want to buy the new Tablet

Hello I own an Acer I own the acer iconia A1 Tablet - 810 - L888 16 GB Wi - Fi and I love this tablet. I am very interested to buy another Tablet and not spend a lot of money... I was watching two first is tablets Iconia B1-710-L401 8 GB one is IconiaB1-720-L864 16 gb. Can you tell me what is the best tablet of the two and why?

Thank you


Well, the 720 is a more recent than the 710 design. This means in general that it will be better, although I do not think that the specs are very different. The 720 has moved to the front speakers, so sound quality without a helmet should be better. In addition, the 720 has more storage and you can never have too much storage.

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