What should I do to downgrade my Windows Vista business, Windows XP Pro licenses.

Original title: Downgrade my Vista Business.

Hi... I have 3pc with licenses professional Vista but I need to downgrade to win xp pro... what should I do?


Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.
You want to downgrade from Windows Vista business to Windows XP. Let me know if this isn't the issue.
Can I downgrade my OEM version of Windows Vista business to Windows XP Professional?

Yes. Right of demotion OEM desktop operating systems PC apply to Windows Vista business and Windows Vista Edition full, as stated in the terms of the license. Please note, downgrade versions OEM Windows Vista business and Windows Vista Ultimate are limited to Windows XP Professional (including Windows XP Edition Tablet PC and Windows XP x 64 edition). End users can use the following media for their downgrade: Volume Licensing media (provided that the end-user has a Volume License Agreement), trade retail (FPP) or System Builder hologram CD (provided that the software is acquired in accordance with the Microsoft OEM System Builder License). Use of degraded operating system is governed by the Windows Vista Business license terms, and the end user cannot use the downgrade and professional Windows Vista operating system. There is no right of demotion for Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Edition Home Premium.

For reference:

I hope it helps. If you have problems in the future, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

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  • How to downgrade Windows 8 Pro - license keys

    In order to exercise my rights to downgrade to Windows 8 Pro for Windows 7 Pro (or business Vista) I need a valid key of Windows 7 Pro. How can I get this key? When I called support license (number of times) I was told that I should use a key of an existing facility, or buy a new one. I explained that by using an existing key (assuming I had a) would have this key reported by Microsoft as invalid, and that buying a whole new license did not exercise my rights under the terms of the license. Time and time again support teams have been unable to provide a solution to this problem.

    Looking at the document of conditions of licence, it says:
    «Instead of using the Windows Pro 8 software, you can use one of the following versions: Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business.»
    "The manufacturer or installer, nor Microsoft is obliged to provide older versions to you."
    My interpretation of this is that Microsoft (and the OEM) will grant the rights for the downgrade, but refuses to give the key needed to do.
    How can I get a key to be able to exercise my right of demotion, as stated in the terms of the license?

    Hi James, I have been informed by Microsoft that if you get a copy of Windows 7, even if it has been used or granted to another user you can load this copy and use the product key and then call Microsoft explaining you exercise your right of demotion and they will give you an authorization code for the product key that you give them.

    What I was not able to do is to correctly load Windows 7, my PC comes up with an error. I wish Microsoft or could someone tell me the exact steps like those that Microsoft have highlighted is incorrect!
  • What should I do if I lost my vista CD when I want to restore to the original image?

    What should I do if I lost my vista CD when I want to restore to the original image?


    Vista came preistalled please contact your computer manufacturer, and then request to send you replacement discs.

    "How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals.


    See you soon.

    PS You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista must be installed. The product key determines which Edition is installed.

    Builders recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

  • Microsoft Windows 8 PRO Downgrade to Windows 7 PRO


    This post is more than a complaint about Microsoft INABILITY to support its biggest business customers, in the hope that someone at Microsoft will really help me, instead of giving me the evasive that was given to me for the last 3 days...

    I bought 100 Dell Vostro MT270 i3 Machines. All came with pre-installed Windows 8 PRO...

    We have problems with Internet Explorer 9 and above with our Cloud National environment in which Microsoft Axapta 2012 runs.

    Over the 3 days I tried to get in on the good service in Microsoft ranks to eventually get the product key of Windows 7 PRO for these OEM installed machines. I even offered to provide supporting documents (invoices and delivery as proof of my purchase slips)

    Every department I got through where was forwarded to, listened to my story and informed me that I needed to talk to another Department.

    Finally, this afternoon I decided to call Microsoft States in the hope of some kind of miracle... Instead, I lost 40 minutes of international calls from South Africa to be told that I had to talk to the Department of volume licensing for OEM pre-installed Machines?

    Finally, after that be go asked me for our partner number or software assurance.

    Unfortunately for me, our group Enterprise Architect was not available to give me this info. Furthermore, I was not ready to waste any more time or money on call international USA.

    I read on the Net that to downgrade from Windows 8 PRO to Windows 7 PRO I need my own media (check), and a Windows 7 product key to complete install (check).

    The problem here is I can't use a product key Windows 7 PRO currently in use on a work machine, and I have certainly not 100 old Windows 7 PRO Machines...

    All I need is that Microsoft provide me 100 license keys for this downgrade or a unique product key I can activate 100 times.

    It's really not that complicated a situation, however everyone I talked to has made it seem like they must move heaven and Earth to assist me.

    This isn't how you support your customers Microsoft!

    If there is someone who can help me with my problem please reply...

    Paul Connick (MCP)

    The best person to contact about this would be great reseller account which installer of your Microsoft volume license agreement.

  • After upgrading my OEM of Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro license, can I switch my license of windows 8 to a new pc?

    IF I upgrade my license OEM windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro, can I transfer my windows 8 pro license to new PC?

    If I need to re - install windows I have to install my copy of Windows 7 oem first and then install the upgrade of windows 8?
    I thought that the new license windows 8 would take the place of the old 7 oem?

    Well, it does, but you are moving elsewhere, but you cannot benefit from rights eligible OEM Windows 7 license to another machine, because the OEM for Windows 7 license was already tied to the first machine that it has been installed on.

    The machine that you transfer the Windows 8 license must have a previous qualification license (XP, Vista, Windows 7, or even Windows 7).

    The OEM of Windows 7 versions are identical to the versions commercial full license with the following exception:

    -OEM versions don't offer any free direct support from Microsoft technical support Microsoft

    -OEM Licenses are tied to the computer first you install and activate it on

    -OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard

    -OEM versions does not move directly from an older Windows operating system

    What is OEM software? :

    Licensing FAQ:

  • I have a Windows 8 Pro license, where I can download Windows 8 Pro installation media?


    I have a Windows 8 Pro license and I would install Windows 8 Pro.

    I want to know where I can download the installation media for Windows 8 Pro?

    I don't have a Windows machine.

    Thank you

    What type of machine are you tempted or need to install Windows on? You can download the installation of 90 day trial Windows Enterprise 8.1 it then use it to facilitate the download of Windows 8 Pro.

    The 90 day trial of Windows Enterprise 8.1 is provided as one. ISO file you can burn it to a blank DVD and install on a blank hard disk or a partition:


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    How install Windows 10 on a Dell OptiPlex 3040 MT with Windows 7 Pro x 64 installed to come (and that includes a Windows 10 Pro license)?

    The system comes with a DVD titled Windows 10 Pro x 64 read "use to reinstall the operating system on a system with OS installed"

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  • transfer of windows 8 pro license

    I had a retail windows vista ultimate installed on my old pc. I have upgraded to windows 8 retail pro using the upgrade of $40 by Microsoft. And activated my copy of win 8. I activated successfully.

    This pc has reached end of life and in a future close I want to build new pc. My question is

    Can I transfer my windows 8 pro license upgrade that I bought and activated on my old pc

    A new that I do? (compensation than my old pc will not serve even more).

    I had a retail windows vista ultimate installed on my old pc. I have upgraded to windows 8 retail pro using the upgrade of $40 by Microsoft. And activated my copy of win 8. I activated successfully.

    This pc has reached end of life and in a future close I want to build new pc. My question is

    Can I transfer my windows 8 pro license upgrade that I bought and activated on my old pc

    A new that I do? (compensation than my old pc will not serve even more).

    In order to transfer the upgrade of Windows 8 on a computer without an operating system eligible, you must first install a full version of the license Windows on the computer (XP, Vista, Windows 7) then you can use the upgrade to this topic

    If you do not have a full version of Windows license, you must purchase a license of full version Windows 8.

    There is no full retail version of Windows 8. If you need a full version, you will need to purchase the Pro OEM Windows 8 of new eggs. To do this, install an own custom.

    Windows 8 Pro
    64-bit (OEM)

    Windows 8 Pro
    32-bit (OEM)

    Windows 8
    64-bit (OEM)

    Windows 8
    32-bit (OEM)

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    This has me very confused.

    I use Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04.2 39.0

    After a few farm unexpectedly launches of Firefox and it suddenly works again. Very strange.

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    I had to downgrade my computer laptop 15-f305dx to Windows 7 Pro to my work because of compatibility issues with GM and 10 Windows software. Ive been able to find and install the drivers for everything except the SD card reader and the on board ethernet controller (cable). Windows finds the WiFi card drivers automatically. Could someone tell me please in the right direction for the necessary 2 drivers?


    These drivers should work...

    Ethernet: Download and install the driver for the second on the list.


    Card reader: download and install the driver first on the list.


  • Inspiron 3650 comes with Win10PRO. What is the procedure to downgrade rights WITHOUT having to purchase a new license of Win8.1pro?


    just bought 4 3650's with preinstalled Win10pro inspiron. For enterprise applications, I need to win8.1pro must be installed on the machines. Microsoft (and Dell) claim the right to downgrade grnat to the pro version of Win10 to Win8.1 pro (what I need)

    Is there someone who has the correct procedure to do? I called dell and Microsoft every day without success :-(


    Well, I followed the method of downgrade described by Philip Yip and during the telephone conversation with Microsoft active rep my new installation of Windows 8.1 pro.
    Here's what you need to do:
    1 extract you Windows 10 Pro BIOS key using produkey-64. Write it down.
    2. go to the Microsoft web site to create a true Windows 8.1 Pro installation support: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows8?wa=wsignin1.0
    3. do a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro using the generic key mentioned above in the post by Philip Yip
    4. Alick to activate Windows, and then select telephone Activation
    5. call using the number displayed in the activate dialog box
    6. Microsoft representative say that ' you have Windows 10 Pro and you want to run your downgrade rights to Windows 8.1 Pro»
    7. they will ask you your key Windows 10 Pro to make sure it is valid and will confirm that you have the right to downgrade
    8. after that, they could connect to another representative - repeat what you mentioned in step 6
    9. they will ask you installation ID
    10. after that they'll ask you which key you used - tell them generic key
    11. Finally in my case instead of telling me the activation ID - they gave me a new product key for Windows 8.1 Pro who, after entering got my Pro 8.1 active Windows.
    Maybe in your case - they will give you an activation code.

    In any case - it's fully working method.

  • Impossible to Downgrade/install Windows XP Pro


    I am trying to Downgrade to Windows vista Home premium to Windows XP pro, but every time I try it gives me a black screen after I press any key to boot from CD (ive let sit there for 30 minutes, nothing) it still makes a noise when I press a button but nothing happends

    Its a Pavlion HP Dv5-1124 ca

    Help is greatly appreciated.

    You have the AMD SATA AHCI driver. There are several discussions on "slipstreaming" of the driver using Nlite.Some can be model different, but use the same hardware.




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  • HP Envy m6-015dx: downgraded to window 7 Pro

    I have upgraded to windows 10... HE HATED!  but left on the last 30 days so could not recover the windows 8 that came on my laptop... did not like 8 much either so installed windows 7 PRO.  Pure install but now I don't have internet... Manager of devices displays ethernet controller and network controller with! on this subject also no controller SM Bus controller, PCI simple communication, the drivers of USB controller.   I can't download since I have no internet access.  Help!

    This is the 3D driveguard device.

    This is the driver that he needs, and this is what he does...

    This package provides the HP 3D DriveGuard software (HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection) for the laptop models running a supported operating system. HP 3D DriveGuard software protects the drive hard by parking the heads if cell phone accidentally falls, or is suddenly struck by another object.


    File name: sp71811.exe

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