Why Apple Drop Fax Modem Support with Sierra?

Why Apple Drop Fax Modem Support with Sierra? Now, I have to spend money on a fax or e - Fax machine. Yechh.


It has fax modem support since Apple stopped including a port modem/phone on computers. You can always try using a USB modem for faxing.

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    When my iphone 4 works it is a pleasure to use, but every now and then is a problem and I want to break into pieces because of the support or lack of proper care. My phone is useless at the moment, trying to use to call support them is useless to me. This market not so how can I talk to someone if there is no option to use a land line that works? It's a circle without end frustrating if I use the Web site and google points me to apple support. iTunes won't talk to the apple store to perform a restore because of error 0 x 80090326 so I have a phone that can not go beyond the language screen. There seems to be no way to call anyone other than no work phone, a bit ironic. Don't they know that a phone with problems is perhaps not able to call?

    Im sure you have a friend, neighbor, family member who has a phone that you can use to call Apple support.  If you are lazy to try to find out this obvious solution then you must not want help so badly.

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    I have a USRobotics USB 5637 model who disappeared from my selection of printers after installing Sierra.

    Apple dropped support for fax modems in the Sierra.

    I hope this helps.

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    Because the problem of side PC Mail configuration and is a matter of administration Windows mail server, not a problem in Mail OS X I have received emails with Apple Mail to those who use Outlook without any trace of winmail.dat attachment problems.

    You can get the TNEF free enough ask OS X App store that allows you to view these attachments until the administrator of Windows Mail comes out of his coma.

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    So the $ 64 question is why Apple with its billions of dollars in the Bank, not to address these problems of incompatibility. I just settle permanently in Google Chrome and remove Safari, so I can't deal with this situation? Am I missing something?

    Which version of OSX?

    What sites? Provide an examples

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    So you're claiming Apple is selling iPads with a charger that doesn't work?

    A charger 10W works perfectly well. A 12W charger can be slightly faster to load under certain conditions.

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    What you do L650-xxx gave exactly?
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    In these forums, no one can tell you why Apple has not provided a feature you want, but you can ask through


  • Work with Sierra but with timer Glitch

    Yes, I can confirm that Final Cut Pro seems to work correctly with Sierra except for the graphical Glitch in the Panel of timecode as others have focused on the FCP.co. I have reset FCP preferences by pressing Command + Option when you start the PCF 10.2.3. I've not yet installed, but third party extensions I heard some or many of those that are problematic, so we'll just wait for updates more I guess.

    Yes, it is well publicized.

    http://www.FCP.co/Forum/4-Final-Cut-Pro-x-FCPX/25962-MacOS-Sierra-what-works-and - this only-n-t


    It is never wise to update an operating system (of any type) until all your applications and plugins have been updated, too.  Apple usually has their own developed applications to update for a few weeks, or an OX update.  It can come in the form of a simple update of the video Pro Support package.  Or we can see updates for pro applications individually.  Nobody knows.  But I don't know that it will correct this.

  • Why is not possible to upgrade to Sierra?

    My original Mac Pro OS was Mavericks or Mountain Lion.  Mac Pro is end of 2013 current version, 12 GB memory, Yosemite (10.10.5) with Windows XP (SP3) within the 10 version of Parallels.  At Yosemite's original operating system upgrade went well.  A year earlier, when you try to upgrade to El Capitan, download and installation is complete but resulting Mac Pro has been completely non-functional.  Technical assistance from Apple then able to help access Time Machine and restore it on a working machine.  Apple technology has theorized that the problem may have been caused by the Norton Antivirus program running in the Apple environment (which was then deleted).  Two days ago tried to upgrade OS Yosemite Sierra.  Similar result as we have.  Power on the Mac Pro seems to be running with Sierra.  In configuration iCloud and other applications, the environment has hung up and the machine had to be restarted.  Turned on, the Apple logo appears along with the sound chime.  Nothing else.  Same sequence repeated constantly.  Apple support was able to help (with some difficulty - keyboard randomly not responding) to get pressure on power-up/alt keys to work and generate a recovery screen.  Backup Recovery Time machine produces a work, an original machine of Yosemite.  Question - what needs to be done to have a Mac Pro expandable to Sierra?

    First of all, you must make sure that all applications and hardware drivers are

    up-to-date and compatible with macOS Sierra.

    If you run any Antivirus application, applications assistance, speed up the apps, haxies,

    cleaner for apps, or anything else that claims to improve performance, remove them

    by directions of app developers.

    If you do, download and run Etrecheck (http://www.etrecheck.com/).  It's a

    application developed by one of the contributors here and can give us additional info

    about what can be potential problems.

    In addition, if you encounter any problems at all now, no matter the size, they get usually

    greatly amplified with any upgrade of the OS.

  • Cannot delete the incorrect recipient "found in Mail" (and why Apple recipients to merge two incorrectly in the first place)

    I don't know how it happened, but I got a new doctor yesterday morning (it was the first time email address), they replied, then I replied again. Everything was fine.  Then, I sent my father later in the afternoon on a guitar. He said that he never had the email about the guitar but then later the new doctor responded saying I sent this message from guitar to them by mistake. I looked in my "Sent" to the message folder and it was sent to 'Rick Smith', which is the correct name for my father, but when I developed the details the actual address itself was my address of doctors!

    I checked my Contact cards and card "Rick Smith" my father had no address of the doctor as an email, so it's been very well. Also, I had not all the contact cards using this email to all address. In Apple mail, I went to the "previous winners' window and has removed the false contact and thought it would solve the problem. Unfortunately when I type in "Rick" when sending a new email, the first suggestion in the drop-down list gives me the real email "[email protected]" and the second suggestion is "Rick Smith - [email protected] ' and it is said that address"was in the mail." I also tried to delete the message and he always appears as an option in the drop-down list. In addition, I have a contact card for my dad with the correct address, so I don't know why he can't just use that one correct.

    I'm used to typing «Ri...» "and then selecting"Rick Smith"when I start a new email for him, but I don't want my doctor obviously message.

    First, how can I get rid of this fake recipient...

    Secondly, how and why Apple Mail merging those two into one without my knowledge? Is this a glitch El Capitan? (I just changed recently)

    I admit that your message is too long for me to read in its entirety.

    But I think you have some additional e-mail recipient information you do not wish to keep.

    In the Mail application, use the menu to go to the window > previous winners and clean you want to delete from there.

  • Why Apple removed reset play Counter in iTunes?


    Why Apple removed Reset counter in iTunes is a mystery to me. This function is essential for the functioning of my smart playlist series. Apple is a great company and I am more than satisfied with all of the options available in terms of hardware and software. However, it is curious to know why such a large company would remove such innocent and important function as the counter to play iTunes without notice, reason or workaroundReset. I don't know how can I restructure my smart playlists in order to achieve the same performance. I don't understand not to create something, but to take something that is so fundamental is disconcerting. I've just upgraded to the latest version of iTunes, and it has not been returned. What is 'funny', the counter to play is still there in every song, for what reason?

    Please as a community, we need to know that this is not good behavior for this great company and encourage Apple to return this function even if you do not use this function because at some point, one of your favorite smart playlist features can be removed and you may need the strength of the Apple community. Thanks for your time and your input.

    Update your iTunes. According to the release notes, it was restored in iTunes 12.4.1.

    Secondly, this isn't the place to let Apple know something. They are not here, this is a user to user support forum. Back to Apple goes to their comments here, page http://www.apple.com/feedback and click on the box in this area.

  • Why Apple request credit card details install the FREE updates, then refuse to receive the entered payment details?

    Hi all

    I am trying to download the so-called 'Free Upgrade' to install OS X El Capitan in my MacBook Air and Apple has been making me stop for 3 hours! What is happening with this? I get my UK credit card details and tells me to contact www.apple.com/support. I get my PayPal details, same nonsense! Why do I still need to enter payment details for what is advertised as free, anyway? I try to create a new Apple ID, select 'None' in the payment option and again once I am cordially invited to go jump off a cliff, I'm sorry, I meant I thought to contact www.apple.com/support. Very disrespectful? Is that how the client valuable time worth of Apple? They bait us with a 'free Upgrade', and then push us down a rabbit hole in order to get their hands on their magnanimous awarded free gift? It's really infuriating! I saw the number of threads with people, raising the same issue, but Apple doesn't give a flying fudge because they have done nothing to fix it. All the other options that the community suggests that I might try another ones already listed in my post?

    Thank you very much, indeed.

    You do not have to be signed in one identifier apple to download 10.11. But if you try to create a new apple ID check that your signature in the right region. For example, it is the American site. If you try to use your info from the United Kingdom that could be the cause of your problem.

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