What is the best way to update the references to file after a move?

I have a Photoshop Elements catalog picture with about 25 k images all pointing to a network share I call \\thehive. I moved, or sync'd if you want, all the files in the network share \\thehive on a drive of local storage for better performance, which is now located on P:\ drive. I intend to treat the P drive as my main drive that reads the catalog and use \\thehive network simply as a clone of the P drive that I intend to keep in sync with SyncToy. I have already all this configuration in place, the files are sync'd on the drive P and \\thehive, everything works as expected so far. But how to do to update the catalog so that it starts from the P drive instead of the \\thehive? A photo today points to \\thehive\2008\somepicture.jpg, and I need to point to P:\2008\somepicture.jpg.

I'm a very advanced computer user, I could edit an XML file or do some advanced operations not supported if I had to. Would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.


The fastest way is to directly edit the values in the catalog.pse9db database.  The database is a database SQL Lite, so if you know (or know someone who knows) how to run SQL queries against a database, you have the chance because Adobe has done a great job of a highly normalized database schema design.

I highly recommend this tent first on a copy of your database.  In general, the procedure goes like this:

  1. Add one of your images on the P: drive in the catalog.  This establishes a list for the P: drive and its identification in the volume_table table.
  2. Run a SQL query on the table of volume_table to see a list of all the lines.
  3. Note that the values in the column 'id' for your volume "the thehive" and one "P:".
  4. Run a SQL query on the media_table table to update the value of the id_volume column, replace all instances of the id number "the thehive' with the identification number of the reader"P: ". The SQL query will look something like this:

Update media_table

Set volume_id = "."

where volume_id = "."

I tested with PSE9.0.3 on Win7, changing the location of a CD on my E: drive on a USB on my F: drive.

Good luck!


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