View object: how to get the value of a 'connection variable' by using expression groovy?

Hi all

I have a view object, and I set a variable binding for the VO. Then, I want to set the default value of an attribute of the VO to the variable binding.
I try to set the Type of object to the Expression attribute value and the value in the name of the connection variable. But it does not work.

My question is how to use a bind variable in groovy script?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.
Samson Fu

Hi Samson,.

Try this:
viewObject.getNamedWhereClauseParam ("Your_Bind_Variable_Name")

Note: Keep the viewObject is, don't replace with your name viewobject

Jean Lou

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    Here's the way to do this:
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    Published by: user8628169 on June 22, 2011 10:53

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    If you want to map the form field Number in the form of process field go process definition - Data Flow Mapping tab you can add the field map.

    Thank you

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    you have mixed up something here. Bean (as you did) cannot use the module of the application. They belong to different layers.
    I suggest you to look at some first tutorials ( or watch the developer guide and take a look at some of the videos


  • How to get the value of a * Global * Application point of JS

    If we declare an element of the request, which is NOT a level of the page in question, how we get the value of this element in an Action dynamic JavaScript on a page?

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    Thank you


    Use something like this in your javascript code.

    var appItemVal = "& DEFAULT_AJAX_SEPERATOR.";

    Thank you

    If you think, I responded to your question, please mark as answer.

  • How to get the value of the VO to the lov controller?


    Can I know how to get the values of the View object, then pass in lov controller to execute the query... pls help...

    I tried the below:

    ' Public Sub processRequest (pageContext OAPageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processRequest (pageContext, webBean);

    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject) am.findViewObject ("SeaoeAutoMosSummaryVO1");
    String s_it = (String) vo.getCurrentRow () .getAttribute ("ItemType"); / / If I enable this line, it will return the nullpointerexception error
    OAViewObject itemVO = (OAViewObject) am.findViewObject ("SeaoeAutoMosFIVO1");

    If ("lovValidate". Equals (PageContext.GetParameter (EVENT_PARAM)))
    itemVO.setWhereClause (null);
    System.out.println ("b4 execute111");
    itemVO.setWhereClauseParams (null);
    itemVO.executeQuery ();


    yuchijoyce wrote:

    I wanto add new line, the lov CO will have the value 2 in the base page move to filter the lov...
    the problem, I do face is: failed to get the vo value (new line) in lov CO.

    Try setting the PPR action with this field which will set the value in the session then get session value in the controller of the LOV and put the Original where clause.

    Thank you

  • How to get the value of viewattribute and how to assign the text field. URG

    Hi all,
    I created messagestyled text programmatically and I want the value of viewAttribute.
    I don't know how to define the instance of the view and display attribute.

    I tried this way, it is what is called the vo class but after that i dnt know how to set

    Here the code that I used...

    (1) I create the messagestyled text
    OAFormattedTextBean cctextbean = (OAFormattedTextBean) pageContext.getWebBeanFactory () .createWebBean (pageContext, FORMATTED_TEXT_BEAN, OAWebBeanConstants.VARCHAR2_DATATYPE, "CCText");

    OAMessageStyledTextBean ccidbean = (OAMessageStyledTextBean) pageContext.getWebBeanFactory () .createWebBean (pageContext, MESSAGE_STYLED_TEXT_BEAN, OAWebBeanConstants.VARCHAR2_DATATYPE, "CCId");

    (2) and I called the view object
    OAViewObject ccview = (OAViewObject) AM.findViewObject ("CmpnyDetVO1");

    (3) I want to set the view instance and viewattribute using code. This stage i dnt know how to define.

    (4) I want to know, how to get the value of the attribute to display and how to set the value to the messagestyled text field.

    I'm new to OFA. It's Urgent.

    Thanks in advance


    Import oracle.jbo.Row;

    OAViewObject ccview = (OAViewObject) AM.findViewObject ("CmpnyDetVO1");
    Line line (Row) = ccview.first ();
    Test String = (String) row.getAttribute ("");

    then to set the value of the text of messagestyled

    OAMessageStyledTextBean bean = (OAMessageStyledTextBean) webBean.findindexedchildrecursive ("CCId");
    bean.setText (test);

    Thank you

    Published by: Gauravv on August 4, 2009 09:38

  • How to get the value of the TextField on Buton FieldChangeListener

    friends I am new on the development of blackberry applications could you please help me how to get the value of text I typed in the textField when I click the button?


    public Dialogs()
    using design in the same screen
    Display display = new MainScreen();
    ButtonField btnPress = new ButtonField();
    btnPress.setLabel ("press me");
    btnPress.setChangeListener (ButtonPressListener);
    TxtValue TextField = new TextField();
    txtvalue.setLabel ("enter something :");
    HFM VerticalFieldManager = new VerticalFieldManager (VerticalFieldManager.FIELD_VCENTER);
    HFM. Add (txtValue);
    HFM. Add (btnPress);
    mainScreen.add (hfm);
    pushScreen (mainScreen);

    FieldChangeListener ButtonPressListener = new FieldChangeListener() {}
    ' Public Sub fieldChanged (field field, int context) {}
    Dialog.Alert (t.GetText ());

    any help would be appreciated.

    You must ensure that your FieldChangeListener has access to the object of txtvalue, while it can make a

    String inputString = txtvalue.getText ();

  • How to get the value on a model that is defined in the java code in email


    I created a custom code and send email as well to custom component. I can send emails using the method:

    InternetFunctions.sendMailTo (EmailID, EmailTemplate, subject, cxt);

    But my problem is that I have to get a value in the model of "EmailTemplate" which are defined from java code. but I don't know how to get the value.

    I will highlight in the java code by using this code: binder.putLocal ("ErrorApproveRejectMsg", massegeBody);

    I'm trying to enhance the model using the code below, but not able to get.

    1 < $exec getValue ("#active", "ErrorApproveRejectMsg") $ >

    2 < $exec getValue ("#active", ErrorApproveRejectMsg) $ >

    3 < getValue ("ErrorApproveRejectMsg") $exec $ >

    4 < $exec getValue (ErrorApproveRejectMsg) $ >

    5 < getValue ("#local", ErrorApproveRejectMsg) $exec $ >

    6 < getValue ("#local", "ErrorApproveRejectMsg") $exec $ >

    7 < $ErrorApproveRejectMsg$ >

    8 < $exec ErrorApproveRejectMsg$ >

    Assuming that cxt will be your Service or execution context object

    You can do something like this

    DB. PutLocal ("ErrorApproveRejectMsg", "Error");

    cxt.setCachedObject ("DataBinder", db);

    PageMerger h = new PageMerger (db, cxt);

    cxt.setCachedObject ("PageMerger", h);

    InternetFunctions.sendMailTo (usersEmail, emailTemplate, emailSubject, cxt);

    where db is current databinder object, and you can put any variable custom in the workbook by using the putLocal method.

    Thank you


  • How to get the value of viewrow by chain

    With the help of Jdev11. - adfbc - ireport3.0.0

    Here I will describe: what I've done.

    use jsff (dynamic region) while hitting the af:tree nodes it opens. Fine OK

    I had somevo manually wroten Query. and the query is fine no problem with it
     here i give sample not a original query
    select * from sometable where acctid = :pacctid
    I do drag and drop the pacctid correspondent run params vo as selectoncechoice

    public static vo
    Value of data - to pay account, advance

    Announcement name - ap, given

    in this jsff
    *page representation*
    account type :   account payable (ap) - select one choice type
                            advance           (ad) - select one choice type
    like this some select once choice and some inputs.
    Run report - command button
     .jsff code 
    <af:selectOneChoice value="#{bindings.ACCT_TYPE.inputValue}"
                              label="Account Type"
                              id="soc3" required="true" 
            <f:selectItems value="#{bindings.ACCT_TYPE.items}" id="si3"/>
     <af:commandToolbarButton text="Export in pdf" id="ctb2">
              <af:fileDownloadActionListener method="#{backingBeanScope.SUP1040V.Report}"
    . Java
         //while hitting the button following logs are appeared i show it as commented format.
        public void Report(FacesContext context, OutputStream out) throws IOException,Exception
                FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
                HttpServletRequest request =
                HttpServletResponse response =  
                BindingContainer bindings1 = BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();
                System.out.println("print binding" +bindings1 );
    //while using sop i get this in my log : :  print binding  ReportsPageFragments_SUP1040VPageDef_WEB_INF_TaskFlows_SUP1040_V_TF_xml_SUP1040_V_TF
                JUCtrlListBinding listBinding1 = (JUCtrlListBinding)bindings1.get("ACCT_TYPE");
                System.out.println("print list bindings" +listBinding1 );
    //while using sop i get this in my log : :  print list  bindings0
                Object selectedValue1 = listBinding1.getSelectedValue();
                System.out.println("print selected value" + selectedValue1);
    //while using sop i get this in my log : :  print selected  valueViewRow [oracle.jbo.Key[AP ]]    
     request.setAttribute("ACCT_TYPE", //here i want the value  "AP" in  String  ); 
    if i use like this means
    request.setAttribute("ACCT_TYPE", soc1.getValue()  );  i get the index value.
    i need the dataname "ap" so i go above method which say wrotes ...
        public void ValueChangeListener1(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) {
            // Add event code here...
            String AcctType = valueChangeEvent.getNewValue().toString();
            System.out.println("AcctType" + AcctType);
            FacesContext contxt = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
           BindingContainer bindings1 =
           // Get the sepecific list binding
           JUCtrlListBinding listBinding1 =
           // Get the value which is currently selected
           Object selectedValue1 = listBinding1.getSelectedValue();
    If I get ap means my report runs. or otherwise it will show an empty page.

    How to get the value of class viewrowimpl as string.

    Published by: ADF7 on March 24, 2012 07:27

    I'm not sure that understand what you're up to.
    For as far as I understand you want to get the value of display rather than the index
    I use this code

        public void StatusChangedListener(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent)
            BindingContext lBindingContext = BindingContext.getCurrent();
            BindingContainer lBindingContainer = lBindingContext.getCurrentBindingsEntry();
            JUCtrlListBinding list = (JUCtrlListBinding) lBindingContainer.get("Status");
            int newindex = (Integer) valueChangeEvent.getNewValue();
            Object row = list.getDisplayData(); // Wichtig um die liste zu laden!!!!
            Row lFromList = (Row) list.getValueFromList(newindex);
            Object lAttribute = lFromList.getAttribute("Value");
            String newVal = (String) lAttribute;

    to get the value of a component of selectOneChoice...


  • How to get the value of the list item

    Hi all
    How to get the value of the list item?

    I have a problem with the list item object
    in Oracle Forms.
    How can I retrieve the selected item from
    a list?
    I have not found any function as ' list. GET_

    Thank you


    You get the value as any other element of forms:

    :value := :block.list_tem ;


  • How to get the value of a selected character unicode?

    Hi all

    How to get the value of a selected character unicode?

    The content property of a 'Character' InDesign object is a simple Unicode string. For access to the various characters is a basic javascript operation, and a google gives this as a good first result:

    Therefore, the value of a selected character unicode is

    App.Selection [0]. Characters [0].contents.charCodeAt (0)

  • How to get the values of the cells of an interactive report?


    We use the APEX 4.0, with Oracle 10 g r2 on Windows XP.

    I have a page with an interactive report, and I configured the "link" column to link to a target custom (instead of see a row).
    This custom target is simply a call to a function of ajax (I hope!) view more information (in another region) on the clicked folder.

    I think I have to display the primary key in the report and then get the value of call my function as:
    to be able to find the information right on the straight line.

    But, how to get the value?

    Kind regards.


    Got to the report attributes tab and scroll down to the section of the link column. Click on the lightning bolt next to the column value, a popup displays Columsn names in reports of each locked in a pair of #.

    You pass the column for your javascript like this function


    Kind regards

  • How to get the value of an editField on onUnfocus()

    I want to check the value of an editfield on focusout/focusouthandler(), how to get the value in the onUnfocus() method?


  • How to get the value of a column in sql query?

    Hi, anyone knows how to get the value of a column in sql query?

    Here is my code, the value must be 1350079224397 in my PB, but I get 0

    QString query ("SELECT version FROM db_version");

    QVariant result = sda.execute (query);
    QVariantMap versionMap = result.toList () such () .toMap ();
    If (! versionMap.IsEmpty ())
    qDebug()<"Version: "=""><>

    OK, I have the solution

    QString query ("SELECT version as version FROM db_version");

Maybe you are looking for