What is the best way to clean the individual video frames without degrading the quality?

I have a video that I need to remove several species of birds that were flying by during a video scene.

Video is a Video HD 422 1920 x 1080 / 23.97 P.

Is the best to make files from Premiere Pro and open these files in Photoshop, then work on each image; and then make the file again from Photoshop?  If Yes, is not which reduces video quality a little?

The next part may require a separate post in Photoshop forum.

I tried to import my mpg and mpeg files made in Photoshop, but I keep getting an error message "the video file could not be opened."  I made some other formats; .avi and .mov., and these 2 files types to open in Photoshop V13 x 64 correct.

CS 6

Windows 7 x 64



While you can adjust each image in Photoshop to remove items, a better way is to use the Clone Stamp tool in After Effects to remove items in a scene.

Here's an excellent video tutorial: http://www.video2brain.com/en/lessons/removing-an-object-with-clone-stamp

Here's the article for help: http://adobe.ly/Yte2cf

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