Which I just intervene?

I have four old iMac with the latest version of Yosemite.  She was entered in the URL of foxnews and accidentally put a g or y in front of it and a window pops up saying that suspicious activity was detected. The dialog box had the name of my ISP, but not their logo.  I was invited to dial 888 for technical support.  When I did, I was cut after that I pressed "1" (for technical support), and then ten seconds later I get a phone call area code 631, where a woman with a Mideast focus and with a baby crying in the background was asked what was the problem.  She tried to sell me a $ 50 security program.  I refused and hung up, and then I noticed that a few words in the dialog box have been misspelled.  I couldn't Quit Safari and when I tried to force it out and restart, it would go back on the same page.  So I rebooted the machine, but it still happens.  I unplugged my external drives and I use Chrome, but no one knows what just happened to me?  What should I do?

After force quit Safari, restart Safari while holding the SHIFT key.

This kind of message is a scam.

Phony 'technical support' / 'ransomware' popups and web pages

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    Hello Andvari,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

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    Best regards

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    Kind regards.

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    Wow... so you want to help or do you just want to complain?

    OK, so the first thing, what exactly is the problem?  "the question just below" on my list is on pages Web support is not right.  If you need to start by explaining the problem or a link to the thread that you are referencing.

    If you think that the problem is with an update, this day is this?  And the State of updates of bombing a system...   Well you have to think that there are probably countless of possible hardware configurations for the PC.  If Microsoft (and I don't like or not use all of their programs) wrote the software, but cannot test everything.  You will end up with a few things not working not properly.  Especially when you have an OS that is ten years old.  And I think that if you really read the EULA for XP it shows probably they are not responsible for loss of data or things like that.  If you do not like Windows go get Ubuntu or Linux... or spend 3 x as much and get a Mac (just don't ever try to the modernization of the equipment).

    So if the PC is used for a company, it should have some type of running on an external drive backup program.  At a minimum, the good tech half who is setting up a PC for someone will do it.  So I would suggest going to the backup for the eve of the issue and restore (is there a backup?).

    OK, so if you have no backup. Boot in safe mode do a system restore.  If you cannot start in safe mode, then turn on "disable reboot on system failure" and the error code.  Then get the error code.  Or after return and someone will help you with solutions.  QQ learn manage!

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    Salvation of theeagles,

    The Zeen is unable to access the Android Market, but it's an Android device.  There is a market for this called SlideME, and you should have the icon for it in your apps section.  I have a station also, and I'm just a normal clock on mine.

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    Hi Amy1957,

    Adobe recommends uninstalling the old version of the software before installing the new version.

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    Make sure that all the toolbars are visible.

    • button '3-bar' menu > customize > show/hide toolbars
    • View > toolbars
      You can press the ALT key, or press F10 to display the Menu bar
    • Right click on empty toolbar space

    Open the Customize and set the toolbar to display items.

    • button '3-bar' menu > customize
    • If the missing elements are in the palette to customize then drag them back into the window to customize the toolbar
    • If you don't see an item on a toolbar in the Customize palette, then click the Reset default button to restore the default toolbar configuration

    See also:

    You can try to reset this pref via the context menu for the value by default on the topic: config page to reset the toolbar customization.

    • browser.uiCustomization.state

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

  • A data in the very important document, which I just changed in deleted email

    I can't believe bad luck indredible, a very long project that I worked on for weeks in an e-mail to aol using Firefox browser - I managed to complete my joy yesterday but incredibly to is did not last long - somehow all except 2 periods highlighted and deleted

    Y at - it a hope of recovery?  I didn't delete email, data that made up the e-mail have been removed.

    If this project exist right in the email? Maybe save this email as a project? I don't use a Mac, but I know that if I work in Outlook, the emails I create are saved as drafts until I send them. Someone who is familiar with email Mac would have to answer your question otherwise.

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    Can anyone help to maintain the HP2840 all in one color laserjet

    The squeeking started after changing the second image drum


    Self-satisfied, you got what it takes .

    Good luck!

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    No, you must ask a number of adobe support resetting activations.

    Use a browser that allows cookies and pop-up windows, please contact adobe for hourly pst support by clicking here and, when it is available, click "still need help," https://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html

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    Thank you

    Adobe Exchange

    Please find the answer in the resource above.

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