What is the minimum ios supported for the place?

Can anyone help me please with some questions.  I am the representative of the League Little Plymouth/Terryville.  We are researching the best and inexpensive to try way and offers the possibility to pay with a credit card on our concession stand this year.  We are a non-profit organization and ran only on volunteers.  I was watching just by using "Square."  We know that the minimum ios for ipad use this credit card?  Thank you very much for your help!



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    You must apply to the appropriate instance of SDK - forum https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1929760 to find a forum for your program list

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    Hi guys,.

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    not easy to touch OS oriented to add a key activated area outside the screen

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  • Changes in prices for the contracts of Support for Cisco IDS/IPS

    Nice day

    My boss asked me if there is no value added regarding Cisco's recent move to charge separately for hardware and software support for IDS/IPS product line.

    Other than what is obvious (need software support for updates of signature, need of material support in case something breaks), I'm having a hard time to provide a response.

    Can anyone suggest what is the increased value, other than annual recurrent costs more we get as a result of this change of license?

    Also, was there any release press or other notice to the client about this change?

    I am at a loss...

    Alex Arndt


    Cut through the spin and the hype... the software support allows us to finance a development team dedicated to signature, which has improved our signature rejection rates and response times. In addition, it is allowing us to expand our coverage to keep IDS 4.1 to get the support of the signature. It is contrary to our previous policy which would have seen 4.1 updates to signature cut shortly after 5.0 released.

    A side effect of this is that our development team is now free to focus on the development of the feature, and you will see more updates, more often.

    Can't comment on press releases and others, they make your head spin my ;)


  • File formats supported for attributes of the BLOB

    Hi all

    I have an attribute of type BLOB. Can any body tell me what all file formats are supported for attribute of type blob in the sites.

    It is that I am trying to download a format .map file. I'm able to download but when I try to fetch the URL of the BLOB, it gives the error of content server. Looks like the blob server does not support the .map files. My logic works well for other formats such as pdf, jpeg, css, js, etc etc.

    Is there any file where configure us formats all we will support in blob.


    Maybe the problem is that you do not have this extension in the table of MIME type and you must add it.

    It will be useful,


  • What are the driver need to be installed?

    How can I add windows application Daqmx on studio measure 2010 in visual studio 2010?

    I have VS2010 & MS2010 & device driver 2012.8.

    After you have installed the drivers for my visual studio 2010. I can't open windows application Daqmx?

    in fact, I don't know what drivers to use Daqmx Application Windows can be installed.

    Please help me

    Hi SAM,

    To install support for Measurement Studio, you need to install support for this, when you install the NOR-DAQmx driver.  Since it seems you have installed .NET for Measurement Studio support in the first installation, you can add this support in running the National Instruments software installation utility.

    "" "You can access it by going on Control Panel" uninstall/change programs ' National Instruments software "uninstall/change.  Once the National Instruments software dialog box appears, you must choose OR DAQmx 9.1.7 in the products tab, and then select Edit.  It will ask you to insert the driver disc to continue installation. To do this, simply insert the DVD of drivers, you have, with which you originally installed OR DAQmx.

    From there, you can choose the custom Setup and choose to install .NET Framework languages support x.x (x.x will be regardless of the version of the .NET Framework will develop you in) with Integration of measurement Studio.  This document contains screenshots of what you will see the custom Setup.  The third figure in the previous document shows what I mean by installing support for .NET in Measurement Studio.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

  • HP pavilion 15-n072sy: what is max virtual memory support

    I can not find enyware what max taken virtual memory supported for hp pavilion 15-n072sy


    Normally, we put about 3 times of RAM you can increase it, but what for? Please read the following article:


    Kind regards.

  • Disks supported for local data banks?


    What kind of discs are supported for local data stores that is IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS...

    Ide drives is not supported for use how VMFS.

    If you have found this information useful, please consider awarding points to 'Correct' or 'Useful'*.

  • What is the function of the IOS minimum set required for VPN site-to-site software?

    Hi guys,.

    I have a Cisco 1841 router to do a VPN site-to site. I would like to know what is the function of the IOS minimum set required for VPN site-to-site software?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ja,

    Advanced security or more should do it. The version of the IOS, you can try later 12.4 T which is c1841-advsecurityk9 - mz.124 - 24.T5.bin, in which case you don't want to go to 15.1 still.

    I hope this helps.


  • What is the second release date for IOS 9.3?

    See what apple has stopped all updates for 9.3, when is the second the IOS 9.3 release date?

    Welcome to Apple Support communities

    I'm afraid we cannot give you an answer because we don't know anything. This will depend on the difficulty is to fix bugs that caused the 9.3 iOS to be fired, apart from the testing process that needs to be done

  • I still have the iPhone 4S.  What is the best IOS version for my iPhone?

    I want to reuse my iPhone 4S.

    What is the best IOS for 4S?

    Where can I find and how to install in my 4S?

    There are only two things you can do for your iPhone 4 s. using the current iOS located on the unit, or 9.3.3 the current iOS iOS. You can not 'find' or 'install' all other versions of iOS.

  • HP workspace: what is the minimum bandwidth required for cellular and Wi - Fi connections with HP workspace?

    Hey everybody,

    What is the minimum bandwidth required for cellular and Wi - Fi connections with HP workspace?

    Thank you


    Although there is no minimum required to run the HP workspace, a 4 G LTE cell phone or higher data network or connection to Wi - Fi network with a bandwidth of at least 1 megabit per second is recommended.

  • My iPad mini asks for a password after the upgrade to iOS 9.3, but no password was put on the device. What is the solution?

    My iPad mini asks for a password after the upgrade to iOS 9.3, but no password was put on the device. What is the solution?

    I guess it is asking you to CREATE an access code. You can disable it later.

  • What are the minimum system requirements for firefox 5 forMac OS x

    When you published Firefox 4, it updated automatically on my Mac PowerPC osx 10.5.x and then would not be executed. I had to look for an earlier version, download and reinstall. It was awkward. I can't find min sys req for the new 5.0 version. Min sys requirements should be obvious in yor press. What is the minimum configuration required for firefox 5.0 for Mac osx, and with more frequent updates, how will I know when you have 'obsolete' another one of my machines, and how would I be protected to an update too far?

    Firefox 4 and 5 will not run on a Mac PPC; only on Intel. You can get the TenFourFox, which runs on a PPC.


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