want to know if the printer is supported


I keep looking at upgrading my machine under snow leopard at el capitan.  I'm trying to find out if my hp photosmart b110a is supported.  All I can find on the site of hp is a link for the drivers through the Apple print and fax preferences loading but I don't know if my printer is on the new list until I update.  Can someone help me with this please. Also advice before I update outside backup of course!

Thanks for any help you can give

If your printer is supported under 10.11 or 10.10 it will be on this list

otherwise HP did not understand it.


BTW the link show the b110a seems to be supported with the Apple internal drivers, not of HP after 10.10.

Once that you upgrade the operating system should automatically recognize this printer and set up without having to download anything at HP. However if clean you install a new copy of OS 10.11, you will need to manually reconfigure the printer and operating system should detect the correct drivers, once it identifies the make and model of the printer again, without having to download anything at HP. It all depends on the HP with correct information on this site.

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