Vs AnyConnect 2.5 3.1

Starts to upgrade our ASA 5505 devices (2).  Anyconnect-victory crossing - 2.5.3055 - k9.pkg, asa844 - k8.bin and asdm - 649.bin to asa844-1 - k8.bin, asdm-649 - 103.bin and a new version of anyconnect-winner.

I can't find any documentation about anyconnect-victory - 2.5.6005 - k9.pkg vs anyconnect-victory - 3.1.00495 - k9.pkg.  3.1 is almost 5 times larger (~ 5 MB vs ~ 29 MB).  I scanned through the release notes for both versions.

Can someone please provide the advantages and disadvantages of the use of version 2.5 vs 3.1?

Thanks in advance,


AnyConnect 3.1 is a major update, even more than 3.0.

More than 3.0 adds a (shared between Windows and Mac) improved GUI, the improvement of the NAM, improvements in encryption suite B, HostScan/Posture performance improvements, IPv6 is supported, better untrusted certificates, handling, plugin component tiles, etc..

3.0 + VPN IPSec versus SSL VPN client offers.

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    Hello, I'm from the Italy, and I have the same problem on my 5 64 GB iPhone.

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    To be able to print on the local network when you are connected to a network remote VPN might be possible by changing the VPN split tunneling configuration.

    However, it is depands on the VPN features and cannot be authorized because of the security requirements of your IT Department.

    Anyway, there is no way to configure such a thing by the printer or the printer software... It is directly affected by the configuration of the network and therefore require to modify VPN settings.

    Kind regards


  • Error: "connection attempt timed out, please check the connectivity of the internet" when trying to connect to Cisco AnyConnect 2.5 on Windows 7 x 64 computer with modem usb wireless HSIA.

    Original title: issue with Cisco AnyConnect 2.5 on win 7 x 64 when connecting to the internet using wireless HSIA usb modem.

    I have win 7 x 64 enterprize edition on my laptop.

    I have problems with Cisco anyconnect VPN client. When I'm on my corporate network it works fine.

    But when I connect to internet using HSIA modem usb wireless home form, client AnyConnect VPN will not connect. The error I get is "connection attempt has expired, please check internet connectivity.

    Please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible.

    Hi Manish,

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    I also recommend that you contact the VPN support to help:


  • ACLog.dll missing killing Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobiltiy customer

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    message: "the program can't start because aclog.dll is missing on your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. »

    So, of course, I tried to reinstall, but without success.

    I keep reading that aclog.dll is a windows system dll.
    No idea how to solve this problem?

    I installed Visual Studio SP1 of 2015, the other day and it looked like there were a few errors in the final dialog box.  Would he have the issue?


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  • Cisco CSR 1000v and AnyConnect

    Well, I want to use Cisco AnyConnect (Cisco VPN Client 5.0 or 6.0) with Cisco CSR 1000v

    someone could gimme the best way how to deploy that?

    Hi Miroslav

    Consult the following Documentation for the same thing.



    And I thin that you did not properly mention Version Client AnyConnect. AnyConnect Versions are like 3.1.x/4.x.x.



  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client maintains reconnection


    We have recently installed an ASA5505 and activated the VPN access.

    Two of my colleagues have no problems connecting to the VPN using Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, but I do.

    I am still disconnected after a few seconds with the message:

    "A VPN reconnect gave rise to different configuration settings. VPN network interface is to be reset. Applications using the private network may be required to restart. »

    Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Version 2.5.2019

    I work with Windows 7 but the same thing happens when I try to connect using my computer that is running Windows Vista.

    My colleagues also using Win7

    I also tried to disable the Windows Firewall.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Best regards


    TAC has been able to solve the problem.   For webvpn mtu changed default from 1406 to 1200.

    Not sure why 2 other ASAs we work very well otherwise though!

    SVC mtu 1200

  • AnyConnect Session Timeout issue

    We have some remote users that are not happy with the SSL Connect connection down after close their laptops or lose their wireless for once. I read this question and answer of a Cisco page and I was wondering where the session time-out setting is changed. It's on the network client, software map AnyConnect or ASA firewall?

    Thank you, Pat.

    Q. What is the AnyConnect reconnect behavior?

    A. AnyConnect will attempt to reconnect if the connection is interrupted. This behavior is not configurable and auto. As long as the session on the SAA is still valid, the session will resume if AnyConnect can restore the physical connection.

    Version 2.2 includes a roaming feature that allows AnyConnect reconnect after a sleep of PC. The client will continue to try indefinitely until the head told him he can't reconnect and the client will not immediately RIP into the tunnel when the system goes Standby/Hibernate implementation. For customers who don't want this feature, set the session timeout value low to prevent sleep or resume reconnects.

    And also, for the new AnyConnect profile changes take effect, you will need to reconnect your AnyConnect session if the new policy is pushed to the client.

  • How the 300 licenses command ASA5516 with (more permanent) Anyconnect

    Hi all

    I am new to cisco CCW, I want to know how to order ASA5516 Cisco Anyconnect (more perpetual) with 300 seats

    because in the Convention is not "AC-PLS-P-300-S!"

    Can I order units of AC-PLS-P-100-S x 3?

    Thank you.


    You can order it like I should be working.

    According to AC FAQ:

    After activation of the key, the ASA is unlocked for maximum physical capacity. Respecting the unique authorized user account and term limits are honor system and are not physically enforced by the ASA or AnyConnect.

    Source: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security/anyconnect-secure-mob...



  • AnyConnect 4.2 does not not with older versions of the site.

    Hey all,.

    We have improved our anyconnect VPN to 4.2.030013 version since we cannot connect to sites that has version 3.1.05182. Users cannot connect to these sites, what is the massage of the error they get:

    "The connection attempt has failed. Please try again. »

    09:06:38 ready to connect.
    09:10:09 communicating with XXXXXXXXXX.ddns.net.
    09:10:23 connection attempt failed.
    09:10:33 the connection attempt has failed.
    09:10:43 connection attempt failed.
    09:10:53 the connection attempt has failed.

    But if we use a version earlier than 4.X, it works very well.

    Is anyone familiar with this problem? AFAIK Anyconnect must be compatible backwards with any version almost.

    Thanks in advance.


    Yes 4 Anyconnect no longer support RC4.

    Replace more stronger ciphers such as AES and SHA.

    Let me know, please, if this helped.

  • AnyConnect VPN - certificate expired error Java


    Since April 4, 2015, Java has been blocking the process of installing AnyConnect via web-deployment (see screenshot). It indicates there is a certificate expired with these details:

     Issuer CN=VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA, OU=Terms of use at https://www.verisign.com/rpa (c)10, OU=VeriSign Trust Network, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US Validity [From: Wed Jan 02 19:00:00 EST 2013, To: Sat Apr 04 19:59:59 EDT 2015] <----------------------------- Subject CN="Cisco Systems, Inc.", <----------------------------- OU=Digital ID Class 3 - Microsoft Software Validation v2, O="Cisco Systems, Inc.", L=Boxborough, ST=Massachusetts, C=US 

    This certificate is not detected at the entry "show crypto ca cert" on the SAA - it is NOT our certificate, as it is given to "Cisco Systems, Inc.", and he has clearly exceeded.

    We manage the Software ASA 9.1.6 and this behavior happens (at least) the past three versions of Java.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Is there something that can be done (server side) to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance...

    Hi mknaebelcu

    The problem has to do with the AnyConnect Client deployed and not with any certificate on the SAA.

    See bug CSCut80840


    Should contribute to an upgrade to 3.1.8009 or 4.0.2052

  • AnyConnect FireSight through ISE user


    We installed the ISE 2.1 for AAA process for users VPN to ASA5545x. AnyConnect users authenticate successfully and you can see the username within newspaper at ISE. Also we have modules of firepower in the ASA and the virtual appliance FireSight 6.1. How we can use ISE as a source of identity for FireSight?

    Inspect traffic to the power of fire based on groups of users, or a user.

    Thanks for the help.

    Hello Serge, you can certainly do that by integrating both via PxGrid.

    Thank you for evaluating useful messages!

  • AnyConnect user using the user certificate authentication and LDAP authentication


    I'm trying to implement the Anyconnect VPN for my office. Now, I want the user to authenticate the user certificate based (which is install user local system are we) CN value and LDAP authentication. A help how to achieve this requirement. We install Certificate ROOT and INTERMEDIATE Godaddy and even already installed ASA. Also, we have the user certificate installed on each system user to authenticate the user.

    Any help please.

    Hi subhasisdutta,

    This link will certainly help you with the configuration:


    Hope this info helps!

    Note If you help!


  • Cisco AnyConnect client mobility &amp; VPN Site to Site

    Hello friends,

    I have question about on an ASA VPN services.

    Can an ASA alone to accommodate both VPN - Remote Access & Site to Site IPSec (L2L) AnyConnect?

    Except the license, there are all the points to be considered while hosting them both on the same device.

    Thanks in advance.



    You can deploy the L2L VPN and remote access VPN (Anyconnect) on the same ASA.
    There is no any precondition nonspecific to deploy them together too long you have the configuration and the correct licenses.

    In fact, most deployments have these 2 types of VPN at the same time used these days.

    Dinesh Moudgil

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  • AnyConnect Configuration

    So I had to take this cisco AnyConnect running on an asa5550 9.1 (7) 4. I am familiar with the heavy cisco client configuration, but I need to understand all aspects of AnyConnect. Can anyone provide a quick checklist of all the point needed for AnyConnect work?

    Very appreciated


    You can check this link for configuration Anyconnect and work:


    Kind regards


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