Bank) values in each element of the array and must use a loop for each next sum.

Any ideas?



Its a very simple script to write... is this for an assignment or something? huh? huh?. However his is not the right place for your thread. Please post your comment here - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/ITCG/threads/

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  • How to add numbers like these on the text and images Indesign

    Hi, I would like to know how this is possible (to add numbers with the black circle to refer to an image on the text), when I copy paste I get the number I guess it's a kind of ascii?

    Thank you


    There are some fonts with numbers, but they have a limit on numbers.

    I would create

    1. Paragraph with your desired font, size, and white color style.
    2. Create an object with fill blach and in paragraph style select step 1 created a style.
    3. Draw a circular text frame, apply the style of the object and write the number in there.
    4. Copy the circle and then insert the tool in the desired location and paste it into the text.
    5. Lift the text by clicking the ESC key, paste it on the image.
    6. Adjust the vertical position of the text through a style of object > anchored the parameters of the framework.
  • Add numbering to datagrid

    Hello everyone

    I have a question, how can we add numbering of rows that are displayed in the DataGrid component IE that I load the xml file, and next to each line, I want to see his number. And if I add / deletes the line I want to see the change his number.

    Thanks in advance for the help

    There is an error in your logic.  Copy and paste the minimum code required to demonstrate your faulty coding.

  • How to add numbers to the colors of a mosaic


    I'm creating a pixellating a picture into a mosaic

    However as is somewhat a monochromatic set of 10 shades of blue or gray, trying to see if I can overlay pixel tile with the associated number of color

    This will serve to help the construction of 'real world' mosaic - which is much easier to "color by numbers" rather than potentially misread shades

    Thank you very much for your ideas

    See you soon

    It would be better to keep all your layers or in the top level of the file all in one group. You want to set up a loop in the script that goes just as each of the layers. If you do not want to add your text layer to one place other than where you main layers are kept, for who could shake up the loop counter. Basically, the flow would be in a loop:

    The value of the active layer up to the next layer

    Get the boundaries of the layer

    With limits to find in the middle of the layer and take a color swatch

    Using a switch function, load upward with the values of the colors that you want to check Hex values probably would work better for this but you could combine the RGB values into a single number for the switch works well.

    In the switch send the reference number to a function that creates a text layer, which also used the boundaries of the layer to center the text.

    It's all in a nut shell.

  • Add numbers to scanned in PDF format

    How to add consecutive numbers on a scanned pdf document? @

    Hey krishnendum30565099,

    Please post on the Adobe forums.

    Could you please let me know what you want exactly for. You hear how to add Ben number?

    Please visit the below mentioned link and see if it helps:

    Acrobat help. Add headers and footers Bates numbering in PDF format

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Best way to add numbers or available several pages

    I have a ticket that needs to be numbered. It is small enough to mount 5 on a sheet of 8.5 x 11.

    Each ticket must be numbered.

    I can do a master page and adds all the numbers in this way and then make a pdf.

    What is the best way to get the numbers on tickets that are printing 5 up on a sheet and I can print via a copier?

    There are several ways to do this:

    1. create single page tickets, numbered by car and use institution the Copier feature (if available and access to the)

    2. use the data with the numbered list merge and produce several cliché recording to create a 5 - up document

    3 create a 5 - model up with block of text frames for import of numbering, a numbered list that flows into the document

  • Add numbers of sequential endnote using a character style


    I wonder if anyone knows of a script that could insert numbers of endnote sequentially to each instance of a character style.

    Our editing process, we use 'hard' note numbers that are based on numbers of items of the text. When the editing process is finished, we go through and manually change the sequential numbers. The endnote numbers have a special character style, so such a script would go to the first instance of this style of character, replace the characters by '1', then go to the next occurrence of the character style and replace the characters by '2' and so on.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Alicia Dole

    A standard operation. In the third line, replace "number of hard endnote" with the name of the character style that you use for notes end.

    app.findGrepPreferences = null;
    app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = '\\d+';
    app.findGrepPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = 'Hard endnote number';
    found = app.documents[0].findGrep();
    for (i = found.length-1; i >= 0; i--) {
      found[i].contents = String (i+1);


  • Hey all, I use JavaScript in a form that adds numbers literally. He added then, 1967 + 0 as 19 760. Any ideas?

    Here is the code:

    this.getField("TotalMMMNA").value = this.getField("Court").value + this.getField("ES").value + 1967;

    It is supposed to add these three values. Whenever I add something in the value field of ARE, he adds at the end of 1967. Am I missing something?

    When you get the value of an empty field, the result is an empty string. The operator '+' is used for the digital addition and concatenation of strings in JavaScript. The solution is to explicitly convert the value in each field to a number of more digital, something like:

    his.getField("TotalMMMNA").value = + this.getField ("short") .value + + this.getField ("ES") .value + 1967;

    The operator + unary allows you to convert an empty string to zero. If this is a custom calculation of the field of TotalMMMNA script, the script would be:

    = Event.Value + this.getField ("short") .value + + this.getField ("ES") .value + 1967;

  • Add numbers inside the script

    I have a script to automate printing.

    I have a box on the top of each page that will be checked if the page should be printed.

    Then a loop puts each page number in a table that is then run through a printing process.

    The part shown here prompts the user the number of pages to print through the length of array property.

    for (pa var = 0; pa < = 3; pa ++) {}

    If (this.getField ('PRINT' '. + pa + '.)) CKB') .value! = 'Off') {}

    printarr [printarr. Length] = pa;



    App.Alert ("your file contains" + printarr.length + "pages.", 4, 0,"printing");

    Now, I need to add '2' to this number, because more than two pages will accompany this feature.

    For example, if the user filled with 8 pages, I need to tell him that 10 pages will be printed.

    App.Alert ("your file contains" + (printarr.length + 2) + "Pages.", 4, 0, 'printing');

  • How can I add numbering to a subform text Bates?

    Hi all

    I have a dynamic pdf which adds another subform on a button click. I want the "SKU" to increase each subform, IE "Item #1", click of a button, new subform "Item #2" etc. " How can I do this?

    Please explain the script slowly, JavaScript is not my friend...

    Thank you.


    You can use text with a field floating therefor.

    1 create a text object in the repeatable subform

    2. Enter your text the value "Item #", set the text cursor to the position where you want to add a variable, open the context menu (right click) and choose 'floating field '.

    3. Select the field floating in the hierarchy tree and add the FormCalc script "$ = $." parent.index + 1"to his layoutReady:Event.

  • How to add numbers with increment 0.1

    Hi friends,

    Use this script to create a value of 1.5000

    now how can I create don't ranging from 0.1 to 1000 sl
    using this script
    SL_NO NUMBER (5)

    number of v_no: = 1;
    for rec in 1.5000 loop
    insert into xtable values (v_no);
    v_no: = v_no + 1;
    end loop;

    How to make
    SL_NO NUMBER(5,1)
    v_no number(5,1) :=0.1;
    for rec in 1..10000 loop
    insert into xtable values (v_no);
    v_no := v_no+0.1;
    end loop;
  • do not add sequential numbers when recording software

    Just got the 8630 all-in-in-one. The scanning software explains that sequence numbers will be added when scanning, but this does not happen. I wonder to save every file scanned as "scan" and I have to add numbers myself (big headache). I checked the settings, and I don't see what I'm missing.


    Try following my post below, I think tht should help:



  • ADD hexa decimal numbers

    How to add numbers decimal hex which are obtained in a table. A size of table 11. I need add each element.

    Like this?

  • Add folio numbers in the digitized manuscripts

    I have a PDF file with scans of the handwritten manuscripts. Each analysis contains two facing of the scanned book pages. I want to add (1v, 2r, 1r, 2v) folio numbers, page numbers not ordinary. It is possible, except by inserting it manually on each page? Adding regular page numbers, disobeys.


    Addition of folio' is not possible directly. The header and Footer option you will add numbers in PDF format but do not add folio' directly.

    Either can be done through java script or possibly check the following link to add folio on a PDF file.


    Please check if it fits your requirement.


    Sukrit diallo

  • add up the numbers &amp; amp; update of database

    Hey all, I use PHP/MySQL and Dreamweaver 8 with Interakt MX collection, and I came across something that I could use help with. After a lot of Googling, I finally found how to add numbers and show the result.

    My question is:
    Number 1 + 2 = 3 number number

    What should I do to store "number 3" in the comics? ".

    Any help would be very very very welcome. Been going crazy on this for some time.

    ZwartWitVlindertje wrote:
    > $sql = mysql_query ("UPDATE User SET userMoney = userCredits +"$userMoney"
    ("> WHERE userID = '$userID'");
    > Something like that? =/

    N ° if you want to add the userMoney to userCredits and reset userCredits to
    0, it would look like this:

    $sql = "UPDATE User SET userMoney = userMoney + userCredits, userCredits is
    0 WHERE userID = $userID;
    mysql_query ($SQL);

    David powers
    Adobe Community Expert
    Author, "Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8" (friends of ED)

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