Why 'Download & browser history' compensation crash Firefox and NOT clear my history?

I want my Locator bar autocomplete erased. I use my computer for personnel, business and do not want my story showing on screen sharing meetings when you type in the browser.

Firefox on Mac (Yosemite) 40.0.

I go to:

-Clear recent history
-Browsing & download history
-Click the 'clear now '.

Firefox blocks (beachball), wait a few minutes, still react not, must be "Force Quit" through OS X

Reopen Firefox, Locator bar always auto-termine. History still there.

Starts in Mode safe, disabled all add-ons. Always hangs and does not clear the history.

Disable AutoComplete in the location bar is not a solution. This is a bad solution.

If there is a folder or .js I could remove from the file system, it would be at least something, but I found nothing on these forums who instructed on how to do it. The only solutions are to disable add-ons, start in safe mode, click the button "Clear recent history" even making crash the browser. To try to solve this problem, I had to wipe all my open tabs, re - configure my workspace, all it costs me time and money.

I use Firefox because I'm a software developer and he has the best tools for development, but he is trying more and more to be a browser based on the consumer, as Chrome or Safari, and I hate those intensely. I don't want that. I want something that is a development tool.

Maintenance of the premises {web link}
Allows to run Maintenance tasks on the database that drives
Bookmarks and history module places behind Firefox.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} by holding down the < shift >
(Mac options)
key and then from Firefox. Is always the problem?

Problems with bookmarks and history does not properly can
be caused by a corrupted database places.sqlite file.

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