Where are the Y650 drivers?

I have visited support & downloads and downloads section & drivers and can not find the drivers. I reinstalled Vista on my Y650 several times and have found that they sometimes disappear from the site. It's really annoying. My computer is basically useless without them. Anyone got links? I would use a site pilot, but don't trust em'. Don't want to make a virus or adware after a new installation. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Well, I was looking for a contact e-mail since nobody here can help me with this and whatdya know, I found them. Lenovo needs to regroup. Why can't the pilots through the usual way of management of navigation? It's my first Lenovo. Not much of a first impression that they're going to.


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    I think my a200 back to xp64bit pro, but can not find the official drivers anywhere!
    Does anyone know any good site for 64-bit drivers?

    Thank you!

    Can you please be more specific on the laptop model that you own?
    If you visit the Toshiba support and download page, you will see that Toshiba offers 64-bit drivers for many models of laptop computers.

  • Where are the new drivers of the series Z - Z440, Z640, Z840?

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    Hi Russell.

    We are working to get these products to display in SDM.

    At the time of the man, I want to direct you to the website of HP Client management.


    This site has tons of information on management tools from HP as well as Introduction of new products (NPI) driver Packs.

    The pilot packs are in the link on the right side of the page labeled driver HP Packs.

    These packs are ready to go for SCCM/MDT deployment as well as our own integration of Customer Kit.

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you

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    (HID-Compliant game controller keeps showing this warning sign as the driver is not installed when it is unplugged - Device Manager)

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    Where are the options of the trackpad in Sierra OS? In El Capitan the trackpad there NO light tap (ENTER) and just one click HARD (ENTER) and could move the cursor.

    System Preferences > Trackpad!

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    Apple does not announce - you need to ask them - I guess that's where ever they choose and could be one of a number of different places according to volume and when ordering

    And you posted in iPhoto for Mac forum - Photo Books can no longer be ordered at all since iPhoto - they withdrew in April


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    Where are the fonts for FCPX in my MacBook Pro to mid-2015?

    There are 3 files for fonts: System/Library/Fonts, Library/Fonts, ~ Library/Fonts.

    It seems to be Library/Fonts, but I see that some are not used in FCPX, so I want to be sure. If I'm right, why some is used in FCPX? Looking for don't not to add them, just curious.

    The best


    All fonts are system fonts, no specific applications.

    Fonts can be of different Types of fonts.

    FCPX uses only specific fonts Types, not all types, the system recognizes.

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    Sorry, but which does not happen with Photos

    Either you make a mistake or user action caused this

    What is the source of these ad photos why do you think they are only recorded as thumbnails?

    Have you ever cleaned your drive by deleting things in your photo library using the finder or using the software of cleaning as CleanMyMac, macKeeper or others?

    What has changed since they were full size?


  • where are the audio files stored during recording as a project?

    Where are the audio files stored during recording as a project. The project opens fine on my computer, but when I move to another computer I have missing audio files.

    They are stored in their own folder in the project folder:

    So if you want to move it to another computer, you must copy the project folder, not only of the project folder.

  • Where are the saved files that someone sends you through Skype Windows8


    I just bought a new computer that has windows 8 installed above and I must say that I was shocked when I realized that the system is like that running a pad that is so bad, if you want to actually work with the computer.

    Then, I installed Skype and was amazed that there is nothing that you can do with it. No video call?

    I use Skype to send files and make video calls. Now, when someone sends me a file I have no choice where this file is saved... Where are the files stored?

    OS: Windows 8

    Thank you

    type in your windows search bar

    '%AppData% '.
    then you will go to the folder "Skype".
    and there will be a folder with "my received files."
    had the same problem and figured it out

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    Where are the photos recently deleted in el Capitan

    Open the Photos app and then go to the view menu and click on Albums, and then double-click recently deleted in the main window.

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    where are the special characters in the new Pages?

    Menubar pages: Edit: Emoji & symbols, or control-command + space combination. Same situation in other Apple applications. In addition, available as a menu item from the menu entry in the menu bar to the right, Finder.

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    My apologies for what is incredibly basic, but...

    Where are the effects of Garageband?

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    How? Where?

    Clicking on smart controls only shows EQ, compressor, Exciter, compressor, limiter.

    Help says:

    • Click the triangle in the lower right area of the pedal.

    Where is the "pedal area?

  • Where are the files created in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Setup logs?


    Where are the installation saves the files created in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005? I checked the temporary directory and couldn't find the logs for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.

    Thank you!

    Hi EugeneWhitlock,

    The installation files of all installed programs stored in the C:\Program Files location.

    I would also recommend to post your question in the MSDN forum:


    Hope the helps of information.

  • Aspire v3 - 772 g nvidia gtx 760 m. who are the best drivers for this graphics card?

    I have used so many drivers for this graphics card... some of them drop fps, others are late or whatever... I would like to know which are the best drivers to use? SRY for my English. Thank you

    Click the help button at the top of this page. Choose your country. Click on drivers and manuals. Click on laptop aspire v3 - 772 g. Choose Win8 or Win8.1. Nvidia VGA drivers listed are recommended.

    Jack E/NJ

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