Why can I not add a yahoo email account to "People" app?

I'm trying to follow the instructions to activate the application of people to see all the contacts in my mail.  but when I try to add an account, the only choices are Hotmail, Twitter, Outlook and Google, none of which I use.  Sorry, but I use Yahoo and I'm happy with it.  So, I am correct that I can't add yahoo contacts to the people?

I created a yahoo email link in the pane on the start page email and it works, but only to see and read the mail - I can't send mails (except in typing an address) because my contact list was not imported.  It seems so if I can only use it efficiently using the browser.  Which is OK, but not what I thought was intended... Did I something wrong?
Thank you!

PS: Later, after this announcement, it dawned on me that this could really be a software issue, so I'll also it posting in forum Windows RT.  Thank you.

PPS 14/11/2012: in response to another of my posts, someone suggested the simple solution that I followed: open a GMail account, import my contacts from Yahoo to Gmail, then add the Gmail account to the accounts of persons of the Surface.  Bingo, had my Yahoo on the Surface contacts in 5 minutes!


I'm sorry to inform you that you will not be able to add Yahoo mail to people app account in windows 8.

You can go through the solution found at this link.


You can send us your comments by opening the application Mail, Windows + C, settings, your comments.

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    Support Forums Manager

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    Some people have problems with their Yahoo email account set up heres so the quickest way to solve the problem.

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    If I click on ok to continue in this direction, it brings me to the email accounts screen that shows the already created Yahoo e-mail account. If I try to recreate the yahoo account, I get the message that "this account has already been added to your BlackBerry Internet Service". But obviously my yahoo email account does not work because I can't write or receive messages.

    According to your post KB05000, I remove my email yahoo [CMIME] account in the service book, but I noticed there is a second book of service of Internet Service to my yahoo email account that ends with [CICAL]. I wonder if this has nothing to do with it and that I should remove this as well?

    Thanks in advance.


    CMIME is messaging (email) and CICAL is calendar.

    Yahoo! has had some problems in recent months. It might actually be a problem with them and nothing to do with BB. I can't say for sure, however.

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