What is motif Extension?

After the last update of Firefox, a new add-on called Extension Motive asked to be installed on FF.
I had no idea where it is or how it got in my computer. I chose No.. A few days later,
while checking my Add-ons, I have found pattern Extension on the list but disabled. But when I went thru
the list of plug-ins, I found what is called plugin pattern. I disabled it. Later, I found another plugin
called pattern plugin management. Where did this come from? How plug-ins came on my computer
without informing me? Especially after I said no to the add-on. Just as these things do, anyway?

I don't know if this means anything, but the Add-ons for Norton AV are missing.

I found a lot of people talking about this extension, but this topic got a response that I think works

EDIT: Merry Christmas!

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    Unless it has been changed, Edit > Preferences will not help you. You can set the number of backup automatically, but the situation seems to be in the project folder structure. Feature request?

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    Hello world

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    Reader Extensions is a module which you can buy from Adobe and can be installed as part of LiveCycle. Once installed, you can access the service as part of your workflow. For example, you can produce a workflow that consists of 3 steps:

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    2 merge the data with a model and produce a PDF file

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    The Reader Extensions works by digitally signing the document with a specific credential. This credential is recognized by readers as some rights/features to this document.

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    Messaging files are text files, so yes, you can open them with a text editor. I wouldn't try to open a file of messages Gigabyte with Notepad however.
    There is no need to rename the file with a .txt extension, it can be opened with any text editor without worrying.

  • What is the extension of CFPS?

    I wonder to install this extension. I don't know what he does.


    To better help you with your question, please provide us with a screenshot. If you need help to create a screenshot, please see How to make a screenshot of my problem?

    Once you have done so, attach the file to screen shot saved to your post on the forum by clicking on the button Browse... under the box to post your reply . This will help us to visualize the problem.

    Thank you!

  • is this safe download and install: motif extension 1.0 Please answer Yes or no, she appeared on Firefox want to install on my windows xp desktop

    None of the answer provided before really answering the question that has been asked before, please answer it is safe, it is malware? /

    Hello dogeeze, please, never install anything that you did not yourself simply because a popup tells you so.

    It may already exist a kind of malicious software present on your pc when you see these pop-up windows. That's why I suggest go to firefox > addons > extensions & to remove all suspicious entries (toolbars, the things that you have not installed intentionally, I don't know what purpose they serve, etc.).

    also go to Control Panel / programs and remove all toolbars or potentially unwanted software from there.

    Finally, run a full scan of your system with security tools like the free version of malwarebytes & adwcleaner.

    Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

  • What support HTML5 extension for Dreamweaver should?

    I was wildly excited know CC allowing extensions to HTML5, until I noticed that Dreamweaver does not support this yet.  Doesn't make sense to me as Dreamweaver is designed for the code for the web.  Any idea when the support can be added?  I want to go to work making extensions!

    HTML5 support introduced in Dreamweaver CC2015 with 6 VINE. Please try one of our samples to see what features are supported: Adobe-CEP/Samples · GitHub

    Kind regards


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    Hello. I'm building an extension that allows the user to insert a tag of HTML5 video on the page with a script tag pointing to a library file JavaScript. The user must be able to do the following:

    1. See a dialog box which allows any number of tags of the SOURCE setting. Each source can be of several types (MOV, MP4, OGG and WEBM). When you add a SOURCE tag, the dialog box has the ability to add a vacuum so that the user can complete.
    2. For each SOURCE tag, the user can 'Browse' and attach a video file of these formats.
    3. The user can "Browse" for a picture of the SIGN in option.
    4. The user can set the width, height, the LOOP property, the property CONTROLS, AUTOPLAY, PRELOAD ('none', 'metadata', 'auto').
    5. Or the user can set the SRC of the video tag directly property without setting SOURCE tags.
    6. The user can insert any number of these video tags and then be able to select and edit later through the dialog box.

    This would be the type of behavior or type Insert extension? I am looking for a tutorial that will help you in the creation of this. If someone knows a tutorial extension for something similar to what I'm trying to create here, that will be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Can we use jQuery within an extension? For example, if you want to access a specific element by ID in an extension, you can use $("#myElement") in jQuery; or can we only use basic JavaScript?

    The DOM and JS API that provides DW for writing extensions is a subset of that available in browsers, so I suspect that you will encounter problems then, but it's worth a try.   If this isn't the case, you can probably change jQuery to run in DW. Please let us know if it works because I suspect that many other extension authors would like to try.


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  • What are the extension of reports that are stored

    Oracle reports 9i

    Hai all gurus

    When we created a report that we store the reports in the what job reports are stored

    For example in forms

    binaries are stored with .fmb

    executable file is stored with .fmx

    text is stored with the .fmt file

    Like wise with the extension, the reports are stored

    give some good answer for example

    Thanks and greetings



    Oracle stored reports this type of extensions.

    REP-> (binary report run single file)
    RDF--> (file binary report)
    TDF--> (binary file of report model)
    REX--> (ASCII report file)

  • What are some .extensions file to see when the Windows operating system is

    Please show examples of Windows operating system works now or in the past, in my MacBook Pro OS x 10.10 (Yosemite) and invite them to see or start this second office. Thank you!

    Please specify what you want.

  • What modules and extensions I disable and enable to allow the files to download for the email as attachments?

    Whenever I try to attach a file to an e-mail, I get the error message "your upload of file failed, please try again". I use Windows XP and have deleted Firefox and reinstalled the browser to the latest version, but also a previous version. I wonder if an add-on or extension must be disabled or enabled allowing any file to be attached.

    Worst case senario is to use error. All disable and enable a.

    Update your plugins to the latest version. Make sure you are aware:

    If you see problems see also:

  • What causes update extension errors?

    Today about 15:00 Firefox tells me there where some add-on updates available, but I noticed most of them didn't upload instead I received an error message failed to update. So I corrected by manually installing updates.
    But it made me think what is the cause of these errors? Occurs when mozilla.org has difficulties or a moat in Firefox is unable to connect to the server what exactly?
    Anyone has the answer to my question? Thank you times to follow if you do.

    We signed some add-ons chosen Friday as paving the way for additional signature feature.

    These signed versions had their version number hit, adding a ". 1-sign" for them. The goal was to have control of the update a new version to detect and install the newly signed versions.

    Signature changed their hashes, but the CDN modules files cached an older version of the file. Long story short, that files would be finally served properly once the CDN got emptied, but that's why some of you had this problem of incompatibility of hash.

    However, in the meantime, we discovered that the signature of Add on could cause some problems in older versions of Firefox (28 and below). We thus returned change, and that's why the versions that were seen as updates are no longer.

    If you have installed these versions signed, no problem, you need not to downgrade or uninstall/reinstall. We'll be resigning these modules in the future.

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