When runing the system restore, I get a message says, "System Restore did not complete Sudessfully" the reason why it gives States "an unspecified error occurred during system restore.

When I was runing the Sytem Restore I get a message that says "System restore was not completed successfully" the reason he give said "an unknown error occurred during system restore.

Problems with system restore:


1. If you use Norton (Etc), disable it before using System Restore. info at the link above.

2. try SR in safe mode:

Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.

3 Malware will stop at the system restore:

If necessary, do all the workSafe Mode with network.


To get intoSafe Mode with network, press F8 at the Power On / boot and use key arrow upward to get intoSafeMode with networking from the list of options, and then press ENTER.


Malwarebytes is as its name suggests, a Malware Remover!

Download the free Version from the link above.

Download, install, upgrade and scan once a fortnight.

See you soon.

Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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