Verizon iPhone 7 (black matte 128 GB) fall of Service

I got the iPhone Verizon 7 for about 5 days now and my service, while I'm driving continues to decline to 3G LTE and then no service at all.  Occasionally, he comes back after a few minutes... but usually I have to restart my phone and the service is back with LTE.

Anyone else having this problem?  This only happened on my 6 more with ios 10.


I have exactly the same problem. SIM has been replaced, and even the phone had replaced without help in the issue.

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    My 2013? Plan-Verizon iPhone 4 has only communicate through any connection and resists many, many attempts to restart, re - allow update of OS, etc.. No matter how apparently with success by signing in via phone or iTunes on laptop computer connected after a few seconds the phone returns to the State of the permission. I tried most of the workarounds profferred, but I am open to all legitimate suggestions.

    Whatever Verizon said when to contact you?

  • Update Verizon iPhone 5 new IOS 10 problem: cannot receive/send calls. Shop Verizon says it's an update causing Apple to popular phones to crash all day. Any input or advice, please?

    Update Verizon iPhone 5 new IOS 10 problem: I can't receive/send calls. The store Verizon says it's phones a popular causing update Apple crash all day. Any input or advice, please?

    Don't you say no service at the top?

  • 7 Verizon iPhone is compatible with LTE of Verizon's Straight Talk network?

    The answer to this question may seem like it's obviously - almost tautological - Yes, but according to three on three Straight Talk representatives (who claim to be supervisors) and one on a representative of Apple, he is not necessarily the case.

    They all said there is no way of knowing without the IMEI of the phone, if it is compatible with the network of Verizon LTE/CDMA of Straight Talk.

    I told them that I do not understand how an iPhone Verizon 7 maybe couldn't work on Verizon's CDMA/LTE network, if I try to activate it with a Straight Talk Verizon-network sim card. None of these representatives could give me a clear answer. They said quite simply the only way to check is to give them the IMEI number.

    I said that I don't have the IMEI number, because I didn't buy the phone again, and my whole point on appeal is to see if I need to buy this phone, because I can't risk to buy it, only to find out that it is not compatible. In other words, I feel like I'm stuck in a Catch 22.

    Why don't I just buy and return it, if it's not compatible? Because I intend to use my line of credit $ 1000 Paypal to buy electronic gift cards to target online and use the gift cards to buy the iPhone, because I don't have $1000 cash. So if I go back to the phone, I'll be stuck with a value of $ 1,000 worth of e-gift cards not returnable (that I don't need), a $ 1,000 balance on my line of credit of Paypal and no iPhone 7 - not a situation I want to find me.

    (I would buy the phone directly with my Paypal credit line, but target didn't allow customers to pay with Paypal in-store, and I have to pay for the iPhone in store since I pre ordered for in-store pickup. I would have paid for the phone target, Best Buy, or the site of Apple, but so far, the only way to do, is to sign up with one of the four major carriers [that I don't want to do], or already have an account with one of the big four carriers [which I did not]. Meanwhile, the 'sim-free' [i.e., not tied to any carrier] iPhone 7 is not yet available at Apple, or someone else, with no word on when it will become available.)

    Between me and my girlfriend, we have a 6 s iPhone and iPhone 5 c, that run on the network of Verizon CDMA/LTE of Straight Talk, so I can't imagine that the iPhone 7 would not. However, even Apple's site is not clear on this issue, as shows that Straight Talk support LTE, shows that the Straight Talk support LTE on the iPhone 5 C / 5/6/6 s, but does not support LTE for the iPhone list 7.

    Straight Talk was told that even if the iPhone 7 does not end work with the Verizon CDMA/LTE of Straight Talk network, it should at least work with AT & T or T-Mobile network. However, AT & T and T-Mobile coverage *, where I live (as the Sprint of), so I really want to work with the Verizon network.

    Can anyone confirm that iPhone Verizon 7 will work with the network of Verizon CDMA/LTE of Straight Talk, or suggest how I can get around this tricky dilemma?

    I realized after posting the message above, it would have been better if I had written "CDMA iPhone 7" instead of "Verizon iPhone 7.

    It would have been clearer I wrote "of Straight Talk Verizon network' instead of 'network of Verizon's Straight Talk.

  • iPhone 6 s 32-128 GB when arrives?


    Can someone please tell me when Apple starts shipping iPhone 6s 32 and 128 Gb phones in Europe? Especially in Hungary? I want to buy iPhone 6s in their days but I would go for the 128 GB version priced at 64 GB, but I do not know how long should I wait until it happens to my country. If anyone knows that when it comes to Telenor (it's a Hungarian and a network of European phone such as Vodafone or Telekom) I would be very grateful for this info.
    Thank you for your answers



    Try to check this site:

  • Should I unlock my Verizon iPhone to use it in Germany?

    Hi, I want to use Verizon iPhone6 in Germany.

    I understand as used on eBay, and I can't ask him to the former owner.

    I use it at the Japan peacefully with the Japanese carriers,

    but I have seen a few articles that says that I have to use roaming Verizon for use in Germany.

    I ask this community because I can't tell if it's a correct information.

    Thanks in advance!

    All Verizon iPhones are unlocked, I think it started with the iPhone 5.

    You can also contact Apple and ask them. Support official Apple

  • I have a 6 s with Verizon iPhone. Can I send/receive calls (using this service and calls on other devices functionality) on my iPhone 5s, who was with AT & T service, but has no service now since I switched to Verizon?

    I have a 6 s with Verizon iPhone. Can I send/receive calls (using this service and calls on other devices functionality) on my iPhone 5s, who was with AT & T service, but has no service now since I switched to Verizon?

    Note: I'm able to get two phones to ring with an incoming call, but the 5s consist not out. Whenever I dial a number, it says call failed.

    Do not dial a number. Try to choose a contact in the contacts App and tapping on telephone button.

    That said, I don't think that outgoing calls work on continuity since another iPhone. given that the iphone is designed to make calls through its own service.

    Document to support that you just did not mention calls from a secondary iPhone at all, it points to Mac, iPad and iPod touch, which leads me to believe that it won't work.

    It runs from devices such as iPads and Macs, who have no other way to place a cell call.

  • Verizon iPhone 6 with are unlocked. True or false?

    true or false?

    So if I update the software of the ios 9.1 to 9.2 ios, which will affect to my unlocked phone?

    Another thing can only use the phone overseas with the international sim card?

    Thank you.

    The side GSM of 6 more Verizon iPhone is unlocked, update it will not affect the unlocked state. Yes, you can use it with international GSM providers.

  • Why stop to share photos on facebook via iphone ios? Please try to put this service again

    Why stop to share photos on facebook via iphone ios? Please try to put this service again

    Do you mean he is no longer able to share photos, or it is said is no longer "via iOS' when you do?

  • iPhone 7 black façade. Additional sensor?

    I was watching my new iPhone with the black front 7 and noticed an additional sensor to the right of the photoelectric cell. But I can't see it on iPhone before white 7 of my wife at all.

    The black front there additional proximity or the light sensor?

    The sensors are the same regardless of color.

  • iPhone 6 s Plus 128 GB no longer works since iOS 10.0.1

    I did the iOS 10.0.1 update and now my iPhone 6 more 128 GB freezes and I have to do a reboot to get it working again. A few times, I'm in an application and other times I'm dragging an opinion that has popped up on my screen locked. This happens several times.

    Does anyone else know their 6s iPhone more 128 GB lock since the 10.0.1 update? If so, have you found a way to stop the closure until you reach?

    In iOS 10,  added the feature to activate your iPhone 6s more face down to standby. If this doesn't seem to work in your case, this may be a bug in the iOS 10.0.1.  will probably fix this in a future iOS update.

  • 5s A1533 mobile PHONE available on Verizon iPhone?

    I have a model of A1533 GSM iPhone 5s. It comes unlocked cell phone T-mobile. Can I use it on Verizon?

    I don't have a contract on Verizon, so I can't ask questions about the Verizon Internet site.

    Please help me in detail. Thank you.

    No, you can't. Verizon accepts only the iPhone 6 / 6 + and 6s / 6 s + other networks.

    If your phone is in good condition, you can exchange it in the price of a new iPhone with Verizon.

  • Does Verizon iPhone 6s more support both GSM and CDMA network?

    Agents I knew, I had confused information about what my 6s of Verizon Plus iPhone supports. Only one person in the store said that it supports as well the networks outside the United States, but no other network except Verizon in the USA. Another person said that it supports only the USA and outside CDMA network. Once I get it unlocked, it supports both GSM and CDMA outside Verizon networks in the United States and in other countries? It's the truth? Thank you very much!

    Yes. It supports both GSM and CDMA, however, many carriers non-CDMA using us what they call a "CDMA SIM". It will not work on these networks.

  • Is there any application to copy contacts from the phone android - att to verizon iPhone SE

    I want to copy all my contacts from my android phone (nexus 5 LG) which is at & t locked on my new iPhone IS which is locked Verizon.

    Is there any application I can use for backup and copy over the clouds. I don't want to add all these contacts 1000 + to my vision of the laptop.

    Assuming that you are syncing contacts on your Android phone with your gmail account, you can just sync them down to the iPhone by adding your gmail account.

  • IPhone 6 black screen after failure to recognize my code

    iPhone 6 + would not recognize my access code or print, then the screen went black. cannot disable... always active phone

    Have you ever tried to force reboot the phone by holding down the button sleep and home for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo comes back again? You won't lose data.

    If this does not work, try to connect in recovery and restore mode:

    If you are unable to update or restore your iOS device

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