Why do I receive emails that appear to be sent by myselft (header) - which have not really been sent by myself?

Why do I receive emails that appear to be sent by myselft (header) - which have not really been sent by myself?


Your account has been hacked, change the password.

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    I received an email that appears to be completely empty - not at all in the body of text.

    When I hit the reply, the text becomes visible in the answer, but still not visible if I open the mail.

    Hi PeterSlavid,


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  • is the email that appears to come from Adobe and us informing that a free update available an email legitimate Adobe?

    is the email that appears to come from Adobe and us informing that a free update available an email legitimate Adobe?

    Sorry user error. It's a valid email - checked with Adobe.

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    Yahoo's Webmail and not a Microsoft program, so I wouldn't have any idea. Try Yahoo Support.

  • Why did - it still deleted emails that appear in the box on the reopening of Thunderbird?

    Every day, I check my emails and delete the ones I don't want. A red X appears with the message, but when I open it again later in the day Thunderbird is always be listed. Then, quite unpredictable, deleted emails will disappear the launch next Thunderbird.

    You must have set your account * brand * deleted messages (called the model "mark as deleted") and write them off when thunderbird stops. Maybe your server is not really delete these messages until the next day

  • Why do I receive emails from the mail administrator emails that I have not sent back.

    I get 100 emails from the mail administrator, Mailer-Daemon and the * address email is removed from the privacy * mail system error, default of delivery etc.

    How can I put a stop to this.  My mail is through Windows live mail.

    JO McMahon

    Hi Josephine,.

    Just to clarify... You're getting failure to deliver notices of the administrator for the emails that you do not send? Who would say that your account has been hacked or hijacked and used to spam fire. First things first, change your password to something random, with capital letters and numbers. Note this although if you remember!
  • lost or stolen iPhone. It is w / 'Find my iPhone', later received email that it has been found. No call and impossible to recover, now phone is in offline mode. I am leasing through the iPhone upgrade program. Help, please.

    6 sec more lost/stolen iPhone. Turned on the 'lost' Mode and displays the number to call if found on-screen. It is w / "Find my iPhone", went up, no response from any home in the area. Later received an email that it was found, still no call to the number on the screen. Several unsuccessful attempts to get it back, now the phone is in offline mode and says that the history of the site is not available. I left a note on all the doors in the place indicated on the "find my iPhone" describing my phone lost and left a number to call. I am leasing through the iPhone upgrade program. Help, please.

    There is no way to locate now, unless the one who found it exerts a force on you contact on this number you posted

    The good news is, since you have find my iPhone, they will not be able to reuse the phone even if they are trying to restore. Unless they know your password, or you have a valid proof of purchase AGFI won't be deleted.

    So if the person who found the phone knows about it, he or she would rather go back because it would be of no use to them.

  • Why don't receive emails from Apple when I request an email to reset my password?

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    However I received no this email on any of my devices even though it says "password reset e-mail."

    I did it several times and I still don't receive emails even though my e-mail address is correct.

    You have verified that the folder junk e-mail and the Inbox? If you have an emergency email address checked on your account reset email will be sent to this email address. You can also reset the password by answering questions on http://iforgot.apple.com account security

    If, you do not find the email and don't remember your answers, contact support in the country where you are (and therefore the country on your account) to get the password reset and questions: Contact Apple for the Apple ID account security support

    If your country is not on this page, then try this form to contact Support: https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html

  • How can I remove a page from an email that appears when I open my computer?

    How can I remove this page that appears every day, I cut down on my computer. The page is from an email sent to my long from a friend who has his social security information. How can I remove this?

    Hi lost,

    Try a boot minimum http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135.  If the problem goes away then it's just a matter of tracking down the culprit at the origin of the problem.   Follow the procedures described in the article.  Once found, remove, delete, disable or uninstall.  Once don't forget to reset yout system back to the normal state, as described in the procedures. If the problem occurs in clean mode then just restore the system to normal and reboot - this solution will not work.  If you are using XP, see: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310353.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • Why don't receive emails from certain senders? for example, the Craig's list.

    I posted the list of an onCraig ad and filled out a form. The "list", SAID that THEY WOULD e MAIL RESPONSE 7/21. I NEVER RECEIVED



    Is the only website cragslist questions, receive emails from? If yes then I would say that contact you their support of the link. Thank you.


  • Why do I receive emails of Support Adobe in Italian?

    I'm not Italian, do not live in Italy and have no interest in the language.

    I recently had the misfortune to try to get support to install an upgrade to Acrobat 8 Pro on Acrobat X Standard.

    The file number for this interaction is 0187098342

    I have since received an e-mail, all in Italian, which it turns out, informs me that if they (sic) have not heard from me within 10 days, the case will be closed as having been solved.

    The problem has not been resolved and send me emails in Italian is much serve chocolate fire guard.

    Pitiful show.

    Hi James,

    I checked the language setting in your account and it is set to English.

    I see that the case has been closed after sending 3 email reminders for you.

    Are you still facing the issue?

    Kind regards

  • Cannot receive emails that link I use msn hotmail

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    Hope this information helps.

  • Many strange documents suddenly appeared under 'trash' in the message pane, which can not be deleted or moved.

    I'm under TB 31.2.0, but I think that this problem started with a version earlier. I must have inadvertently done something to cause all these many 'email' to appear in the junk e-mail folder in the messages pane. I pasted two examples below. If I remove them, they come back. I want to remove them or move them permanently. Thank you.


    Close Thunderbird and delete C:\Users\eric\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\oni0lh5p.default\Mail\pop3.centurytel.net\Inbox.mozmsgs.

  • Why does texts received iMessage that email to another person I SMS?

    When I send text messages with my iPhone, another person will receive it as an email.

    What can I do to prevent my iMessage texts received that email to another person?

    Hello, go to settings > messages > Send and receive some

    different should be your number at the top of the email accounts registered and the number. a tick will appear on the left hand side click on email for the tick isn't there anymore and hopefully that should do the trick!

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