While the graphics of games download scrambled and freezes Satellite A200-1j0


I have a problem of great graphics with my laptop. Its a Satellite A200-1j0 with HD 2600 running vista 32 bit.
When I start a game, only the graphics are scrambled and the nb freezes.

I have been using the nb for casual games, since I bought it (1 year ago) without any problem.
But a few days, a few games (hl2, far cry 2) started my freezing system rarely and at random times.
Today, I've updated the drivers from the Toshiba site and it got worse.

It happens now in almost all games, and, as soon as the graphics appear after loading screens.
Windows will run without problems, however.

Here are some pictures of the laptop when the graphics get scrambled


Doesn't look good I agree with Akuma.
Check if the BIOS and driver graphics card to day helps.
If that does not solve the graphics problem then ASP support is necessary.

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    The book contains 3 partitions - partition "EISA Configuration" of 1.6 GB, the great partition of the BONE and the recovery partition. So I did the recovery DVD? s using the Recovery Disc Creator tool, as we are not provided with a real disk. But I would like to know what will make these records? My questions:

    1. they really will return that disc hard back to the _exactly_ how he was including the partition layout and software pre-installed?
    2 will be the recovery DVD works even if the disk has been repartioned? I would like to divide the system partition to give space for the files of data etc. But this extra partition will stop the recovery procedure works correctly?

    Please understand that I'm not interested in reformatting the entire disk. I want to just split the partition from the OS. But in case I need to replace the disk in the future or something, I would like to know how to close to 'original', these disks will make me, no matter what I do on the disc?

    Thank you


    I m not 100% sure how recovery works on the Australian laptops computers Toshiba, but I presume that the restore CD contains the image of Toshiba with the operating system Windows, drivers, tools and utilities.
    I think that if you want to use the recovery CD then the whole HARD drive will be formatted and all partitions will be erased.

    I think that the recovery partition is not created using the recovery CD because the CD of restoration has already been created for the recovery partition is no longer necessary


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    Reinstalling may solve the problem.

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    I read a lot of posts with this problem.
    I noticed some people fix with value Canadian extra package, but is not a Canadian package extra for my model.
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    Then I installed the extra package for my model and it works fine, but does not work Fn + Fx! I have
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    Can someone tell me how to force the other keys work?
    I didn't need flashing cards if I have good, that also I don't have turn signals with Fn + Fx cards keys don't work all the keys.

    Is there a solution?

    Same problem with my computer, but even worse because when I push button FN of my computer crashes. Nobody seems to know the solution. If you can, uninstall all versions of VAP, you have and try to reinstall one with advanced options, common Module is checked and pray. I think that some components of vista update is related to the normal working FN.

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